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    can I download this game?

    Try this: Amazon page for OFP GOTY
  2. I'll buy ArmA in a month or so, and I'll surely use those. For now have you thought of retexturing the SLA into a Syrian camo scheme or at least giving them Syrian symbols and flags. They look pretty similar and have a mostly similar equipment too. Just for some basic OPFOR.
  3. Ase290406

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    The thing is that Afghanistan is mountains, and not Islands. If we want to go 100% realistic we will have to check what the Soviet naval infantry had at the time. For a small conflict on a small island, they are the likeliest force.
  4. Ase290406

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    I second that. I disagreed with one of the posts here so I posted the Soviet in Germany pics. But ingame the choice was already made by BIS in 2001, and it is a BIS replacement not an "what if" mod.
  5. Ase290406

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    Bobcat666 your'e talking about Afganistan right? In Europe the Russians did have some of the newer stuff. Source: Russian site about the "Gruop of Soviet Forces in Germany" or GSVG in Russian. Vehicles Weapons and soft vehicles
  6. Ase290406

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    TB thanks for the detailed response for my post. I have one more small thing, are you going to put back the AH-1 cobra which was still used by the US army in the 80's?
  7. Ase290406

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    Another FFUR... I think I'll just wait for the 2010 version in to get the latest features.. And then it will be a tough choice versus ArmA 2... If I'll have a new computer by then. Just joking, great work and keep it up! And to the inevitable suggestion list: I probably written some of these for previous versions, so don't kill me. 1) Replace all the original BIS models with their direct counterparts, meaning no F-16's instead of A-10's and so on. That's doesn't mean that the beautiful aircraft can't be added. 2) A BIG NO, to the "Soviet equipment is all crap" attitude. It was rougher but as good as the western one overall. No multi mission aircraft like the F-16, but guided missiles for tanks, if an example is needed. 3)Uniformity. Use one weapon pack for the Russians, one for the US. BMP's only from CSLA, or only from ORCS. Less bugs for compatibility issues, still a nice view, and more of an organized Army look. 4)As a tanker player I still prefer BIS tanks. Sabot/MG and that's it. In the latest FFSX I had at least 5 choices and even with manual fire I couldn't switch fast enough during combat. Can we agree on having the smoke screen, and ammo types (including missiles) in the action menu? And the SLX simulation of a commanders MG, just gets me out of the cockpit view in total surprise. We already have ArmA for the comm MG feature. Can it be taken out?
  8. Ase290406

    Modern Combat Mod - SLX Released

    Hey Big-Rooney. As some one who dosen't own any games right now, (due to work+college+lack of time) I have to say that just the list of units on this thread, made me miss the days of playing OFP. Aside from that it also gave me an idea: You made a list of USMC vechicles, so i'm suggesting making VDV ones as well. The thing is the VDV is the Russian equivalent of the Marines in terms of power-projection, and they do have their own equipment. In the OFP world I remember seeing BMD3/3m in VIT's pack and BMD1/2 in FDF. Now if you can make those things parachute out of the sky, with crew inside... After all this is one of the unique abilities of the Russian forces to have a fully mechanized airborne force. And it would probably look pretty good ingame. In terms of the feasibility of the matter- I do remeber parachuting in a BMD3M (VIT) from an MI-26 (OWP) helicopter in OFP. So maybe there are some usefull scripts there.
  9. Voted US-Sino conflict. We've basically seen everything else already on older packs. This is a new one and the most likely to actually happen. I'm quite tired of the Russia vs West in Europe thing.
  10. Ase290406

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    I don't think anyone will have a problem with that, as the units are quite old.
  11. Ase290406

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    General Giap there you go Roc Mod V3.1 It looks almoust like the vanilla OFP, but try choosing different branches in the Taiwan 2002 campaign it's a great idea. Back to topic- Tb thanks for making an effort on the preservation thing. OFP is really a unique product.
  12. Ase290406

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    TB whenever your'e doing the China/US conflict, I suggest to put the ROC/Taiwan army as resistance. There is a graphically low-end ROC3.1 mod, which nonetheless features good missions and even better campaigns. To the point though, it gives you a good perspective of what the ROC/Taiawanise army is about. As to 1985, I suggest that you first replace all BIS vehicles with newer similar models. And than add others on top of that. That's because in some FFUR versions an A-10 with GBU's was replaced with an F-16 and it screwed up some missions- Like the airfield bombing scene in the "Retaliation" campaign.
  13. Ase290406

    Invasion 1944 Alpha Relased

    I'm honoring the soldiers, not that dictator.
  14. Ase290406

    Invasion 1944 Alpha Relased

    Maybe it suits more in the Lib Mod thread, but when I saw jarvo9's post I couldn't help myself. One of my Grandmothers uncles have gone through all of the war, only to be killed near Berlin, a day before it all ended. The soldiers of the Red Army have gone from defeat to victory, they faced the bulk of the Nazi war machine and turned the tide of the war. As written above there are so few of those veterans left... Thanks to all who fought, on all fronts, we're here because of you.
  15. Ase290406

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Ok I think I'm getting it. Will try to upload some stuff later. Thanks for the advice!