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  1. @cero

    Streams and Rivers

    Do anybody here ever played in SEB Ia Trang Valley? There is lots of user made terrains that have rivers. The only three problems I consider more important about them are: 1-AI doesn’t like bridges in OFP. 2-Map cells are too big in OFP, so is extremely difficult to do a nice looking river. 3-the water level of rivers and lakes in OFP is just exactly the same as the sea, so rivers and lakes are just cuts in the ground. If this 3 issues are sorted or improved in ArmA I would be more than happy, hell even if is only issues 1 and 2, and I read somewhere that the map cells are going to be much smaller in ArmA than in OFP, also the AI should be much better, so there may be hope. Regards. @CERO.
  2. @cero

    William Porter's Blog

    It haven’t been mentioned any time frame in his blog, is it? But I take it that is nowdays? Sorry lads, I been away from this forums for some time, and I may be asking dull stuff. Regards. @CERO.
  3. @cero

    The Art thread

    Thanks. I thought that too, I always kip the original shot from Terragen, unedited, so I can redo this one. Here is some more. Cold Glare Flight of the Eagle Not a Normal View Picture Perfect Reflections I'll be uploading some of my old han drawrings too. Is not as good as some of the stuff I seen here, but... Thanks. @CERO
  4. @cero

    The Art thread

    This topic is great. I can see that this comunity is full of real artists, I'm well impressed. I haven't posted in this forums for a looooooong time, but I have to post some of my Terragen pictures. Flared mountines The Coast Line The Rock I have more, and all I use is Terragen and PS. And yes, Juanodaxis is me. Regards. @CERO.
  5. @cero

    Afghanistan units

    Yeah, it could be the primer. I haven't seen a green T 55 in any of the pictures or videos from the Soviet-Afghan war, but I have seen many other vehicles in non dessert camo. It is a very extrange era, because most of the pics you'll come across are black and white. Many of them of a very good quality, good for models, but not for textures I do not understand what is the deal with all this pictures being in black and white. Maybe they had some kind of restriction on what kind of film the Russian forces could use. So most of the color pictures you can see are from the aftermach really, lots of weathered effects there, and not much of their full glory colors. Peaty. @CERO.
  6. @cero

    Afghanistan units

    It sounds like you are going to make a campaign based in the Soviet ocupation that toke place between 79 and 89, if that's the case PsyKKe Soviet Infantry Afghan War era sugested by Ironsight could be your best bet. There used to be a mod based in this that to my dissapointment ended up before they released something else than a very good map of Afghanistan, but I know that just the research for that was hard enought, so never mind being able to release something. I did struggle a lot to find good visual data about this conflict, but one thing I did notice was the mixture of Soviet camo during the ten years of fighting. Air units wasn't necessarly painted in dessert camo, they were actually a minority, and many of the armoured vehicles where painted in green, same for the transport vehicles. The moust used MBT was the T 55, and this one seems to be always painted in a single tone dessert camo, but judjing by the tank graveyard above it could be that they are painted in some kind of green too. Also note that Afghanistan is very big, and that there you can find dessert, and also a big percentage of the landscape is very fertile and green, so the use of a single camo during the conflict would be irrelevant. More pics. Hundreds of Soviet tanks rust along Afghanistan's river valleys, on mountain slopes Destroyed Hind Soviet rocket launcher in Afghanistan Russian plane boneyard Destroyed T 55 SU76 Sukhoi Su-17m3s and m4s of the Soviet Union's  VVS 40th Air Army in Afghanistan, 1980-8. This is where I got most of them Knowing my luck you'll be working in something else and all this I just posted is not good for you, but I hope it hellps. Regards. @CERO.
  7. @cero

    Project SMLE

    This will be interesting to see it in the hands of an Afghan gerrilla. Also a scoped version without the thrills would be welcomed. Looking good mate. @CERO.
  8. @cero

    Latest screenshots available

    You have kits, but not necessarily predetermined. What Red Kite must be referring to is the fact that if you holding a lot of kit, crossing a water obstacle that is going to be well over human height, isn't the best option. If I was holding two boxes of ammunition for an MG, plus my weapon, ammunition for my weapon, back pack, etc, and the guy holding the MG is in the same predicament, I would consider a detour or crossing the river by a floating mean, being this improvised or part of the teams equipment. Now, OFP biggest fault is to have a couple of boats, have lots of air vehicles, but no way to evacuate those transports without ending up in cyber heaven. Yes, it should be limited, but not indiscriminating the unit, but their kit, so everybody could swim as long as physics tells you that you are not too heavy to swim, so if you get reed of the heavy stuff you still can get away alive and being able to finish the mission. Regards. @CERO.
  9. @cero

    I found this in Vilas mod...

    Ah, I never seen a CETME in OFP, I used to love my Modelo C, but that was in 1990, and watching people talking about it bring a smillie to my face This weapon was sold extensively to some South Americans and Central American countries AFAIK, because many people who seen them in action refer to them as G3, surely, they are not all G3, there is some CETMEs in there too Never mind. The Modelo L came into the base I was serving at the end of 1990, but because we weren't pros they wouldn't let us use them, lol, I was doing the national service. So I'm not sure when they put in service the G36 in Spain, but I would imagine that Modelo L wasn't that much used, I don't know. How's that Pepe, "Que fa molt temps que visc a la Gran Bretanya i no se que pasa alla." Lol, my Catalan is well rusty. Where are you from Pepe, I'm from Sabadell, but I came to the UK when I was 25. Regards. @CERO.
  10. @cero

    "Lite" Total Conversion Mod?

    Have a look at DMA released modification in this topic for a mod like that but without any vehicle changes. If you want the vehicles to be changed you can add them your self, is easy. Have a look at how is done in Pappy Boyington's site. Look in the "Customizing Your OFP Experiance" link and there you'll find the best turorial for that. Maybe somebody could make you a DMA version with vehicles too. It works great for me, but I seem to fall in love with FFUR 2005. Regards. @CERO.
  11. @cero

    New Civilians

    Nice!! This is what I wanted to do but I never had time for. Great. It would be nice to have some of them if not all of them in all sides, so I can make missions only using civies. It was a bit pointless using only the ones available from BIS. I'm downloading now. This will go great with some balaclava face textures. Regards. @CERO.
  12. @cero

    I'm feeling the need....

    Ah, many said that before and now they belong to the OFP addon creation slave world. LOL Maybe one day you get fed up of working in the car and want to try to modifie the civies? Then you'll realize that you can really do more than that and make some nice weapons for them, and next thing you know you are working in a full pack, the VIP pack. You never know, you never know. That car is looking sweet BTW. Regards. @CERO.
  13. @cero

    AI slots

    If they introduce different levels of comand it could do for a very interesting and long campaign, where you start as a soldier, make it as squad lider, then somewhere get to comand biger things, and maybe you end up the campaign comanding a full batlefield with a company or maybe more. That may make it too much of a real strategy game though, and that could be to much for some players. Maybe if they incloude two campaigns... lol, one for up to twoo or three squads level and the other for company level... Never mind. @CERO.
  14. @cero

    New Landmass and Campaign

    Just one word, Tenerife.
  15. @cero

    The REAL Sounds

    Well, I think that InQuisitors weapons pack replacement have a much better sound colection than the originals. I always liked InQuisitors weapons, but Y2K3 and FFUR mods are very good too. I don't think there is many people around in this forums that play with the original sounds made by BIS. Regards. @CERO.