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    1.96 problems

    Tried that nomap command & it works now. Thank you again.
  2. @ce114

    1.96 problems

    I will try that now. Yeah I have the latest DX 9.0b I think it is. Thanks for the help.
  3. @ce114

    1.96 problems

    I have OFP GOTY Edition 1.91, XP 2400, 512mb, GF4Ti4280 128mb with the latest Omeaga Drivers. I am running Windows XP Pro SP1 & DX9.0b The problem I have is OFP wont run. I upgraded from 1.91 to 1.96. Now when I run the game as it goes to load it comes up with an error "DX8 Required" It ran fine until I installed the 1.96 patch, I tried reinstall OFP, the works & it still wont work. Thanks for any help.