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    Military Humor

    Incredible that this thread is still around, (since being started in 2002 that is)
  2. Albert Schweitzer

    Military Humor

    Thats hilarious Burns. I am not sure though in which scenes the rifles realy do fire and in which there is only an animation
  3. Albert Schweitzer

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Sadly enough whenever you people use common soundtracks for your videos we germans have to resort to workarounds to be able to watch them. I am getting fed up of that. :(
  4. Albert Schweitzer

    Football: Euro 2012

    What do they call Spain then? "Espana" like the Spanish do? (isnt the Polish name for Spain rather "Hiszpania"?) So, what's so special about local names for foreign cities, it is totally comon all over the planet and the Poles should learn to drop their girly sensitivity about the german past of some of their cities. I realy cant hear it anymore. It is now Poland, end of the story. Case closed. ------------------------------------------- My prediction for this evening: the wall will fall once again after 89'. The greek will keep defending strong but I doubt they will be able to keep their goal clean.
  5. Albert Schweitzer

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    havent been around for a while, but arent there any community awards for 2011/2012? I would enjoy one for movies since a lot of good one came out since.
  6. Albert Schweitzer

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Hello Andrews, dont forget to post your videos also here if they contain any sort of training information. I suppose this one is more for promotional purposes (I very much enjoyed it nevertheless)
  7. Albert Schweitzer

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    It is realy ashame that I dont find the time right now to work on a new project. But I hope this will soon change when I change job. :(
  8. Albert Schweitzer

    Funny & interesting videos

    -EDk0hWHH6E Anyone seen this yet? It could be entertaining.
  9. Albert Schweitzer

    Would i like ArmA?

    True. With a nicely defragmented harddrive ArmA performs much better and much smoother. At least this is the case for me especially when playing in an urban scenario.
  10. Albert Schweitzer

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    BL1P, why havent you added a link and a short description about Blender 2.5 in our ArmA Cineasts group yet? ;) That is a great great thing to know for everyone.
  11. Albert Schweitzer

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    BL1P, it is so easy to win me over with a high weirdness factor. I loved it. Some realy terrific camera scripts in there. But damn, will you record with acctime 0.5 next to achieve a better FPS smoothness :D. I loved the bullet time. I was so well integrated into the ArmA footage that I was realy wondering how you did it. Overall great vid and thanks for sharing. Screw those who only want standard big-battle-in-slow-mo videos. I rather go for the creative stuff.
  12. I never took the time to overclock the Q9450 (Family&Job). So it runs nomral at 2.66 GHz. Me too I hope for a great result due to the DDR upgrade and maybe even because of using a SSD.
  13. Intending to upgrade from... Q9450 Radeon 4890 OOC to... 2500k GTX 560ti OC Would it be worth the effort and result in a tangible difference for ArmA2?
  14. Detailed Tank Tutorial (German Only) - by Odium All details and Appendix can be found in the video description on Youtube. It was Tonic who first made us aware of this great training vid from Odium. 5dYnva-SGKk
  15. Albert Schweitzer


  16. Albert Schweitzer

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    lol, it shows you actually spent quite some time fumbling around with this tool. Damn Gema indeed. :)
  17. Albert Schweitzer

    Future Price options for ARMA games...

    Based on Marketing I think ArmA should probably be considered a "boutique" product. That's because it is neither attractive to the greater mass nor is it a low budget production. By pure Marketing logic this would justify a higher price. This pricing practice might not yet be common in the gaming industry but I wouldnt know any reason that would speak against it. Many younger players look at the game with a certain amount of respect, it may come along with rather low graphics but it remains the benchmark for military strategy and realism. Some people here might not like to hear it but in many forums I find players to decarte themselves with "extensive ArmA experience" and the related strategical knowhow. So this game is special. BIS should build on this USP and use the price to differentiate itself from all mainstream products. This would also force gaming journalists to stop comparing it to Battlefield, Operation Flashpoint (Codemasters) and other military shooters. This silly comparison has often lead to wrong conclusions in the past and I think not only I would like to see an end of this. ArmA is a unique sandbox game, providing tools and mod interfaces others are not willing to invest into. In this context I would find it only fair and logical to rise prices. This however would also mean that BIS has to stop trying to go mainstream and listen only to their precious paying customers. If I pay more for a luxurious good then I also expect more tailor made content.
  18. Albert Schweitzer

    So how do you think Afghanistan and Iraq is developing?

    Sorry to interrupt, but those ressources have already all been bought/reserved by the chinese who sent their consulate representatives over to Afghanistan at a very early stage of the conflict. http://www.dailyfinance.com/2010/06/14/china-us-afghanistan-mineral-mining/
  19. Albert Schweitzer

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    just for your information: "hidemyass" will only do the job for viewing the video in lowest settings. Higher resolutions are supressed. Stealthy (newest version 1.2) works well even the though the loading times will increase. Dont froget to not only set the country code to GB but also to enable/activate the icon in your browser's icon bar.
  20. Albert Schweitzer

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    The big breakthrough of ArmA making it more userfriendly was the implementation of the easy-to-use tools for updating your addons, the game launchers and the full-conversion mods such as ACE. Many Clan websites did their share to create good tutorials for newbies on where to start and installing all the required files for their servers. I hope BIS sees and learns from this. It is up to them to come up with official tools that can achieve the same and by that standardise these processes even more. ArmA2 and user addons belong together like gold and diamonds. As for ArmA2 I think we just have to take new players the fear of failure when first being confronted with all those "community must have's". Once they have found the right entrance door they certainly find all the help and instructions they need. :) I know what I am talking about because I took a very long break from Multiplayer to concentrate on ArmA Movie Making. And so I had to become familiar with everything that was introduced by then.
  21. the important message here is: dont assume you first impression will also be your final judgement. While ArmA2 will ripe in your hands with the time like wine BF3 will deteriorate like Orange Juice in the sun. Of course this is slightly exaggerated. I just liked the imagery. :rolleyes:
  22. or get minecraft and rebuild both! :cool:
  23. They both are computer games and they both are meant to bring us entertainment. Since free time is generally a limited ressource people very well might have chose which one to select. :) I would put it the following way: if you like the idea of having a new digital hobby, go for ArmA2. If just want to relax, get a quick flash and soon thinking of buying the next game then go for BF3.
  24. Albert Schweitzer

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Awesome video Hebrew Hammer. After having watched ingame footage of the BF3 Beta this was a refreshing reminder of why I better stick to my good old open world simulation called ArmA2. :cool:
  25. Albert Schweitzer

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    "Med-Evac wurde abgeschossen" (Med-Evac was shot down) ... I am sure he missed to say that it was shot down by a tree. Great footage Tonic :D