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    Lock on: modern air combat

    1.1 demo is now available from http://www.lockon.ru/ by the way. And the revised pdf manual for 1.1 is also up.
  2. Architekt

    World's talest bridge!

    I wonder if Calatrava could have done a much better job, He must of had a proposal in there somewhere. Then again maybe Foster's design worked better with whatever budget was available. Calatrava's bridges are much sexier though IMHO. eg:
  3. Architekt

    Where would you like...

    I wouldn't mind living in Vancouver for a while, Alot of people tell me it's alot like Auckland, New Zealand. Where I'm from. Just so long as it's safe and the people are friendly.
  4. Architekt

    Warhammer 40,000 DOW

    I used to have a fairly sizeable eldar army wich was about half painted before I flogged it off on ebay. I guess i just got sick of the company, of highly opinionated, angsty,sweaty overgrown boys. Won a few painting competitions though as that was all I was really interested in, but back then I thought wouldn't it be great if there was a decent computer game of this thing. DOW fully lives up to my expectations, and made me think about getting back into painting but walking into a Games Workshop store during the school holidays really put me off. But I bought a Warlock for keepsakes anyway.
  5. Architekt

    OFP could become a part of Clan Base

    aaaaaand done. Or maybe not. Do you have to be registered with them first?
  6. Architekt

    VBS requirements

    Would that be for a USB dongle?
  7. Architekt

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    LOL In addition to those units there are desert variants of the troops, RAN clearance divers, ADF crew, pilots, a few different variants of the ASLAV, M113, Bushmaster, New LRPVs, SRVs, a tanker, arty pack, the best fast roping ability i have ever seen (ropes that are thrown out of the chopper, unwind, dangle in the wind and then get dropped to the ground to sit in a pile), ground search radar that works plus a whole heap of other stuff Droolage I want, I want. Damn I could never justify buying VBS to the wife.....what to do?
  8. Architekt

    Us presidential election 2004

    Nice.. I've heard the same from a few americans that have come to NZ to live. And ain't none a thems frum Texas.
  9. Architekt

    Us presidential election 2004

    Let me add to your'e pile of chunder As the world sighs, I'm glad I'm not a yank.
  10. Architekt

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    Try here might be of some help. Hey nicer web interface pappy, I no longer get the urge to spaz out on the floor for 5min.
  11. Architekt

    military photography

  12. Architekt

    Us presidential election 2004

    Glad I don't live in the states, poor Canada.
  13. Architekt

    Yankee Air Museum Burns to the Ground

    Oh dear
  14. Architekt

    Yankee Air Museum Burns to the Ground

    Jeez, you'd think with a book colllection like that they would have been stored a bit more securely. Like with one of those airtight systems that seals of the room completely and pumps a gas that removes all oxygen in the room in event of fire. And with a Martin Luther Bible? That just seems irresponsible, especially when your'e talking about national treasures. So what planes were lost?
  15. Architekt

    T55 MBT v1.20 / Red Hammer release

    Nice......very nice , hope pappy gets this into his pack fairly soon