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  1. Okay, having BE problems. Last night, after playing on several servers, I received a dialog box BE message that said "memory corrupted: #3". I got to searching around on this forum, then went through both the windows unintall and the uninstall within the BE folder itself. I have Arma2, OA:CO, with BAF and PMC. I tried installing the individual BEClient.dll and BEServer.dl from the BE website and placing those in my /Arma2/Battleye folder (which is where the folder had been and worked up until last night). No joy. I uninstalled those, tried the BE installer.exe for RFT - it created a NEW folder under program(86) Bohemia Interactive called simply "ArmA", right beside my "Arma2" folder. Of course, that didn't work. Then I started receiving the error: "Battleye initialization failed" whenever I'd attempt to join any server (no they were not password protected servers). I tried just the OA BE installer.exe (as linked on the first page of this thread), it then created a "Battleye" folder in Arma2 directory (which, again, was where the original folder was). Tried to join and same error message. After uninstalling and deleting battleye yet again, I installed the A2 install.exe. It too placed the folder directly in Arma2 folder (so I have program (86)/Bohemia Interactive/Arma2/Battleye), but I get the same error. What next? [FIXED] Last night, I uninstalled through the windows utility as well as the battleye utility in the folder, THEN using 7zip I extracted the battleye.exe from the latest patch, THEN installed that from my desktop. It worked.
  2. Are the DayZ fans playing on different servers than the ones which appear in the Arma2 MP server list? Just curious because I have noticed a distinct drop in the proportion of servers listed in the MP screen which are running DayZ. Stated differently, the number of servers appearing in the MP server selection screen which are running an Arma2 mission have increased in comparision to the DayZ servers.
  3. Yeah, I'm too stupid as well. The simple support module works, but I can't figure out how to make the artillery module work with on map mortars as a support or radio request.
  4. Nafziger collection - includes German and Soviet infantry and armour tactics: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=21&Itemid=26 These are translations of original source tactics manuals.
  5. I'd really appreciate if you could send it to me or post it here as an attachment.
  6. Agua

    Where did you buy Arma 2?

    Arma2, OA, BAF, PMC all DLC Sproket.
  7. Ya, thanks a bunch. I'm almost like Riip Van Winkle here, having not picked up Flashpoint, really since about 2005, then to step into Arma2.
  8. Thanks. Figured it out in mission. Dialog screen thing with sharptoe or whatever was still running. Once the scripted chatter stops, it is usable. Thanks.
  9. Hey folks. Early Flashpoint player who just picked up ArmA2 / OA (basically because I only recently built a machine capable of doing it justice). In the Razor two Mission, There are UAV command units at the initial camp where your Huey is awaiting and at the base south of Elektrovka. I have walked around every side of each one, pointing the cursor top, bottom, side, what have you. I almost tried climbing the ladder on the thing. No "USE UAV" or anything of the sort appears in any dialog box when I scroll the mouse wheel. How do you use the thing? I did the training mission on the UAV and in that one it sort of operated just like a vehicle as far as accessing the thing. Thanks in advance.
  10. Wow ... well, I guess that goes to show there's someone who will complain about anything. The longevity of this game is 100% the result of the creation of interesting addons. I definitely wouldn't still be playing it if it weren't for the huge # of available addons.
  11. Agua

    Anjou 1939-1944 island

    Yup, fantastic job. Probably the most impressive island released to date.
  12. Agua

    Ofp 2 slogan

    OFP2: We'd rather be making childrens' interactive games OFP2: It would have been better, but we spent a lot of time porting for X-Box OFP2: OH NO!, 2 is down! Damned! 2 is down!
  13. Agua

    Multiple squad control

    True, but the scale of the objectives and size of the environment really lends itself to larger scale groups than a single squad. Of course, single squad is fun as well, but realistically, a single squad is not going to be charged with driving 3 kilometers and taking a town the size of Montignac. Anyway, it's just a suggestion.