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  1. AirwolfPL

    Airwolf for Arma 2

    I gave up making OFP addons long time (5 years) ago. ArmA never appealed to me, and I've barely seen ArmA 2. I'm not planning a 'big return'. I simply no longer have time for this stuff... But - ofcourse - this doesn't mean that someone can take my work (or parts of it) and release it as his/hers own...
  2. AirwolfPL

    Airwolf for Arma 2

    Hey takamine, I'm OK with using parts of my work in other addons as long as I'm asked for permission first and then I receive a proper credit (ie. source addon and author of this work is clearly stated in the readme file attached to the addon). I used scripts created by other teams/authors too but I've _always_ asked them for permission first (if it wasn't clear that I can use it without permission) and then I always pointed out in addon's readme file whose work was used. Check out the original readme file of my Airwolf addon for OFP: http://awmod.uni.cc/files/awm_v105b_readme.txt - especially point 5.0, 6.2, 6.6 (yeah I must admit, that XPETIT complied to point 6.6 - still he didn't left any notice anywhere else). PS.: Great work about these textures - I always prefered "photo" textures over flat Paint-ish looking textures.
  3. AirwolfPL

    Airwolf for Arma 2

    Plenty of model parts, textures and scripts in this addon (and probably earlier Airwolf Addons by XPETIT - I didn't checked them) came from my original Airwolf addon for Operation Flashpoint (part of the OFP Airwolf Mod - it's site is still up at http://awmod.uni.cc ). 1). Xpetit - you never asked me for any permission regarding my texture/model/scripts usage (and I suppose you didn't even took your time to read the readme file bundled with my addon). 2). I've put enormous amount of work creating and polishing the OFP Airwolf Addon (which was far superior to any Airwolf Addon for OFP at the time when it was released) and you didn't gave me any credit when you released your ArmA/ArmA2 addon :eek: This is a major violation of my intelectual property rights, and i would like to know how do you plan to solve these issues, because at the moment it looks like you have simply stolen my work. :j: It's nice to see the ArmA 2 Airwolf Addon, but it would feel much better receiving a proper credit for my hard work...
  4. AirwolfPL

    AWM Land Pack

    "I released it and I didn't want it to be one file?" So why I released it as a single archive? I didn't wanted to release it _before_ all of the addons were finished - otherwise it would be PITA to maintain such a big archive (not to mention, most of data was released 3 days ago). Some of the addons including Airwolf itself, as well as Airwolf Land island are the beta versions, but we don't plan to release anything new anytime soon. In fact Airwolf Mod is now officialy CLOSED (Look for more info at our page: http://awmod.uni.cc/main.php) After 5 years of OFP modding I removed all the modding tools and addon source files from my hard drive, and I'm going to take a well deserved break from making addons for OFP.
  5. AirwolfPL

    carwars 2.5

    I loved the previous release and this one is even better BUT: - English campaign is all bugged with french words, misspelled words, not to mention that addons contain french words - this is unacceptable in the 'international' release where only proper language is English - G1 Helicopter VZ is unflyable piece of s...crap metal... why oh why you didn't used Sebastian Mueller's Catshark autogyro (I see a great potential in using this addon in CarWars mod) http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=2501 or Martin's autogyro (could use some repaint) http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=5769 - The mission with autogyro is a bit too hard - not to mention player gets killed (by script) in some areas of the island (without any reason) - The mission next to the mission with autogyro is even harder - it's not possible to catch up with the guy driving the car. I got so mad by this mission that I'm on the edge of deleting this mod now ;-) And last but not least: - Man oh man - MadMax's Interceptor and MFP Interceptor (the yellow/red/blue car) were Australian Ford Falcons! Not Mustangs! PS.: It's not nice you've used Black Baron's Challenger without his permission... Â
  6. AirwolfPL

