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  1. A quick n' dirty way to do it would be to give the AI a burst fire mode... (which the player would simply avoid using). I'm sure some scripting Guru could probably do better though. Is there any chance that the next update will include HE-Frag rounds in addition to the Thermobaric round as an option for the GM-94? Thanks for all of the work!
  2. I'm having trouble getting the units to engage at maximum range. IRL, some magazine can be extended at maximum range as a kind of area-bombardment/suppression weapon - while a few magazines would be retained for precision work. I'd like to see a bunch of these units 'light up the night'.
  3. Does anyone know where to find PBO tools which can handle the format changes in Take on Hinds? I want get at the configs...
  4. This is the order I play the faction videos in: USMC -> NAPA -> ChDKZ -> CDF -> Citizens -> Russia Total run time = 12:57 seconds (too long for a youtube mega-trailer made by stitching them together)? Still, it is a very interesting and dramatic twelve minutes... What is your preferred order?
  5. Avimimus

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    Any chance of doing a Ka-29TB? It is a derivative with hardpoints for bombs/gunpods/rockets and a forward firing 7.62mm gatling gun + door mounted forward firing 30mm cannon.
  6. Avimimus

    Believability in the missions

    I would really love an option that would double the number of troops on your side throughout the campaign. No longer would I have to kill 20 enemies on some missions. Instead I could try to play the whole campaign without ever having to reload (ie. Iron man). That would be an immersive challenge. It would also have plenty of replayability, as greater caution would lead to seeing less of each mission per playthrough.
  7. Avimimus

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Also a GM-94 would be neat (as would dedicated anti-vehicle rounds for the GP-25 and GP-30) RShG or RPO thermobaric rockets and OG-7V warhead for the RPG-7 would be interesting as well. As would the Croatian RT-20 anti-material rifle for that matter...
  8. Avimimus

    ArmA Addon request thread

    I was wondering if someone could release a set of U.S. soldiers (perhaps even the default BIS set), except flagged for independent (RACS)? I would like to explore some rebel/civil war scenarios.
  9. Question: The models that you did not create, where are they from? Thanks
  10. Avimimus

    Hind wip

    Well not DSHK derivatives but I'm pretty sure that the PKT/PKB is a standard production line ability (albeit Russian units traditionally had one gunner operating both guns)
  11. Hello, I just had an idea occur to me: DAC could be the means to create the first non-depopulated warfare sim. Featuring: - Civilians cowering inside of buildings - Civilians fleeing from a combat zone (running out of buildings in a panic) - Refugee convoys fleeing behind the front - Refugee tent camps near the battlefield (localisation areas away from the fighting) - Enemy soldiers mixed in with refugees If you could recruit a few modelers it might be possible to integrate some new animations and civilian models. Anyway, I thought it would be an interesting idea to pass on. S!
  12. Avimimus

    Lost-World Returns

    Neither am I... but I doubt it will be very recognisable when the mods done with it.
  13. Avimimus

    Hind wip

    Video showing combat footage from inside the crew compartment (including the simultaneous use of two gunners instead of having one gunner who switches sides):
  14. Avimimus

    Hind wip

    Another picture: http://www.zajc.pl/php/afganistan-10.php The Mi-24P carried 750 rounds for its main gun (and was used in Afghanistan). The twin barrel weapon is actually a GSH-30K (K indicates lengthen ed barrel). It was a 30mm weapon which is about 2.4 metres in length. It also had variable rate of fire added (~300-2000rpm).