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    cross hair

    I'd vote no xhair's at all!! Iron sights and scope's using 'v' is great for accurate shots, otherwise if firing from the hip or without focusing on the sight/scope then it should rely on your ability to guess. They should have a safety switch on weapon's also.

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA?

    Already mentioned at times, but little zones for each soldier where voice can be heard, winding down at fringes coupled with a voice recognition engine so that when you look at an AI and say 'hey private' he turns to look (or glances if under fire). In network play then voice has the same realistic range in game. Radio's can be used but require frequancies etc to be setup in the orders area before the game launches. Simple commands understood, like: 'go prone' 'stand up' 'fall back' 'flank right/left' 'covering fire' 'get in' 'get out' etc, I'd be happy to train a voice recognition part of the game to my speech for that playability Ability for soldiers to capture, ie: 'we have 10 guy with guns you are alone, we wont shoot because you'd be killed if you tried anything so surrender' code. Then including ability disarm and 'hold' under guard. More AI shot's 'missing closely' against moving targets. Water environment for swimming, diving...Better sounds, and other general improvements to everything else already in game of course!!


    Looks like its going to miss the xmas buying period, as presents are bought 'before' the 25th of December. They must be doing something extra good to it - or too busy playing it

    Voice chat

    With an internal voice engine, have obviously squad channel's (pwded), perhaps ability for another command channel, but what might be a good new idea suitable for Flashpoint is that the default general 'open' voice channel be configured so auto-level to provide a scale of volume determined by the distance of the speaker in OFP from the person listening. This could create an environment with distant voice's, whispering to stranger's etc. If achievable could help more immersive! This could then allow script's to detect squad channel activity, thus requiring covert troop manouver to use hand signal's or verbally relay instruction's quietly around the team. ACE_FOFA

    Bulldozer bogged

    schweet, thanks that resolved the trouble for me.

    Bulldozer bogged

    Hi, my bulldozer runs ok but from the install, I keep getting an error: Cannot open object data3d\str borovice horska.p3d ... and then Bulldozer would continue to operate except it appeared to be nighttime. A model could be seen while working on but barely as their is no light source in Bulldozer in this situation? So I tried to fix it. The missing file wasnt there (data3d\ so I found one with same name from my early-demo Data3D p3d files. Error changed to: Warning: preNLOD format in object data3d\str borovice horska.p3d So even though it now finds the file it isnt happy with it as Bulldozer would close down itself at this error. I then got the p3d file from the Full registered software of Flashpoint's Data3D, and.... same as before: preNLOD etc, then I tried to unpack.sqm that p3d and, once again, got the preNLOD format error. Was wondering if their is a fix to this so I can view models in Bulldozer. Thanks Rob

    Deadly spent cartridges

    Thankya, I hadnt heard of Memory properties yet, and indeed was using a 10month old copy of DePBO!!!!!!!!

    Deadly spent cartridges

    I did a bit of editing to the stock M4 by adding the GL, have a look at the pic and you might notice Ive run into some trouble....... the bullets shoot out the case ejection port!!!! owel back to drawing board, I dont think it is a config.cpp error, and didnt rotate anything in O2, hmmmmmmmm

    It works yeeha

    Here is my first project. Should be easy to help me learn and I havent seen anyone say they are doing it yet..... SH60/S70b2 Seahawk. Had o2 for 5 hours and have got it working:
  10. ACE_FOFA

    why did you use your username

    Allied Command Europe - Follow On Force Attack cause I like the idea of knocking off a handful of generals to end a conflict, instead of a many thousand troops.... and OFP is set in/near Europe.
  11. ACE_FOFA


    Heres what I used to drive: and now: That yellow one was turbocharged and weighed about as much as a pushbike Â
  12. ACE_FOFA

    Australian Refugee problem

    The problem is being handled by competant people. The media is just selling its trade again Tampa was indonesia's problem that they palmed off to Australia in that they wouldnt allow the Ship to follow international 'LAW' and go to the nearest 'port' - this being in Indonesia. The captain didnt want to get shot at so he sailed to Christmas Island which doesnt have a facilities for that size of ship and isnt classified a 'port'. Australia said stop, our laws are currently not designed to accept these people, follow international law and go to Indonesia. The captain did a poooh and hence it was handled accordingly. With no mistreatment to anyone anywhere. Current situation with assylum seekers (not refugees) is that they pay smugglers money or fly, sail, drive on commercial transport to get to Malaysia and Thailand, where they zip across the Mallaca straits into Indonesia unnoticed by authorities. Their they meet up with smugglers (criminals in both Indonesian and Australian law) who move them through Indonesia to Eastern Indonesia. Here the smugglers take the rest of their money and pack them into sinking boats and sail them to the nearest Australian coast. Real refugees are fleeing something, and would cease fleeing it in one of several countries BEFORE reaching Indonesia or Australia. The people in Detention Centers here are the ones who deliberatly bypassed peaceful nations, spending cash to criminals to bypass Australian Law, Law designed to benefit real refugees. Feeling sorry for the assylum seekers who have TV, Air Con, Internet, Playground, plenty of food and water all free of charge while they are processed/checked out by government......... is merely being a dope fo the media. The reason they are desperate is that some of them may now have no money because they gave it to the criminals. Circumstances like this cause delays in processing by the government. If these people didnt break the law, the system would work properly. The real problem in solving this dilemma is surely obvious and anyone who continues the media, bleeding heart approach is an idiot. PS: Many of them are pigs who attack, spit and bite the workers whose job it is to look after them. They destroy TV's and equipment given for use and cause harm to themselves and their fellow assylum seekers. Also they risked their families lives getting here only because they want to get into a wealthy propserous country, not because they had nowhere else to go..... they did indeed travel through many poorer countries than Australia on route to getting here that they could have settled in peacefully. These particular people are bording on lunatics and are also becoming repeat criminal offenders. That is why 80% of Australians dont welcome them here. PSS: Real Refugees are welcome though. Considering the distance from their homelands real refugees from Middle East dont turn up on our doorstep. Unlike the SE Asian refugees who sailed from their homelands direct after the Vietnam war era.
  13. ACE_FOFA

    What should be in OFP

    being able to shoot your weapon from within the UH60 if sitting at the door, being able to swap hands - good if your a leftie or looking around a opposite corner, sidearms and ability to discard a weapon.