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  1. Abs_01


    Not gonna lie, that looks fing awesome. Abs
  2. Abs_01


    Hammy the Hamster with nuke Closeup of Hammy A minelayer dog is another wicked idea. I will do it when I have the time. I don't know what the point of a pigeon that kills itself is, though. Abs
  3. Abs_01

    Operation Northstar WIP

    LOL! As if I believe that, Sniper Skull. Thanks for the great compliment though. Thanks. I'm a civilian, so I don't really know, but I'm guessing that means 'great work!' You could get a sneak peek at them like that if you choose to help us out ...if not, maybe we'll get an MP game going once the mod is out Just to reiterate what CT said, yes, we are looking for texturers. Your work would include: texturing the primary and lod models. Making the other texture maps required by the game (normal, specular, etc) What we'd provide you: A UV mapped model (no more hours spent UV mapping! Well, not by you anyway. *sighs*) and a friendly mod team to work with. We're very easy going on the schedule. We understand that people have their lives to live, so we don't jump down your throat to get the work done. Anyway, feel free to contact me on MSN if anyone is interested. inhidingforever [at] hotmail [dot] com. Abs
  4. Abs_01

    Operation Northstar WIP

    Thanks R0adki11. Here's the next update. It's the Canadian M113A3. It's got the 1m Cadillac Gage turret on it, and it's armed with a .50 caliber Browning machine gun, and also a C6 GPMG. It holds 3 crew and 11 troops. This is only one of the M113 models we'll be featuring in our mod. Stay tuned for updates on our TLAVs, and some other variants! Here's the pic: Abs
  5. Abs_01


    I think I'd like a screenshot of it attacking a Blackhawk Abs
  6. Abs_01


    I think people ought to relax a little bit. The people posting here were enjoying themselves. It's the first bit of fun I've seen on these forums in a long time. Anyway, I'll be working on the truck model sometime thisweekend. Actually, I really liked the shark with the cockpit in it. I might get on that one too Abs
  7. Abs_01

    Delta Force Units for ArmA

    Actually, this thread was created before the addon request thread.
  8. Abs_01

    Relief workers...

    Do you mean addons like the Red Cross, or UNICEF? Abs
  9. Abs_01

    LCAC team

    Wow man, that's looking awesome! Will it be possible to get rid of the tank wheel sounds? Abs
  10. Abs_01

    Alpha9 UK Swat

    The Colonel is right. Next time make sure that you're qualified to call them UK. I heard that the Queen was handing out qualifications over at Buckingham Palace. Turth be told, some people ought not to look too far before calling others self-righteous and snotty. He made these addons to have fun with. He's British, and wanted to put his homeland's flag on it. He's learning how to make addons. Leave the guy alone. Dan9of9, if you need help in any way, feel free to ask me. I'm only a modeller, and I'm new to ArmA editing, but I'll do what I can for you. Abs
  11. I think the NIM mods 3d clouds were transfered over to Armed Assault. Abs
  12. Abs_01


    Being part of one mod wasn't enough. I need at least 5 more for my sig I accept BD. I would love to join your mod. Tell me what else to make, and I'll do it Abs [Edit: I work faster than SniperSkull, anyway ]
  13. Abs_01

    Alpha9 UK Swat

    Couple of issues... 1) It's his first day making addons. Don't be so rough on him. If you look at his earlier thread, you'll see he spent approximately 7 hours learning how to make an addon standalone. It's this kind of dedication that ought to be welcomed in the community. 2) They could be fictional units for all anyone cares. The game just got out a few months ago, and no one can really play around with the models yet. @dan9of9: Keep it up, mate. Good on you. If you keep on practicing and learning until the tools are out, I think we'll see some stellar addons from you. Cheers. Abs
  14. Abs_01


    Hello! I very interested am in mod - is very nice! How much? I make this one it for you. Hope you liyke! Abs
  15. So, is this an addon or a mod you're making, or what? Abs