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  1. Assault (CAN)


    I'm going to wait a few days before I consider seeing the movie. If it's a godzilla re-make... forget it. It would have to be pretty freakin' amazing re-make to make me drop $10 to see it theaters, but I'm betting it will be ho-hum.
  2. Assault (CAN)

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Sorry for the low res pics. The high res ones are lost for the time being. Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. Cape Enrage, New Brunswick. That's the Bay of Fundy in the background. Chateau Laurier. Quebec City, Quebec. Reversing Falls. St.John, New Brunswick. It doesn't look like much but that's because it's at mid tide. When the tide rises, the rapids flow inland, when it lowers it flows to sea. When it hits the mid point, it's perfectly still. Obvious. And for sh*ts and giggles: Me shooting an FN FS2000:
  3. Assault (CAN)

    The Iraq thread 4

    4 years is nothing, have you any idea how long evolution debates have gone on the internet? That's true, but what does it solve? We're just wasting time on a computer instead of writing politicians or protesting..... even though their uses are negligible. The whole matter will play itself out over the next few years. I don't think you'd find many people in the U.S. who still think that Dubya' is a fair, intelligent, level headed leader. (Unless Wobble is allowed to post here now.... lol) Just look at the approval ratings.
  4. Assault (CAN)

    The Iraq thread 4

    I can't beleive this debate has been on going since 2003. This seriously has to be the longest internet debate ever. Someone should call guiness.
  5. Assault (CAN)

    military photography

    Looks like a carbon copy of the TOW missile... Is it wire guided?
  6. Assault (CAN)

    Carl Gustav?

    I'm pretty sure we use all the standard NATO rounds for the CG. Maybe yours aren't updated? Or maybe you just fired off some of the old stock... I do know that our full-bore practice round, the HEDP round, and our HEAT round are all rocket assisted.
  7. Assault (CAN)

    Any Soldiers in here??

    Yep, Canadian Army, Primary Reserve, since I was 17. Infantry.
  8. Assault (CAN)

    Carl Gustav?

    This is a grenade. Those are 84mm rounds for the CG. I fail to see any similarity. Does the Carl Gustaf fire rockets? Yes and no. While the initial force that gets the rounds going is the burning of the round's propellant, the force it gives isn't enough to be effective. At least not on a modern battlefield. All the rounds that I've ever fired out of the Carl Gustaf (with the exception of the sub-calibre insert) were what are called RAP (Rocket Assisted Projectile) rounds. The rocket in the projectile gives the extra boost that the projectile needs. The initial combustion isn't enough because half of the force goes out behind the weapon to equalize the force of recoil. Hence the term "recoiless". Yes, there is a "swoosh" sound of the rocket igniting, but it's preceded by an incredibly loud "boom". I've felt the vibration in the ground of other Carl Gustafs being fired on the line at least 100m down. When your head is next to it, it doesn't seem as loud. Just be sure to keep your mouth open to equalize the pressure in your lungs, unless you want a snotty nose, sore ears, and a headache. The Carl Gustaf is incredibly accurate. I've personally nailed tank sized targets dead-on, at 600m with almost no effort on my part. The CG is one well designed piece of kit. It's just too bad that it was modeled so poorly in the game. Here's me with my Carl Gustav. No my hands aren't cammed, I was wearing gloves before and the ex was almost over.
  9. Assault (CAN)

    Real life photography/photo editing

    (If you see a red X, I've gone over my bandwidth limit for villagephotos.com, happens all the time) The above photo was taken in August 2004 on Ex: Stalwart Guardian in CFB Petawawa. It was taken with a kodak disposable camera. It's the only thing that would survive in my webbing. In my hands is a C7A1, at my feet is a Carl Gustaf 84mm AT gun. Lugging that thing around for a week sure did suck, but getting to shoot at tanks with it was well worth all the extra work. The Carl Gustav is one accurate weapon, I earned bragging rights when I hit an AFV target dead on from 500m. I love that thing. Â Tyler P.S. I'll post more when I can get them scanned.
  10. Assault (CAN)

    Chinese Navy could surpass size of USN

    And then their economy tanked.
  11. Assault (CAN)

    60 years ago - The Battle Of Iowa Jima

    <span style='font-size:22pt;line-height:100%'>U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!</span>
  12. Assault (CAN)

    Chinese Navy could surpass size of USN

    True.... and they use cheap (or slave) labour to under-bid any country in the Western world for just about any kind of product or service. Then they turn around and use the money to invest in (or buy out) Western business. Just for an example; the Chinese own something like 25% of the beer companies in the U.S. Just a few months ago a Chinese company bought up the largest coal company in Canada. A few decades from now the Chinese shouldn't have to invade anyone, they'll own half the world. By 2007 Chinese cars will make their way onto the North American market (organised by the same guy who imported Yugo's back in the 80's). The starting price is something like $7000, that's half the price of most entry level cars made by the "big three" or any other maker. The same thing happened with electronics back in the 70's/80's. It's all just part of a slow take over.
  13. Assault (CAN)

    Chinese Navy could surpass size of USN

    I can't believe that we have people here that would trust Communist China over the U.S. Are you people nuts? If China is expanding its military, it's doing it for a reason. They either feel threatened by U.S. influence or they want more weight to push around other nations. China is 1.3 billion people and growing, all those people need resources like water, oil, timber, coal, food, steel, etc. World demand for these goods are growing and prices are rising, especially for oil. All of that has to come from somewhere, right? What are they going to do if they can't get enough? ...Just speculating. Big, rich nations usually have big militaries, they have the manpower, so why not? I think you have your priorities out of order. If they didn't put money into defence since the beginning of the cold war, then there probably wouldn't be much of a life standard left to defend in the first place. Besides, the U.S. has never been a social-democracy and never will be. So I see no need to criticise them over it, because if a social democracy is what Americans wanted, they would have had it by now.
  14. Assault (CAN)

    World Car of the Year 2005

    Who cares about pedestrians anyway? If they can't get out of my way in time, screw 'em. I tend to stay away from Chrysler products, so a jeep is out of the question. Too expensive anyway. Screw Volvo's and Audi's, I'm getting a Honda Civic.
  15. Assault (CAN)

    US Army gets new combat uniform

    Excuse my ignorance, but why do airforce W.O.G.S. and line workers need camo uniforms at all? Especially blue ones.... MARPAT is cool, but the Marines just stole it from Canada. CADPAT