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  1. Hello everyone, I will update VME PLA MOD for ARMA III news in this post. 2013-4-17: New Type 95-1 (QBZ95-1) assault rifle model: New Type 95-1B (QBZ95-1B) assault rifle model: New Type 05 (QCW05) submachine gun model:
  2. Hi my friend! Remember the VME PLA MOD in OFP times? Yes, we are come back! www.chinavme.com http://dev-heaven.net/projects/vme-pla This is a PLA MOD Video. It has combined with OHPLA (From fromz), thanks Dysta upload to Youtobe: lh3JnayfC5k VME PLA MOD for ARMA2 From Armaholic: From ArmA2Base.de: From Armed Assault Info: From Chinese Site: Update 2013-08-22 VME PLA MOD for ARMA2+ARMA2:OA (1.60) Improvement Version - Chinese voice - J-10B fighter - QCW05/Type-05 5.8x21mm silenced SMG - J-20 Stealth Fighter - Y-9 Tactical Transport Aircraft - DF-15 Short Range Ballistic Missile with a massive conventional warhead - and more configurations for the J-10B Fighter. Update 2011-10-03 VME PLA MOD for ARMA2+ARMA2:OA Final Version - quite some improvements - fixing some problems and glitches mentioned in the official VME bug tracker on devheaven - some new added content like the ZTZ-96A main battle tank, Z-9 light attack helo and the J-10B fighter jet Update 2011-09-16 VME PLA MOD for ARMA2+ARMA2:OA V1.1 Update 2011-04-28 VME PLA MOD for ARMA2 Beta2 release! Update 2010-12-21: It's coming soon! More pics: http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1305885&postcount=6
  3. Looks very nice!!!:bounce3:
  4. we start to make the new mod for arma 3: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?153249-VME-PLA-MOD-for-ARMA-III-(WIP)
  5. Hi, I come from the most famous Chinese arma game forum: http://www.chinavme.com/ And I made the Chinese language pack and translated the ARMA1 and ARMA2 before: ARMA2 Chinese language pack: http://www.chinavme.com/thread-14518-1-1.html ARMA1 Chinese language pack: http://www.chinavme.com/thread-6729-1-1.html Today, I found the ARMA3's stringtable.xml file included the Chinese string field. It is a surprise finding! My question is: Would you plan to make the Chinese version ARMA3 game or the game will support the Chinese language? If the answer is yes, I think it will be the biggest good news for Chinese players, and we will very happy to help you to translate the game to chinese.
  6. Thanks for upload. ---------- Post added at 06:41 ---------- Previous post was at 06:34 ---------- Thanks for your feedback. I'm afraid, TonyRanger has been away for ARMA a long time.
  7. Hi! All! I update the download link for new version, can anyone help us upload this mod to foreign spaces? This version add some new stuff, like J-10B fighter, J-20 fighter and Chinese voice. More details: Hongjian's post Hope you like it. I think this topic should move to "ARMA 2 & OA - ADDONS & MODS: COMPLETE" now.
  8. Yes, you are right.
  9. This tool is a “byproductâ€. I made it for creating VME PLA MOD and Chinese Language Package of ArmA2. However, I’ll add more features on it, and finally it will become an agile tool for ArmA2 muilt-language file editing. You can see some pictures about our ARMA Chinese Language Package in here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=77325 Hope everyone enjoy it.
  10. please give me your e-mail, i will send the models to you.
  11. If you know how to use Git or SVN, I will create a account to you. If the developer can not use Git or SVN, I think we can make and provide regularly source zip files to people.
  12. With Fromz's help, the Chinese voice will be add in OpenPLA project, and he will help me to improve the models and animations, these also will appear in that project. I am planning the OpenPLA, and I well give you more explanation on dev-heaven in next few days.(Thanks kju to help me create the repository). The OpenPLA project: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/openpla ---------- Post added at 10:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:45 PM ---------- The VME PLA's soldiers has the chinese face, but can not use to custom face. I will add more Chinese face into OpenPLA, they will base on VME PLA and OH PLA.
  13. I'm sorry, the 2011-10-01 to 2011-10-07 is Chinese National Day holiday, so I was not to play game or visit BI Forums. We not to upload the Files on abroad site because it is very slow to visit or upload files to them from China.
  14. Update 2011-10-03 VME PLA MOD for ARMA2+ARMA2:OA Final Version Please rename the RAR Files to remove the "(1)" characters!
  15. If no men continue this project, the next version will be the final version.
  16. When the next version release, I will notice in this topic, or you can visite our site: www.chinavme.com There have a lots of improvement, like the grenade launcher.
  17. Thanks for Kommiekat and Kju. I discussed with our member, and we decided make VME PLA to a "Open Project". Maybe it will be naming to "OpenPLA". When we release the new version on 2011.10.1, we will upload the source file to somewhere like dev-heavens. The VME PLA MOD will not stop, it will still develop under our member's interests. So the VME PLA and OpenPLA will live together, like Oracle JDK and OpenJDK.
  18. The Chinese Voice is very hard to make, it will need 9-10 people's voice, so we give up. If not have more developer to join us, I think these are hard to fix.
  19. Sorry my friends. The VME PLA MOD maybe will stop develop, because we not have enough people to continue this project.... I update the version to v1.1, the last version will release in 2011-10-01(the Chinese National Day).
  20. alex.xp

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    but why use Chinese word? Maybe next will be The PLA passed Iran to attack Europe... Ok, this is my guess..
  21. alex.xp

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    http://www.arma2.com/bin/null/thecode/ The text on this picture is Chinese word:波斯 It means the English word: Persia, today we call it Iran.
  22. We must rewrite the config to solve the whole problems at first. So, if we have enough times, we will add new weapons or units in MOD.
  23. The fixed Type 99 MBT(ZTZ99): Please download and replace the pbo. ---------- Post added at 08:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:00 AM ---------- We will make the ACE compatability in future, thank you for your all suggestion.
  24. Thanks and we will fix this issue in next version.