    Vespa Pack

    Another cool "civ" addon... I've got to test it ASAP
  7. Airwolf screams randomly over certain speed and turn rate - sometimes it'll scream, sometimes it won't. AWMC.PBO is alpha version - I'm well aware about these bugs (some of the units in this pack havn't even been textured at all, other don't have wound textures etc).
  8. I've found some time to prepare a bunch of our older addons for release... All of these addons has been completed almost 3 years ago but for some reason we didn't released them and and they were laying forgotten on our HDDs. - Libyan Soldiers dressed like in the Pilot Episode. - Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL that features 2 version of the Mercedes Limousine converted from NFS4 (look at the readme file for details). - Cameras - a small pack that provides a Stationary Movie Camera with outrageous zoom and Camera Operator packing small hand-held camera - both units can be handful if you like to take screenshots or capture in-game videos. - And last but not least Updated Hughes 500D pack updated to use our Libyan Soldiers - no other changes has been made to this addon so if you don't want to download over 13MBs you can still use previous version of this addon. Libyan Soldier Pack v.0.25: awml_v025.zip (1,92MB) awml_v025_readme.txt http://awmod.uni.cc/screenshots/awml.jpg Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL v.0.6: awmmerc_v06.zip (1.04MB) awmmerc_v06_readme.txt http://awmod.uni.cc/screenshots/awmmerc_1.jpg http://awmod.uni.cc/screenshots/awmmerc_2.jpg Cameras v.1.01: awmcams_v101.zip awmcams_v101_readme.txt http://awmod.uni.cc/screenshots/awmcams.jpg Hughes 500D Pack v.1.71: awmh500_v171.zip (12,56MB) awmh500_v171_readme.txt http://awmod.uni.cc/screenshots/awmh500_01.jpg http://awmod.uni.cc/screenshots/awmh500_04.jpg
  9. It's very likely I'll make a civilian version of this helo some day 8) RMK - thanks for mirrors, I couldn't reach Cervo on ICQ yesterday and I forgot how to upload addons to ofp.info FTP so files landed on FileFactory Â
  10. The Redwolf Addon has been released http://awmod.uni.cc/screenshots/awmredwolf_2.jpg http://awmod.uni.cc/screenshots/awmredwolf_3.jpg Redwolf Addon v.1.05b: awmredwolf_v105b.zip (3,55MB) Readme File: awmredwolf_v105b_readme.txt Also I've updated Airwolf and Airwolf Character Pack Addons (official minor bugfix releases, but keep in mind both of these addons are required by Redwolf addon): Airwolf Addon v.1.05b: awm_v105b.zip (16,6MB) Readme File: awm_v105b_readme.txt Airwolf Character Pack v.0.5: awmc_v05.zip (6MB) Readme File: awmc_v05_readme.txt Previous downloads can be found here: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=9355 (Airwolf Addon v.1.0b and Airwolf Character Pack v.0.4 are obsolete now). You'll find all of the our releases here: http://awmod.uni.cc/main.php?id=files
  11. AirwolfPL

    Cessna Citation

    Excellent addon. I love every aspect of it. I rarely have time to check the new addons out, but I couldn't resist to check this one out, and it was worth. PS.: CSJ boats also were great
  12. AirwolfPL

    Carwars 2

    Oh, and yet another thing - this mod simply asks for adding the MCAR Engine into it (imagine C&C Generals-like missile buggies, muscle cars with TOW launchers etc ) PS.: Iguana - don't try to capture this thread
  13. AirwolfPL

    Carwars 2

    It has been years since I stumbled upon this problem in my own addons, I think it was something with the Selections (in the Model's class) in the addon's config and with the name of the addon's model... It has more to do with model's "Fire Geometry". Unfortunatelly if you decide to leave the car's windows 'invisible' for bullets - it will be possible to kill the driver instantly (and glass configuration has nothing to do with that - it only defines how much dammage the vehicle can take, before the glass (or another) texture is replaced with the dammaged one). I know something about it (hehe Airwolf Mod is two man project -> I'm working on all textures, models, scripting etc. while Iguana does only a world-editing). PS.: The object pack I've made for Airwolf Mod's Island contains some interesting objects that would be useful on your island (car wrecks, abandoned trailer, some minor 'rural' objects etc) - it hasn't been released yet (we will release it with the island) but once released - you are welcome to use these models if you wish 8)
  14. AirwolfPL

    Carwars 2

    WOW... That's pretty cool Mod - I've been playing it last night, and it seems I'll spent this night playing it as well. It needs a lot of polishing though... I generally like the whole mod, but there are some things I don't like: 1). Car's lights (light selections) are always visible (this is simple to fix) 2). Some of the dialog boxes are in French (why, oh why?! instead of English. And English grammar has serious issues. 3). Cobra rifle is way too powerfull 4). It's impossible to kill the driver (well I understand that it balances the gameplay - especially if player is the driver, but it's very annoying if you trying to kill the AI driver). 5). Island textures are very plain and 'generic' 6). Models and textures... everything looks a bit washed out and low-detail 7). Repair truck is a generic URAL ;-) - you can do better than that! The mod deserves it! But still - this is one of the most innovative mods I've seen, and I simply love the CarWars mission (altough some additional quests etc would be nice). I agree it would be nice to have some light flying vehicles (autogyros, hanggliders and trikes) 8)
  15. Thanks. Yeah... xpetit does something that is supposed to be Airwolf's lair. Of course you can expect more from Airwolf Mod. We're still working on our Island that will feature some locations from the show (of course the Lair will be there as well - I think not only Airwolf fans will anticipate this Island but everyone who's interested in less 'military' scenarios in OFP, not to mention addon packs released together with the Island...