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  1. Acidwarrior

    Check out my mission

    Hey, check out my new mission, give a look on my page, and PLZ join the forum! Description This mission requires only resistance (i used v1.91). In this mission, as da name suggests, you have to escape. BUT this isnt regular escape da prison, get to the NATO camp mission. You need to escape the island. You, and your m8 are actualy trying to escape with no guns, in enemy territory. If you wish there would be a sequel too. Â
  2. Acidwarrior

    The working mission nogova

    Good job with these Albert Einshtein theories in your game... someone might learn something... and when i said about more action i mean that there is need to be more civils, cars, or other things that you havent got to do with... ...............thanks for the grid.your mission gives us very good oportunity to look at that damn Gubas back... and did you know that JEZUS was a HIPPY? Holly shit thats true... Why OSAMA BIN LADEN cant have a sex with his wifes?Because every time he spreads their legs he sees BUSH.
  3. Acidwarrior

    The working mission nogova

    your mission is great, but let me advise... do a version for better PC's and make more action and secret thingies in this version... And... one more question... where is the secret camp about Trosky (city). i had found something, but i reloaded my game and dont remember where it is... and when i found it i didn't know what is it... but when i got to station14 some passanger mentioned about it.... and.... there is no fuel at fuelstations....howewer... in other versions enable time axelerating, cause its wery boooooooooring to go about 1000 m looking for that camp or fuel base.... and is it possible to sell the choppers you stealed?and the same with cars.Is it possible to start an career of an soldier and get the order to do things that you couldn't being a civil... and please get the fuck that damn GUBA face out of my eyes... an to everyone who says it is impossible to download UN pack with 56k modem... i have 56k modem and got whole mission with all addons needed over 2 h, and it was worth it... tnx for this mission creator (get simplier name, cant remember it) for that you did this mission with so much addons, becouse i will need them anyway. i really fucking love this fucking good if i can fuckin say mission, but i would fuckin call it fucking super mission.Thats all i gotta say..dont hate me for that i sayed...this is my minds... ok bye for a while
  4. Acidwarrior


    I have a lot of addons, a lot of....but i deleted new ones.... nothing changed.
  5. Acidwarrior


    Hey, i played Ofp in past... (well yesterday...)...and today when i tried to lounch it the message come "Cannot memory-map /campaign/i985.pbo/ file". WHAT'S THE DAMN PROBLEM!?
  6. Acidwarrior

    What is your perfect island dream?

    i want some rivers,large, large, large mountains (2-3), airport, helipark, much roads, few lakes, no sea, "bridge", little mountains (Colinman idea) and great ambush places, oh and few forests, two, but big cities... Acidwarrior
  7. Acidwarrior

    The working mission

    Hey, your mission is great, but can you say how to create a fire? or call a police (i want to lye a bit)?
  8. Acidwarrior

    The working mission

    Hey, your instaliation (addonsREQ.exe) not working... what to do?
  9. Acidwarrior

    Things that are probably in resistance.

    Hey, there is T90 in OFP. Some addon i think... you can try to find it in addons pack on Ofp.cz
  10. Acidwarrior

    What you will do with motorbike?

  11. Acidwarrior

    What's the matter?

    Ok... I'm playing this game from it's release date and i still don't know where i can use that damn laser destinator.:(:(:( is it for Jet planes? Is there any script? I know this is foolish question, but i still want to know that.... ACIDWARRIOR
  12. Acidwarrior

    Question to bis or cm (again)

    IS THAT TRUE: allready 60 ppl's have oxy? ACIDWARRIOR
  13. Acidwarrior

    Question to bis or cm

    Thanks guys for advicing... But Ofp runs very well on my Pc... I don't know why but it runs well... So i only hope that the new 3d engine will run on my Pc... PS.: Can someone sold me your PC (good)???
  14. Acidwarrior

    Question to bis or cm

    WOULD THE OFP:Resistance will run on my PC? This is my Pc info: Pentium 2 400 Mmx 256 ram 15 GB disc space 3dfx voodoo 3, 16 mb 32 CD-writer HP I hope you say yes...
  15. I'm creating new camapign "Malden War". It will have about 30 missions (cant say how exactly now). It will have too: - Much much intros\outros - All missions will have Detailed Biefings - Much films: Start and End - And much much more... I allready created about 15 missions and all of them is on MALDEN. If you want download start film, or have some suggestions, please send me an email on this address: nikaspran@yahoo.com Regards for all Ofp fans... Acidwarrior WORLD FOR OFP