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    Map Making (A to Z)

    Hi everyone, I have seen you guys are making progress, this is a cool thing. I have a lott of work these days, busy developing together with canadian company a automated poker machine .So i really do not have any time to sit down again and try to get into the new release of the editing tools, i'm even not having time to update the allrdy existing tutorial. Maybe somebody else can pickup where i left, and update the one allrdy there. If anybody needs source files from this give me a shout. I hope to be back fulltime when Arma 2 comes out. If we can finnish our "real life" project in time and with good result. I'm even thinking about developing a new OFPwatch like application for arma. (who knows) Some other ideas are that we need BIG real existing buildings like white house or pentagon.........( for training to be safe when we need to overtrow the goverments ). an Other thing i saw was the mountain complex, really interresting, please dudes help this guy getting the last bugs resolved. Better realistic tank and chopper electronic sensor like tv screens and shit.Thermal view, FLIR...... More police cars from as much as possible country's, this just so you can get rid of your frustrations for when one of these pigs gave you a ticket again . Ok gotte go back to work again, crap .net programming, i rather use Delphi, but the company wants to have the project in .net later dudes, happy scripting. Alphons de Wild
  2. I thought you might be interested in reading this web page: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=71677 From, Allie
  3. Allie

    Map Making (A to Z)

    Due to a overseas project at work, i wont be able to finish it right now. I'll be gone for at least 3 weeks. I'll finish it as soon as i'm back. Really sorry for the Inconvenience. Alphons
  4. Allie

    Missing textures

    Very good, i just have explained it in my tutorial too. Later, Its not only the DATA folder you need to get from the roads.pbo in your arma addons folder, you also need to copy the CONFIG.BIN file and the RTM folder. ! After copy you have to UNRAP the CONFIG.BIN file too. Later, Allie
  5. Allie

    Map Making (A to Z)

    This might take a bit longer then i anticipated, i have a lot of work here at the office and do not have that much time left to go on with the manual. Hope to have couple hours tomorrow to go on. Have a nice day, Allie
  6. Allie

    Road confusion

    I dont know how to do cross roads, i just place the crossroad part in my road and just start another road at the crossroads again, i think your not able to use the crossroads in the same road network. I'm not sure about it, but i was not able to get it to work as you do the normal parts in a road network. Later, Allie
  7. Allie

    Mask and replaced textures

    It seems that your mask file has more then 4 different colors !!!! This might confuse engine ? Make sure when creating your Mask_lco.png that you wont get gradients between 2 specific colors. This may also have to do with the Calculator results when you start importing your sat and mask pics, i mean there might some wrong with some measurement of an texture file or even the mask file itself. Later, Allie
  8. Allie

    Road confusion

    Go into Visitor and place all road parts on the map Start Buldozer and see whats what
  9. Allie

    Real size ?

    There is a few tutorials out there But about your DEM, i cant give you a clear answer, the only thing i know is that instead of making a TERRAIN.PNG and import that into visitor with a .PBL file, For DEM import you probably have to change the DEM to a .XYZ picture ??, i dont know how. But you can import a .XYZ picture into VISITOR. Hope i point you a bit in the right direction mate. Later, Allie
  10. Allie

    Map Making (A to Z)

    Part 1 has been updated with important things !!!!! Allie
  11. Allie

    Please Help

    So we have to change them, good point on the dedicated server thingy, this was the problem with the shakakah map from opty too. Crapsky
  12. Allie

    Please Help

    Thank you tank you, that was what i want to hear. So in the end if we pack the island to a pbo file with the Binpbo tool from the BI pack, all is fine. So if i understand correctly, we do NOT have to manually change the names inside the RVMAT files in the LAYER folder. This would be nice, i dont have to bother about changing 715 files then. We will see in the end. Later, Allie
  13. Allie

