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  1. Ares1978

    Bird flu...a bad thing?

    No, since you are still comparing it to just one other. And since the focus is actually just on our species, not our superorder.
  2. Ares1978

    Bird flu...a bad thing?

    I don't think there's any point in comparing a single species (humans) to an entire order or superorder (dinosaurs).
  3. Ares1978

    James Brown is dead

    Can't say I'm going to miss him, but fortunately his music will live on. "While most of Brown's life was glitz and glitter, he was plagued with charges of abusing drugs and alcohol and of hitting his third wife, Adrienne." Alky junky wife beater, huh?
  4. Ares1978

    Merry Christmas

    Ho ho fuckin' ho.
  5. Ares1978

    The Illuminati

    Nothing, really. But I would have to laugh my ass off if somebody ever admitted that they were in charge. "There is no conspiracy. Nobody is in charge. It's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan."
  6. Ares1978

    RIP Turkmenbashi

    That's a bit optimistic, don't you think? I know I won't feel one bit safer when the next generation of nutjobs takes over. I don't think I could enjoy having to wait another 40 years for the next batch to die from natural causes.
  7. Ares1978

    What are you getting for Christmas?

    A Panasonic DMC-FX3 and a LaCie 500G external drive. Oh, and a USB coffee cup warmer. No prostitutes this xmas.
  8. Ares1978

    What are you getting for Christmas?

    I don't mind xmas or shopping, but I fucking hate xmas shoppers. Clogging up the aisles with their twin pushchairs and 15 kids running around with their own mini shopping carts screaming and whining and breaking stuff.. Do they really need to bring their entire family and their pets to the mall, especially around christmas? What the hell is wrong with these people? Sometimes I just wonder if anybody would notice if I stabbed just a few of them, stuffed their little bastard kids in a bag and threw the bag in the river. The same as last year: stuff people actually might want, as opposed to the completely random shit they buy me. On second thought, maybe I'll just give everybody a speculum and a pineapple.
  9. Ares1978

    What are you getting for Christmas?

    One 400€ hooker or eight 50€ hookers. I can't decide. I already know what I'm getting, though. Crap. My parents owe me that 400€, and if I ask for something (they have already asked me what I want, or rather what I'd like), they'll buy it from a local store and they will pay s 50% higher price than I could get buying it over the net, so whatever they bring home is going to be crap. Overpriced crap. The alternative is cash, the most boring christmas present ever. And if that's what I get, I'm blowing it all on a hooker (or hookers) just to make a point. EiZei's "Bah, humbug" has never been more appropriate.
  10. Ares1978


    I can accept that an addon can be a heap of shit, but how it looks is a minor detail. If you seriously think that how perfect a model looks is the most important thing in an addon, you really need to [read my signature]. No matter how good an addon looks, it needs to be playable to actually be good. In a nutshell.
  11. Ares1978


    Are you serious? A good addon is an addon that is a joy using. If it happens to be good looking as well, then that's a bonus, but it doesn't make the addon good.
  12. Ares1978

    Reality vs. Myth, Fantasy & Legend.

    It's about wasted potential from certain players' point of view, not about some neglected obligation.
  13. Ares1978

    Reality vs. Myth, Fantasy & Legend.

    You can always bash them for not aspiring to be historically accurate.
  14. Ares1978

    French MPs pass 'genocide' bill

    Great! Let's ban denial of evolution while we're at it.
  15. Ares1978

    Was the Pope..

    Who's "we"? I didn't invent it and neither did you. Fine, if you want to take blame for something somebody else did, be my guest. I'm going to keep blaming them for things that they do. And by the way, no "we" didn't.