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    Why is this game not more popular?

    Hi, while I agree with you about the AI you have to admit that it's certainly not easy to program it in a world that uge and dynamic. But, in the end, I think BIS should stop giving us better graphics and concentrate on the AI. Following orders and navigate the map should be a given. Cheers
  2. Hi, I see your point. I did not try with any other settings than 0,0. I wish I had more time to investigate to. Thanks again for your time and keep on the good work Cheers
  3. Hi, I understand. But after trying your test myself (audible=0;camouflage=0) it's very easy to realize that no other settings or environmental conditions will change the result. I made the test in bright light at 5 meters of the enemy and he acts like I was not even there (until I fired my weapon as you said). If he cant see me in broad daylight I dont think it will get better in bad weather conditions... If there is a way to achieve that kind of result with the skill settings in the editor then please enlight me. It will be a much easier solution than making an addon. Thanks in advance Cheers
  4. Hi, Are you telling me that lowering unit B visibility will not make it more difficult for unit A to detect it? Because if it's the case you will directly contradict what the OP himself has wrote in another of his threads: Cheers
  5. Hi, Nice work. But I always thought it would be more usefull to apply something like that on the detectability of an unit instead of his capacity to detect. As an example, I would rather be able to decrease the visibilty of a specop or sniper according to his experience points (in a campaign) so its more difficult for the enemy to detect him (only applayable to this particular unit) than lowering the capacity of the enemy to detect all enemy units. It would be nice if you would consider doing something in that direction. Keep on the good work Cheers
  6. Hi, I guess this is what you're looking for: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/reveal Cheers
  7. Hi, I would not go as far as saying its unplayable but I can clearly see where you're coming from. There is no need to mimic the delay between thinking and action after the key press since pressing the key is obviously the result of that thinking. The reaction to the key should be instantaneous IMHO. This lag in movement start is a fun killer for me and the lack of small increment movement makes CQB a very painfull task. Hope they fix it and make this superb game even better. Cheers
  8. AliMag

    SP-Let's_do_it! v1.0 (@)

    Hi, The mission starts with that error: Target1 |#| AND Target2 Error and: Type Any, expected Bool Repeated itself during all the time I was trying the mission (in the editor). It seems that one or both variables (Target1, Target2) are not initialized. Will try the mission again later. Cheers
  9. AliMag

    SP - Operation Jackal's Hunt

    Hi, Any chance of a non ACE version ? Cheers
  10. Gorgeous !!! PS: I might be (certainly is) overboard here but isn't there also a picture for the infantry/crew units?
  11. Hi, Since you are now using formated text I would suggest for your next version to add pictures of the weapons/vehicles in the hints. It would be the icing on the cake. Keep on the good work Cheers
  12. Wow man great job. I think that it is exactly how this game should be played. Thank you.
  13. +1 Thank you. Cheers PS: special thanks to these guys at Ofpec !!!
  14. Hi, The same way you would call the script: [parameters list] execVM "script.sqf"; or [parameters list] call myStuff; Cheers
  15. AliMag

    This is amazing

    You're right, kind of kill the immersion. It looks much better without the setpos but it's less precise. The problem is that the AI doesn't like to go near buildings. They will stop at 5 meters or so of a wall and declare ready even though their destination is much closer to it. I had to terminate the approach with an animation and, as expected, other problems poped up. The most obvious one is that I have to create a detect script for the units so they can snap out their animation to face possible threats...the basics are there (in my head) but I had to take a break. I'll soon return to that project and try my best to put together something that could look like a WIP that I could release. Trust me, there is nothing to release yet. Thanks for the interest Cheers