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    The incremental aiming problem.

    The default answer to this is that your thread could be regarded as criticism towards this game. The AI has no problems shooting you as a distant target so the flaw must be behind your keyboard, or, if you come from a "tactically advanced community" you haven't been planning that shot enought. Maybe you ought to buy one/several mouses to check you don't have hardware issues? This, what now is a feature to not attract inmature players used to faster games somehow, will anyhow be addressed in ArmA2... (to anyone who is completely humorless, yepp, all above is what's called sarcasm... Â Â ) Seriously, I don't think BIS has the time with that right now. With all right they are concentrating their efforts on ArmA2. Please moan if the issue returns in that release. ____ Fit in or f*ck off...the new approache
  2. Wow...this was an intersting thread! I never knew but this is one of the reasons weapon handling in ArmA has been so weird...Nice find arktan!
  3. Abbe

    Arma has it lost or gained?

    I'm sorry MadDogX, I just can't resist m8: I doubt anyone who anticipates and promotes the feature of an animated pig in ArmA2 fully understands the gameplay issues brought up (over and over and over and...)
  4. Abbe

    Arma has it lost or gained?

    I responded to the thread starter's question if BIS intend to get their old, bigger then ArmA, fanbase back with ArmA2. From what I see and hear, especially the interview I was refering to, this will not happen. I'm not happy about anything concerning this fact but fact it is. The only thing in our imagination is the features of ArmA2, we as a community haven't seen one single thing of importance from that release yet. Sure, you've  heard about a lot of stuff but so did I before ArmA was released...The scary stuff is what I didn't hear prior to that release and still got, six year old bugs, very poor performance and weird animations. I'll jump up and down over the AI system when I've got a copy of ArmA2 on my harddrive...I'm afraid a lot of old fans won't even come that far. I don't doubt for a second that with the right addons and the right people on a closed server (if you own hardware enough ofcourse and can stand certain, let's call it features, the AI have...) you can have Coops that blows anything away in the entertainment market. That was not the question in this thread and is not very interesting at all. This we have known for quite some time now. No argument at all...
  5. Abbe

    Arma has it lost or gained?

    Ofcourse, you are right. I don't know why I posted such wierd thoughts. ArmA is excellent and ArmA2 will be the beauty of all games. I will punish myself for the blasphemy I did today on this eminent forum. And I will never speak about the obvious again... And by the way ANTH, I think you can do the math yourself by now...
  6. Abbe

    Arma has it lost or gained?

    I think the interview Jerry Hopper did with BIS lead programmer confirmed this "crap". You can interpret it as you wan't. Flashy textures, 5 more flies in the woods, AI's doing handsignals while refusing passing a bridge or sniping you from 500m or 10 more scriptcommands to bug up the missions with is not anything revolutioning compared to ArmA. You could even see it as very subtile changes made to that game compared to Ofp -> ArmA and that is what this thread is about... HamishUK, read my post again m8. If happy ArmA-customers buy ArmA2, no suprise. If unhappy ArmA-customers buy ArmA2, big suprise... I realize i have to clearify my stand. I like BIS. I love Ofp. I adore the idea behind the game and the little guys fight against the big dragons. I hate the fact ArmA2 might be the last game BIS will ever do. I hate the fact I haven't met one single person in real life who has liked this game. Not even remotely. This is what we as a community has to deal with...if we bother.
  7. Abbe

    Arma has it lost or gained?

    Compared to the fanbase of Ofp, ArmA is a total catastrophe. Ofp sold millions of games and had a very pleased crowd of fans for over 6 years, even now there are fun servers up! BIS has reveled that no big changes to the game will be done regarding ArmA2 so most of the people from Ofp who bought ArmA and didn't like it won't likely buy ArmA2. I think even guys who are sort of pleased with the game will wait since the releases from BIS initaly looked like poor betas and the promised functionality comes after several months after release.
  8. Abbe

    New VBS2 features

    Makes me kind of drewl...I don't know why...
  9. IMHO this is how different players see the gameplay in different ways: 1) Who cares about rolling (to slow) and leaning when you can corner and position yourself precisely? Those fancy animations are as made for beeing done by addons, as in Ofp, since they suite Coop/realism players better. 2) Walk? No matter if I crawl or run, my indexfinger still works...just as in Ofp. 3-5) I feel exactely the opposite way, no control over the animations. Jerky, unprecise and buggy. In Ofp you at least knew what would happen when you pressed a certain key. 6) Very true! And now that we can, most of PvP players finaly disable it completely, thanks. (unless in certain gametypes in which at least I prefere it on since it boosts the realism felling) 7) Feel it quite opposite. You don't get suprised by the animations, you get what you do and mostly hit where you aim...in Ofp. 8-9) Beeing subjective, the performance feels terrible with LOD's flashing, low FPS, laggy and jumpy gameplay, graphics options gives little control (thank god for "Low-plants") and crashes. 10) Yepp, here ArmA shines over Ofp...but by now, who cares about the controls when relesing the key doesn't make the character stop running no matter which key you choose from the wast and nice option dialog... 11) Well, for PvP I don't think JIP is such a blast. For Coop, I don't know how I survived without it! PvP, matches for some amount of time with opposing teams, you don't want JIP. Especially since it's been lagging the server and lag is a no-no in speedy games... I can't say you're wrong in your opinions, it's just that the coin always has two sides...
  10. Abbe

    CTF ??

    The crying and yelling was about a year ago when there still was time to change the game, now there is really no point to cry nor yell since PvP has been domed on this platform since then. No need to bash either, PvP, the clans & players are gone. So are the sales and BIS reputation as well. When I'm playing my coop games, which I almost enjoy, I find the above facts as sad as you must do. Let us just hold hands, sing "We shall overcome" and hope for an ArmA2 which is as flexible as Ofp was regarding game styles.
  11. Abbe

    Interview with Ondrej Spanel ( Suma )

    Surprisingly honest interview since this is a guy trying to make a living on ArmA2! Nice to hear, thanks Suma (and Jerry...).
  12. "Cannot create system memory surface 4444, 1024 x 768 (size 2097152 B) Error code 8876086c" Thunderbirds "fixed" version works but I think the sounds are not as intended in ArmA1.09b, missing sounds and so on. Changing to "1.09 version Hotfix" of the addon results in the above error message.
  13. I installed as modfolder, tried both with and without the hotfix 1.09 with my ArmA 1.09b and all I get is this: "Cannot create system memory surface 4444, 1024 x 768 (size 2097152 B) Error code 8876086c" What am I doing wrong? (exept having bought an ATI card, yes I know, I know... Â )
  14. Abbe

    FFAMM v1.3

    Any chance of an updated version, latest stuff + 1.09...? Would be very nice! Â /Abbe
  15. Abbe

    Wind deflection

    Nothing then "must-haves" from you Q1184...! Have BIS phoned you yet? Â /Abbe