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  1. Yupp like noraf said. Copy pasted that out of the mission.sqf, so it had some extra """"""" thingies, my bad
  2. use scripts :P and actions and Functions module in init of the SUV: suv_close_action = thesuv addAction [""Close Cover"",""scripts\lg.sqf"",[],1,false,true]; the scripts: LG.SQF _target = _this select 0; _caller = _this select 1; _id = _this select 2; _nic = [nil,nil,"per",rremoveAction, _target, _id] call RE; _target removeAction _id; _target animate["HideGun_01",1]; sleep 0.5; _target animate["HideGun_02",1]; sleep 0.5; _target animate["HideGun_03",1]; sleep 0.5; _target animate["HideGun_04",1]; sleep 4; _target animate["CloseCover1",1]; sleep 4; _target animate["CloseCover2",1]; sleep 5; suv_open_action = _target addAction ["Open Cover","scripts\rg.sqf",[],1,false,true]; RG.SQF _target = _this select 0; _caller = _this select 1; _id = _this select 2; _nic = [nil,nil,"per",rremoveAction, _target, _id] call RE; _target removeAction _id; _target animate["CloseCover2",0]; sleep 1; _target animate["CloseCover1",0]; sleep 2; _target animate["HideGun_04",0]; sleep 0.5; _target animate["HideGun_03",0]; sleep 0.5; _target animate["HideGun_02",0]; sleep 0.5; _target animate["HideGun_01",0]; sleep 5; suv_close_action = _target addAction ["Close Cover","scripts\lg.sqf",[],1,false,true]; Quick and dirty, but it works
  3. Hmm, maybe this will help: WIP MIssion of Mine Still needs to be tested in MP/dedicated, should be done this weekend of just after, i hope :D HALO starts in c130 you can run/walk crawl out the static aircraft, has ALTIMETER (adv Hints system) I do use FSM since i have been exploring that recently. Still a dirty, but working version, rest of the mission need some work aswell, was a bit fixated on the HALO :P Hope this helps
  4. At this moment I am as far as you are i think. I did manage to use this in a simple manner, just to send stuff around for objectives like this; In a trigger: Cond: this OnAct:_nic = [nil,nil,rHINT,"You have safely delivered a crate. Good work!"] call RE; _nic = [nil,nil,"per",rexecVM,"scripts\crate_4.sqf"] call RE; When the trigger activates all current connected clients get to see the hint and runs the script. Any client who connects after the triggers activation will only run the script tskObj4 settaskstate "SUCCEEDED"; crate_4_done = true; publicVariable "crate_4_done"; exit; still toying with the caller and target parameters though, haven't been able to test it yet in a MP enviroment. hope this helps. ---------- Post added at 05:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:30 PM ---------- I tend to be the silent and searching type :rolleyes:
  5. Have a look at the MP Framework http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_framework Format _nic = [nil_or_caller, nil_or_target_object,"loc", script_to_execute, par0, par1...] call RE; _nic = [nil_or_caller, nil_or_target_object,"per", script_to_execute, par0, par1...] call RE; _nic = [nil_or_caller, nil_or_target_object,"loc" + "per", script_to_execute, par0, par1...] call RE; might that suit your needs ??