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  1. Acecombat

    Installation Order

    Thanks for the assist Mr Burns .
  2. Acecombat

    Installation Order

    Hey everyone, been a long time since i played ArmA. I was hoping to install it back along with QG but the thing is i am not able to make sense of the different patches floating around and dont know the sequence in which to install stuff. So can anyone help me out here? I have ArmA installed at 1.04 now what do i do ... install QG on it and then 1.14 or get 1.05 then 1.08 and then 1.14 and QG on top of it? Its a freaking mess...
  3. Acecombat

    ArmA 2

    Umm yeah i agree with pong2cs this game looks more like arma then the original old pics shown before arma was made public . Still as long as BIS deliver on what they said about the gameplay mechanics then and include a PROPER campaign this time i'll be happy. Graphics will only take you so far the rest is all dependent on the gameplay.
  4. Acecombat

    Far Cry 2

    So what gives them the right to mock 'hollywood realism' as they just did back there? This form of 'realism' imo is even worse then the 'hollywood' one.
  5. Acecombat

    Far Cry 2

    Check out the scans for pics and the mag article here: Inside Gamer Seems this game has gone the same way as OFP in terms of publisher vs developer. Ubi owns the rights to the Far Cry franchise so they get to make their 'own' sequel while Crytek went and built Crysis for EA, though crysis isnt strictly a sequel but it looks very similiar in locale to far cry. Reading through the last page of the mag i read a comment referring to OFP and how the game wont go that way in terms of realism and then i was confused as i dont understand what sort of realism they are talking about .. last page Theres a lot of talk about the game having intelligent and dynamic AI , dunno if its gonna happen they said the same things with Far Cry and it wasnt THAT far away from the normal run-gun FPS that we usually see.
  6. Acecombat

    I cant see at night.

    Another 8800GTX casualty. Gives me the heebie geebies since i am gonna be hopefully buying this card in a another month or so .
  7. Acecombat

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    Was i supposed to be dead? So Manhunt you got a E6850 and a X1950 and still get LOD issues? Anyone know how to fix these LOD issues, they werent so bad in OFP atleast we had the option to tweak it aswell. Dont see so in ArmA.
  8. Acecombat

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    Hmm no multi core support sucks. I assume a patch wont help remedy the problem either? Since it would require the whole of the game programming/engine to be overhauled and rewritten in a fashion to take advantage of the many cores .. right? Hope BIS is taking notes for this on the Nextgen game.
  9. Acecombat

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    The CPU and RAM speed will be a big bottleneck for that 8800GTS. I have a similiar setup except i got a 6600GT and 2.4 Ghz CPU and i cannot play on high settings with good frame rates at all. I intend to get a Q6600 when its price drops and 2 GB RAM along with a 8800GTS or GTX depending upon the price when i go out to buy in a month or so. Btw can anyone tell me does ARMA make ANY use of the multi cores? Will the Quad enjoy any benefits over the dual cores? Also i've heard and seen people with 8800 getting random CTD's consistently in arma , whats the deal there? Its the high end card and its having troubles? How the hell do you play this game on HIGH then? Hows the 2900XT's response to arma aswell. If anyone can answer these queries they will greatly help me in my buying decisions. Those who already have similiar setups please give us a peformance run down of your experience in ArmA atm.
  10. Acecombat

    ArmA Effects

    I need a new d/ld link the one provided in the first post is simply taking me to the download link but nothing is happening ...
  11. Acecombat

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    I didnt know anything about ARMAAC until i played in a MP game just now and it read 'this server is protected by ARMAAC' .... so i think ok neato , very much like PB, ArmA needs something to protect players in MP. And guess what in that very game on that very server, a guy from some clan called Mygot shows up and cheats left & right , tking deliberately everyone just to show off that he can do so even with Armaac on , then he put on some wierd sound file which played the sound of a man screaming bloody murder on and on and on ..... untill it forced us all playing to shutdown the volume of our radios in options. he kept on asking for an admin to ban him so he could come back and prove how worthless bans are as he was changing his game ID's on the fly according to him. It was a real pain playing like that. Now i dont know how it all works but BIS should do better with in game security. If cheats like this get out, MP is doomed. or will only be enjoyed behind closed doors locked sessions  . P.S: It was the 22SAS server the one on which this happened iirc.
  12. Acecombat

    The-Architect's ArmA page

    Nice plain & simple website. me like . Hope to see many missions there.
  13. Acecombat

    OFPEC Blood Effect

    I really liked this addon back with OFP but it seemed to take up a bit of resources and caused some lag , i wanna know if it does the same in ArmA?
  14. Acecombat

    3rd Version-Skaven's Racs

    Have you played the campaign in full yet? You should have come across this there. Unless you like many other simply skipped the missions in which this was mentioned . These new RACS are great , that recently released M60 goes with them well too. We just need a few more complimentary vehicles and units and we can have the RACS army in forest camo.
  15. Acecombat

    3rd Version-Skaven's Racs

    Those Sahrani army ,but Racs are private army /sahrani flag on the arm/ RACS = Royal Army Corps of Sahrani I think thats what the abbreviation is for. So they are not private army .