    Please Help

    Hi, just kicking in the door here. In my tutorial i run into the RVMAT file thingy in the LAYERS folder too. For now i dont have any problems with the textures, i was wondering if you mean you have BLACK pic INGAME or IN VISITORS BULDOZER ?? In my tutorial, buldozer shows me the right stuff, but i noticed that it did not change the NAMES of the textures in the RVMAT files.(714files in my case ) I have not tryed to test the map INGAME, but i was thinking that in all previous versions of me making maps, i always changed the RVMAT files manually, it seems for getting the map to work INGAME we have to change the names ourselfs in all the RVMATfiles in our LAYERS folder. This can be a hel of a job, its hundreds of files. I use ULTRAEDIT for that, theres more texteditor programms that can do it, ULTRAEDIT allows me to open up all the RVMAT files at once, then i have the option of changing stuff in all files at once. So to your question, i think this is the problem. Else check my tutorial, Rest of tutorial will come next week. Later, Allie NOTE: First time you start BULDOZER, it will convert all PNG's to PPA's, but.... it does NOT change the names of the textures inside the RVMAT files. So to be sure you have to change the names of the textures from .PNG to .PAA inside each RVMAT folder inside the LAYERS folder.
  14. Allie

    Map Making (A to Z)

    Just wait it out, and just stick to whats done up to now. I said A-Z, so everything. But.... there is different ways of getting there, this is just my way of doing this weekend map thing ( Maybe short week) Again this is a working copy, there will be changes and in the end i'll make it look nice with better aligned pictures and stuff. Or maybe better somebody else is gonne let it look cool. This tutorial is sort of realtime created, because of me better instal everything from scratch. I do have one question for some wise guy, my last install was created over the old install, for the old install we had to extract the ROADS too, for now i'm sticking to the latest release of the tools, this will give you the UNPBOed roads with the instal. Now my question is, do i have to extract the CONFIG.BIN file from the arma addons version of the roads PBO ?? My opinion would be that we have to extract the CONFIG.BIN from the arma addons version of the roads.pbo. Please some input on that, that would be helpfull. Check part 1, its updated, i did extract and unrap the BIN file from the ROADS.PBO from the addons folder of Arme. Later, Allie
  15. !!!!!!WORK IN PROGRESs COPY!!!!!! I have had some Big crashes and lost a lot of stuff, i had to reinstall everything. I'm now at the point of reinstalling all arma tools and start setting up a new island. Maybe its a good plan of recording all in as much as possible pictures and try to create a nice manual out of it. Well here's my start, sorry it will all be in PDF format. Part 1, (Visitor3 installation) http://www.delta-automaten.com/public/VisitorRC3Tutorialprt1.pdf Part 2, (directory structure/textures location) http://www.delta-automaten.com/public/VisitorRC3Tutorialprt2.pdf Part 3 (Base satellite picture to Sat_lco.png) http://www.delta-automaten.com/public/VisitorRC3Tutorialprt3.pdf Part 4 (Terrain.png and visitor) http://www.delta-automaten.com/public/VisitorRC3Tutorialprt4.pdf This way of making a terrain is not the way for creating a realistic representation of that terrain, this is just a way for creating a terrain out of a sat pic which is not based on acctual terrain data !!!! Part 5 (Mask_lco.png, and texture works) http://www.delta-automaten.com/public/VisitorRC3Tutorialprt5.pdf Part 6 ( Next Week ) (RVMAT conversion, Road placing in Visitor) http://www.delta-automaten.com/public/VisitorRC3Tutorialprt6.pdf (just started on it, going to take couple days) It seems when using the BINPBO tool from the RC3 tools pack in the end to packup your island for distribution, it WILL convert the paths names inside the RVMAT files. I still not 100% sure myself, havent tested it yet. So it seems the RVMAT files from the LAYERS folder do NOT have to be changed manually !!!! Shit have to rewrite part 6 then, just remove stuff from it. Later, Allie This tutorial will explain the creation of an ISLAND, i know u guys like to have just a piece of land without sea, i myself dont like that but it should be the same as making an island. There is still a lot to explain, for instance, road placing, object placing, forests, sound, dust and bumps settings for textures, some music, a custom object packed with your island, Packing up the island to a PBO file so you can play on it ingame, so we will explain the CONFIG.CPP too dont worry.