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  1. Bridge prob on map vte MDSZ single tree hope this helps Map with location Can't drive on bridge some parts aren't at same high
  2. 70gunner

    3 M249 Variants

    Thx was looking in the ammo boxes
  3. 70gunner

    3 M249 Variants

    First addon I don't find backin the editor where to find.
  4. Scaled model from the beach until the first bunkers on the normandian coast Included waterobstacles tankturret bunker mg bunker firecontrol bunker little gun emplacement
  5. Tanks gunsight. I need to afjust to much to hit a standing target. Almost 1 click to the right to hit him is that normal or not.
  6. 70gunner

    Vietnam: The Experience

    Is there still a server running it or what to do for the pw server?
  7. 70gunner

    Vietnam: The Experience

    @Snake problem fixed thx. Got a few errors online on your server some addons that I don't have for the 1 cav mission. Nice mod
  8. 70gunner

    Wall Generator

    using LowFly's EditorUpdate. doesn't help sitll got the message: downloadable contaent that has been deleted bolsaarena don't know what this object is.
  9. 70gunner

    ZU-23 AA Guns

    Nice addon just one question which sound is used. here you have some short action movies off the zsu23 I can't and don't know how to import the sound but if possible somebody can try.
  10. 70gunner

    Evolution V3.0

    Another option is to use the trucks from corazal docks with a mim of tw it's a peace of a cake. And isn't there somewhere a frap with trucks in the N - Iland. Hint during a session have a support unit just outside the village
  11. 70gunner

    Evolution V3.0

    Just hit the TOP (platform) off the tower with an at rocket is enough no lucky shots needed with that just training.
  12. 70gunner

    Gunship 2000 Campaing by Gibbon

    Nice one just did a wooly bully transport bring back some memory from BFV flying a huey with a good radiosong Buono trabaja
  13. 70gunner

    something that should be simple

    wp 1 pickup make it a loadwp set an inviseble H add "chopper" land "Getin" on act field wp 2 unload wp 3 move your civil give them  a get in waypoint and synchronize with wp1 off chopper
  14. 70gunner

    Evolution V3.0

    Nice one sidemission need to be two human player, He's up and running
  15. 70gunner

    Refuel/Rearm/Repair script

    wrong thread sorry
  16. Looking for a delay spawn off an empty units(ex tank, hummer) when trigger conditions is met.
  17. 70gunner

    How to start a group?

    http://www.ofpec.com/FAQ/faq_grps.php about groups otherwise i suppose they geztting there by a WP try to use join or join& lead.
  18. 70gunner

    My Afghanistan Town and mission!

    CTD when try to play it on server & in the editor
  19. 70gunner

    Ground to Air Missiles - Possible?

    AA missile are made in an addon they look like a Hawk 3 missile battery. look here
  20. 70gunner

    The A-10

    After testing the a-10 a few times seems there's nothing wrong with the gun 1 or 2 run wiht the gun and any armor is destroyed. The only thing that may be done for the looks is import the gunsmoke
  21. 70gunner

    Beta 1.07.5154 feedback thread

    problem with my joystick logitech extreme 3dpro. My joystick is setup tha way I like it. In the beta patch he works fine until I try the A-10. Button how don't work anymore or how are adressed to different function but can't be seen in the control setup. Also not able to change them. Ex. button 2 = zoom in for air units. It works that way for all airunits except the A-10 here it is for some reason swith waepons. and can't zoom in buy any means in the A-10
  22. 70gunner

    Public Beta Patch 1.07.5154

    error message i'm getting whentryin to instal the path arma is not installed or is corrupted. I bought it in Belguim 505 version in an official store?
  23. 70gunner

    Have people stopped making new maps??

    Two missions i made are on our server BEF. Missions made by members start with BEF.
  24. 70gunner

    Evolution V1.0 Large scale respawn coop

    1.4e error on the missions seems taht he don't find the mission
  25. 70gunner

    Help with infantry AI

    Can you import other formations types I'm used to some who are not included in the standard formations.