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  1. I meant so that the mission maker didn't have to find the height of each building manually, I guess all we need is the setpos height.
  2. no one said it would be 2 gigs -------------------------------- well BAS congrats on the great island. I am glad you kept it reasonable, I thought that you were going to make all the buildings enterable or overdetailed, but they are perfect the way you made them and should give nice framerates Three questions: 1 - will you include instructions on how to setpos units on top of the different buildings, because you always see 'the bad guys' firing from rooftops. 2 - will there be civilians who can throw rocks like the 'Gimbal tossers'? because that would be awsome to have riots and such. 3 - will there be any women included? maybe one carrying a baby would be good, but for the the love on God no gory blood textures. but anyways good job and i look forward to its release.
  3. I am working on a script, and i need to know if it is possible to drop spaceobjects but have them all facing the right way. right now it just generates them in any direction it wants to and i tried everything like changing the rotation variables but it still doesn't work. any help?
  4. I think it has something to do with the land contact points being above or below the geometry lod, maybe it shakes because the geometry lod is touching the ground, and we all know how shaky it gets when geometry lods interact
  5. AXE

    Ac-130h or ac-130u

    the trick is to use setpos and setvelocity with a delayed loop, this gets rid of the jerkiness in the setposed object. this is because during the delay between setposes the objects will still be doing the same velocities.
  6. AXE

    Ac-130h or ac-130u

    you people use the words 'no' and 'impossible' WAY to much. unless you have tried to do it yourself and failed you have no right to go around telling people what is impossible. I've seen tons of things done on addons that were considered impossible, but now are standard features. Ofp does have some serious limits, but it also has some amazing work-arounds and features that let you go beyond most of those limits.
  7. AXE

    Objects next to each other have shadow

    thats because you have applied the smoothing effect to it. select the wall object and press U to sharpen the edges
  8. AXE

    Just wondering

    maybe there is some old vodka animation for the eastern soldiers? lol...
  9. AXE

    Ladders ???

    your welcome
  10. AXE

    Limits within o2/buldozer

    I have problems with anything over 5000 polys, so maybe buldozer has a much smaller engine than ofp does, because when you think about an ofp island with all the objects, thats got to be way more than 200,000 polys, and buldozer can barely do one complex object
  11. lol you might want to edit them to the point that they can't hit anything, if you want to be realistic
  12. AXE

    Ladders ???

    Okay, adding ladders is simple. In the memory lod of the building, put a point where you want the ladder to start, like the bottom of it Name this point Start. then make another point at the top of the ladder, and name it End. thats all there is to the p3d file, just remember that the ladder points can't be directly above one another, they need to be slightly offset otherwise it causes some problems. Next, in the config.cpp file, and the line: ladders[]={{"start","end"}}; to the cfgvehicle section of your building. if you pbo it now and put it in game, the ladder should work. if you want more than one ladder, just do the same as the first ladder, but name the points start1 and end1, etc. then in the config: ladders[]={{"start","end"},{"start1","end1"}}; this should work. Now, i've noticed that sometimes a mod can have a ladder if you place it on the map using the mission editor, but if you place it on an island using wrpedit or visitor, the ladder won't work. the solution to this is in the inheritted classes in the cfgvehicles section. So to make sure it will work, use this as a reference: class CfgVehicles { class All {}; class AllVehicles: All {}; class Land: AllVehicles {}; class Static: Land {}; class Building: Static {}; class NonStrategic: Building {}; class House: NonStrategic {}; class ViewTower2: House {}; class yourmodhere: ViewTower2 { }; apparently viewtower is the class that gives you a ladder in wrpedit. I hope this helps you and makes sense
  13. AXE

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    monty python: "And now for something completely different" : if you think its funny, thats good, if you think it stupid, i agree...
  14. AXE


    just de-pbo thier campaign add use thier script. actually, go to http://www.theavonlady.org/theofpfaq/ goto to the o/mtv section, near the center of the page is the AEF Campaign Trailer, which has the waterfall.