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  1. Adammo

    How would You design it?

    "A parachute attached to the pilot " no parachute.. I don't know of ANY helicopter pilots that wear a parachute.. its called autorotation.. but i would say to please revamp the autorotation from how it is in Arma2. I recommend placing a low rpm warning horn to notify the player that the rpm just dumped so they could respond with lowering collective.. or have the collective automatically lower when low rpm because the reaction time of the player will be much worst then an actual pilot.
  2. I think this quote from above needed some explaining.. here goes. "This wind generates more lift because it is forcing more air through the rotor disk, so the helicopter will want to float, less power will be required to hover." At wind speeds of 12 - 24 knots in a hover the wind flowing over the front of the disc to the back of the disc causes "transverse flow effect" which is a vibration. The front of the disc wants to lift and the back doesnt have the same lift based on different angles of attack of the blades(front and back sides). Since the front and back portions of the disc cannot flap and equalize the lift it vibrates the helicopter. Also wind flowing over the disc in forward flight causes a lifting action on the advancing blade side and somewhat of a stall on the retreating blade side. This effect only starts to be apparent when the copter reaches VNE. Velocity NOT EXCEED (and the helicopter rolls to the retreating blade side and noses up and flips upside down and you crash if you dont recover before this happens.. ) Remeber that AOA or Angle of Attack is from the relative wind to the cord line. The relative wind changes depending on what you are doing in flight. ok back to the "more and less collective" power in a hover explanation: The reduced collective power in a "in ground effect" hover has more to do with the angle change of relative wind (more AOA with less collective use) then the breeze passing over the main rotors from a wind as explained above. Also the increased collective power needed in an "out of ground effect" hover has to do more with a high angle of relative wind(to clarify NOT high Angle of Attack) which reduces the angle of attack. (remeber from the cord line to the relative wind constitutes AOA)
  3. I have done sling load in the past. I'm curious how this will be simulated in the game. It works like a pendulum and the pilot needs to hang outside the copter door unless there is a bubble in the pilots’ window. The medium sized copters usually have a Torque gauge and other to view while looking straight down. This is besides the ones on the console. The current issue with ARAM2 is that the pilot can’t look down and watch the load underneath so 3rd party view is needed much of the time to be able to see the load. Sling load is a ton of fun. It makes the pilot fly the load while still keeping the copter from flipping over in a inherently unstable aircraft. The movements on the stick become counter intuitive because you have to move the copter with the load and not just concentrate on keeping the copter hovering. the view of the pilot is usually down but still looking out to the 10 - 11 oclock horizontal position to mantain the horizon for the copter. Adammo
  4. Thanks for the excellent copter videos. I can use them for instruction of aerodymantics of the airflow when the smoke moves into the main rotor blades and then is transitioned downward. when the black copter flys into the smoke you can really see the end rotor vorticies. 4min :39 seconds into the video -Adammo
  5. Adammo

    Environment (Seattle)

    Yes I know.. How ever based on the engine being useds chances are someone (a modder) will create a mod that will include them. i wasnt really refering to a BI studio mod :)
  6. Adammo

    Environment (Seattle)

    I'm a helicopter pilot in the Seattle area and fly it every day.. ok I just had to say that.. but its true :) I'm excited for this simulator!!! i cant wait for the zombie mod :) Could play some cops and robbers might be fun as well.. Funny thing is.. I really am part of a company here that is trying to survive thru this recession and get contracts.. if you want you can use my name instead.. make it more realistic :) Adammo Capt Moore picture taken the other day by me flying thru the VFR corridor over SEATTLE airport
  7. Feris, The flight model tweeks were recommended by actual helicoter pilots while it was being created. :) I suggest using a full featured joystick, the helicopter responds much better then a keyboard and mouse. -Moore
  8. Adammo

    Server Executable

    This is an old thread but I’m curious how the dedicated server will work as well.. Is there a chance of clustering servers to handle more players? If there was one server for connections and one for the actual game processing that would help as well. Cpt Moore
  9. Adammo


    I noticed that the ofp.gamezone.cz site has been down for a few weeks now.. This was the main place picked up my user made addons. Does ANYONE have any news on why the site is down? or will the site come back up? Thanks, Cpt Moore
  10. Adammo


    wwiionline had the most AWESOME key configurator that is in any game.. It allowed you to use PEDDLES also let you configured keys and axis for each CLASS of until. example: tanks: planes: men: cars: I have joystick that has a left collective so that I can fly chopppers with a real collective in the game but OPF1 doesnt allow for Z reverse so i either have to lower the collective to raise the chopper or flip my collective peice of hardware upside down.. (i chose the latter) but anyway... Please support peddles and ANY key configurations! this will even let my use my peddles for gas and break on the cars while drive.. would be sweet
  11. Adammo

    OFP2 Shots on ofp.info!

    Here are some more screen shots of OFP2 http://www.gamespot.com/pc....?page=1
  12. Adammo

    AC130 Gunship

    I have made the ac130 dark grey now... Anyone have the flare script they would like to send me? Â I can include it.. I just dont want to add so many scripts that its not playable any longer. grey one
  13. Adammo

    AC130 Gunship

    Talking with Miles Teg he convinced me to put some more guns on the plane.. And a sight on the left side pilot window to help target from the pilot view. larger pictures below http://www.101st.org/drop/c130/ac3.jpg http://www.101st.org/drop/c130/ac31.jpg I'm still deciding weather to make a completely separate C130 for troops with no guns in this skin color (with engine fix) and a AC130 that has no rear door movement. What do you guys thinK? or just allow this one to also carry troops?
  14. Adammo

    AC130 Gunship

    I have reworked the model.. I used the V2 model and added animation flash to the rear barrel. The outer skins are all retextured to a light skins color. http://www.101st.org/drop/ac1.jpg http://www.101st.org/drop/ac2.jpg The larger pictures are listed above for more details There is still a problem with the scripts only working SOME times in multiplayer..on a client / server setting... Maybe someone can check them and give us an idea on how to fix it. This is my model with the latest ac130 scripts by Migebuff also using diff textures and now added flash to gun which lights up the sky at night and flash for day shots This includes all hi res textures for the cockpit Also includes some actual model rework.. example the fuel tanks are now more round instead of blockish -Adammo
  15. Adammo

    AC130 Gunship

    The screen shots look awesome. I've e-mailed Migebuff about the model. The most important thing to me is that this plane can co-exist along with the orignial plane c-130. To do this it will need a model name change and script name change and PBO name change. I hope to see this plane soon.. looks awesome! Also a side AC130 gun hanging off the side would be great.. If you need close pics of the AC130 gun I have some really good ones. Capt Moore