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  1. aussie dave

    Server Bans

  2. aussie dave

    Pantera - The new 169th Server

    good luck with the server Ice
  3. aussie dave

    Possible gamespy issue

    I have removed the reportingIP All our servers are showing up.
  4. If you go here you can have a good read about it: http://www.gamingsa.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=135
  5. aussie dave

    1.03 server.exe

    When is the 1.03 server.exe going to be released?
  6. aussie dave

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    I voted bad, you need to release a server.exe with the patch next time. :)
  7. aussie dave

    Help wheres the servers???

    It coming
  8. aussie dave

    1.03 server.exe

    Updated first post:)
  9. it asks me for the DVD when i try that :mad:
  10. aussie dave

    1.03 server.exe

    ty m8 page nine lol
  11. aussie dave

    Devastation: mission pack. Team vs Team.

    Uploaded to Server: GamingSA PvP & Small Coop
  12. Look here for starters: Armed Assault Series - GamingSA OGN Armed Assault - OGN Forums Games On Net • View forum - ArmA ArmA Armed Assault Server List | Search Arma Stats, Rankings, and Banners in Australia [AU] - Game Tracker
  13. aussie dave

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    Can Unsung run with the ACE mod?
  14. aussie dave

    Server files

    Is there going to be server files released for this version?
  15. aussie dave

    Server files

    Thats just the exe. I'm after the a complete server files download like other games offer.
  16. aussie dave

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    12:17:30 Admin Aussie Dave logged in. 12:17:38 Mission co@ 8 Dinky Dau read from bank. 12:17:42 Roles assigned. 12:17:42 Reading mission ... 12:19:03 No entry 'bin\config.bin.CfgSkeletons'. Went back to missions menu 12:19:53 Mission co@ 10 Fragged read from bank. 12:19:56 Roles assigned. 12:19:56 Reading mission ... 12:20:16 Mission read. 12:21:19 Game started. 12:34:49 Game finished. 12:34:49 Waiting for next game. 12:34:59 Mission co@ 8 Dinky Dau read from bank. Worked ok this time? 12:35:02 Roles assigned. 12:35:02 Reading mission ... 12:36:11 Mission read. 12:37:29 Game started. 13:01:38 Game finished. I noticed that theres No sounds like wind,footsteps. Still love the mod, is it ment to be foggy?
  17. aussie dave

    Server files

    Any word on downloadable server files yet, guy's?
  18. aussie dave

    co50 Air Cav A2

    I like that video.
  19. GamingSA, OGN and Internode have always supported the ArmA games. Windows :arma cd C:\Games\ArmA2 C:\Games\ArmA2\arma2.exe -server -config=ArmA2.cfg -profiles=C:\Games\ArmA2 -name=GOD -port=2702 -netlog goto arma
  20. aussie dave

    Server files

    That what i'm after as well.
  21. aussie dave

    ADF Mod 2.0B release

    Aussie mirror Here: GamingSA.com
  22. aussie dave

    Humor a n00b

    You can try here aswell: http://operationreality.org
  23. aussie dave

    BattlEye problems

    BattlEye server has been down for days now, when is it going to be fixed?
  24. aussie dave

    PROPER Plants 1.0

    Are you going to add PROPER Plants to the PROPER:Mod wiki?