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  1. Didn't quite understand that bit, but the basic idea is that you can have any type of markers to apear on the map when 'something happens'. If I remember right, all markers have to be created before hand in the editor. If you don't want to reveal them to the player at start you set their size to 0,0 in editor. Then you can control them with commands setmarkersize and setmarkercolor during the mission using either scripts or triggers or whatever.
  2. Artak

    east turns on east

    Have the leader of the squad whose side you want to switch to join to a higher ranking unit of some other side. The squad's side will turn to the one the higher ranking unit is on.
  3. Artak


    Yes. This is why the trigger options box has a setting called "Countdown" (and timeout). There are three values to set to control the amount of time that it takes for the activation field to kick in. min, max and mid. setting each to 5 secs will launch what ever you have the trigger to do in 5 seconds after the trigger has been.. uhh.. well triggered. if you put min: 3 max: 10 and mid: 5 then the activation time is something between 3 to 10 seconds. Easy huh?
  4. Artak

    Ac130 circling

    Guiding airplanes in OFP has always been a pain in the butt. To get a plane circling AND to a specific direction AND around a specific unit (AND firing at the same time too maybe?).. that sounds a bit too much. In any case, I don't think it can be done within the editor, you may very well have to resort to external scripting, as in a sqs file. It's been a long time since I've last written a line of code for OFP, but here goes nothing. You need to place your plane and name it in the editor. Then place the target unit and name that one too. Next create this script file: planesupress.sqs ---------------- _plane = _this select 0 _target = _this select 1 #loop _plane domove [(getpos _target select 0)-400, (getpos _target select 1)] @ unitready _plane || !alive _plane ?!alive _plane: exit _plane domove [(getpos _target select 0), (getpos _target select 1)-400] @ unitready _plane || !alive _plane ?!alive _plane: exit _plane domove [(getpos _target select 0)+400, (getpos _target select 1)] @ unitready _plane || !alive _plane ?!alive _plane: exit _plane domove [(getpos _target select 0), (getpos _target select 1)+400] @ unitready _plane || !alive _plane ?!alive _plane: exit goto "loop" You can try it out by executing it from a triggers init line or some place like that. The exec line should state something like this: [planename, targetname] exec "planesupress.sqs" The above will probably need some tweaking (or a lot) and there are more scientific was of calculating the circle, but if the above does it then it'll do. Good luck
  5. Artak

    Multiplayer campaign

    It's not possible persé, but something along those lines. You can do it by using the OFP's creation commands. For example, you can set up a scenario (a mission) to Durras and once it's completed fade the screen to black, deletevehicle all the remainings from the first scenario and create a new one to Lamentin pharhaps. Brief the players with a cutscene and titletext and create new enemies using createvehicle and createunit commands. You can use setpos to move the players or do whatever. So, technically it's somewhat possible in the sense of a campaign, even a very dynamic one, but there are setbacks of course - it takes some very advanced MP scripting skills to do it, and of course it's still one mission in the MP pool with no savegame option. OFPEC has many wonderful scripts and tutorials for MP mission builders and will be a big help in this project, should you take it on.
  6. Artak

    Parachuting from a plane

    Hey. Check out OFPEC Editors Depot for more ready-made scripts and snippets. Here's one that might suit you straight away or with a bit of modification: http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/index_new.php?action=details&id=298 "Drops one paratrooper per second until all units in the group are in the skies"
  7. Artak


    Heya. I'm not 100% sure but maybe it could be done with some sneaky sqf. OFPEC has dozens of sqf files that you can explore. Here's one example: http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/index_new.php?action=details&id=88 It "Computes the height above sea level", so maybe it's exactly what you're looking for(?)
  8. So, what is it that you really want to know? I don't see a question anywhere.
  9. Artak

    Welcome Back Placebo!

    Welcome back Paul. How's the fish at Singapore?
  10. Artak

    Microsoft Surface

    First impression: "cool". Second thought: "It must have a billion usefull applications in military and business environments." Third: "After all these years of hardly moving my wrist more than two inches on my mouse, I wouldn't want to be waving my hands like that all night long on a screen. That can cause some severe trauma on my puny muscles".
  11. Artak

    Falklands Mod 1.0 Released

    OFPEC mirror: Falklands Mod @ OFPEC mirror Also find all the other needed addons from above url.
  12. OFPEC mirror: CWMOD @ OFPEC mirror
  13. Artak

    GRAA Modpack 3.0

    OFPEC mirror: GRAA @ OFPEC mirror
  14. OFPEC mirror: SLX @ OFPEC mirror
  15. Artak

    AI FOV

    I don't think there are any, at least none that I've come across. Probably why you're lacking replies in this topic too.