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    Night battles rather unspectacular?

    Or if the air is very humid. True, I guess Sahrani has a lot of humidity

    Night battles rather unspectacular?

    The only time when you should see a "light-cone" is when there is dust or smoke in the air, which would reflect the light. In OFP/ArmA I'd rather have no cone at all, it feels cheap, old-skool

    Night battles rather unspectacular?

    In OFP, a single street light would light up an entire town (even the sides of objects that weren't supposed to be lit ) In ArmA however, it's extremely dark. The street lights barely light up anything (same for other lights, e.g. vehicle lights). However, when you switch to night-vision, you can actually see that there is signficant lighting, it's just extremely dimmed when you switch off the NVG. Maybe due to the HDR?

    New Demo .exe released (v.5110)

    Is a special symbol associated with dedicated servers, in the MP game browser? Would be interesting ...

    Upgrading to Vista

    Windows Vista has been RTM for over a month now ...

    Demo Troubleshooting thread.

    You mean SM2.0 (DX 9.0)? The rather old ATI9600 did not have SM3.0.

    Demo Troubleshooting thread.

    This may have been reported in any of the 13 previous pages (is it possible to search, within a specific thread???) ... A weird thing occurred during a COOP game: - I joined the server when the mission was already running (= join-in-progress). - All was well and I could join and play the mission - At some point I was suddendly ... "transferred" into another players "body". I could see everything and switch view but I could not control the player. The "actual" player still had control. - When I typed text in the chat window it appeared as if it was written by the player whose "body" I was inside of. i.e. It didn't show "ALDEGA: yap yap yap", it showed "TheActualPlayers'Name: yap yap yap". - My "own" player was still alive - When I hit the ESCape key and clicked "respawn", my "own" player was killed. (as it is supposed to). No AI were left to respawn into, so I don't know what would have happened.

    OFP2 Shots on ofp.info!

    1- What you are referring to is all just modelling and texturing work. If you don't like it, you can mod it. 2- With your remark, you are assuming there are no more game features than in OFP1. Who knows, this game might have a few revolutionary tricks up it's sleeve. Don't worry, there were many critics before OFP1 demo was out; after that they never spoke again :P

    Just noticed this..

    Looks like a UH-60 cockpit, no?
  10. ALDEGA


    Finally some soldiers that did take swimming lessons
  11. ALDEGA

    I want

    If the OFP engine is significantly different (read: improved) then it would not be possible to have OFP1 addons compatible with OFP2. However, you can always remake addons, the texturing and the 3d model can be reused.
  12. ALDEGA


    AA is a good game but: a) it's not finished, it will be developed for at least some time b) it's not supposed to be like OFP, actually several maps could be straight from any R6 game
  13. ALDEGA

    More cheats

    No cheats