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    Id definitely think it should encorporate some sort of swimming possibility. Preferably above and under water options. Shallow water sections that its possible to drive though in a jeep would be neat as well...

    Statistical Recording System Of Some Type

    Example Screen Shot of online profile.

    Statistical Recording System Of Some Type

    Surely, to start off here is the brief preview EA provide as one of the games features. Basically what that means is, as a player progresses in online play they will recieve certain promotions and medals. There are various ways to earn over 25 medals, all viewable by anybody on your online profile. It compiles statistics such as: -Kills -Deaths -Kills Per Minute -Deaths Per Minute -Score Per Minute -Deaths Per Round -Kills Per Round -Kills with a specific weapon -Deaths with a specific weapon -Accuracy with a specific weapon (very cool) The game keeps track of everything, its almost ridiculous. The better your perform the higher your score and ratings get, the higher your rank gets. When you attain higher ranks, you can unlock new weapons, and gain an advantage when applying to command in game. So i just think there is unlimited possibilities in some sort of system which records and displays statistics possibly rewarding you for them.
  4. On one hand, i would hate to promote even more "point whoring", but on the other hand i really like the system Battlefield2 has in place. Definitely somethng to look into Just my 2cents though.

    Do You want PunkBuster in Armed Assault?

    I vote no to Punkbuster, and think that BIS could come up with a more unique way to prevent cheating. Or at least make a efficient way to permenently ban cheaters. Just my 2 cents tho!

    Ira units / terroists

    Yah civilians run around in civilian looking clothing, where as the IRa usually seen wearing camo pants and heavy jackets or all camo and ski masks. And that can be said for terrorists to, saying they represent them just fine can be applied anywere. I was just stating that it would be neat if someone made a mod were it was realistic. Most mods are just realisticly portraying something we could use civilians or east or west troops to represent.

    Patching problems.. please help

    Hmm try redownloading the patch from a diff. site. And why you still playing cold war!!!!!! Go get resistance are u crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best place to download campaigns?

    Avons FAQ has some goods if i recall correctly.

    Ira units / terroists

    Yes there are terrorists, mostly of asian decent. Ill find a few good links here in a sec. Have never seen any IRA units tho, although that seems like it could be the base of a interesting MOD.

    Gummi's landtexture pack released

    Id hate to just convert his work over and release without permission, but ive converted But if he doesnt mind, ill post em here. So lemme know. Only took about 7 minutes to convert them all

    Good realistic missions?

    http://anmac.com.au/Anmacs Site can be found there.

    Good realistic missions?

    This forum board could save a whole lot of questions, by making a sticky and a rule, that before you post any questions or even thought go check THE FAQ. Seems like it can be the answer for about 75% of the questions :P But back on topic, Anmac has some good, pretty realistic missions. Im looking for link to his site, havin some trouble finding, ill post when she found :P

    Warrior of the future

    them soldiers lookin seriously badass :P Kev

    Band of brothers sequel in the works

    The first was pretty damn good, i think they will do the sweuel correct, as long as they stick to the same style and dont go off making it to unrealistic or too dramatic and a huge love story. I hate war love stories

    Warrior of the future

    IN the XM Replace M16 Thread i also posted some pictures of the weapons to come :P But thats a interesting site, im more interested to see the armor and air advances than any tho :P Good work as usual avon.