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  1. 7-62

    Anyone Worried

    errrr.. illuminati anyone? realy scary!
  2. 7-62

    What's The Obsession With Coop?

    still waiting for an reasonable CTI! i´ve tryed evolution too, but its not for me! PvP its just the right way (for me) look by the way at joint ops(i know , very old now and not coop based) but this was the right feelling. 150 players on server, tactical(enough), and really funy. but, how i sayd, still waiting...
  3. 7-62

    1.05 Causes performance Hits.

    something its going wrong with the new 1.5, i miss 10-15 fps now(before was 25-35> fps) i still tweacking a lot to gain more , but for the moment tats all. maybe an new patch will help! so... the good things are : better choper flying, better menu interactivity, and maybe a lot of other, but i have not enough playtime to realise this. .... and guys, please show off your rigs, this will help to circle (FIND) the problems! my rig: amd x2 64 (dual) 4200+ , win xp home, 1024 ddr2, 160Gb hard, 7600 gt pcie(256).
  4. 7-62

    Patch 1.05 impressions

    @ Varry, its just for 1.04 not the international one(the big one)
  5. 7-62

    Patch 1.05 impressions

    the morphicon file is corupted(the german one at least) , try instead at gamershell.170 mb in 25 minutes its not bad, and not corupted(i hope!
  6. 7-62

    Answer me frankly, plz.

    to you all, (pesimists) wait just 5(five) years and you will see, that armed assault will be even better than OFP!
  7. check your grafik card temperature, (overckloking maybe)?
  8. thanks for your advice! Â Â now working! lod bias was 13+ ( messed off with nvidia hardpage)
  9. http://forums.bistudio.com/oldsmileys/crazy_o.gif' alt='crazy_o.gif'> Â have someone an ideea?
  10. 7-62


    same problem(bug or else) for me too. its like in the old ofp. maybe just a bitt improoved. (needing an anti noise mod yet!!!
  11. 7-62

    German Version out!

    hmm... just checked the mediamarkt portal and nothing new to armed assault. RELEASE IT !!!
  12. ok, tryng to wish not to much! an south and north sharani flags (if not posible, just an bumb sticker with north sharani republic for my rusty ford) an 7,62 bullet, an sharani tactical map, manual just like the old one (ofp) , an litlle knife, military model with arma on blade and of corse the game!
  13. 7-62

    So who has received their copy?

    OT START // Ikonboard CGI Error -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ikonboard has exited with the following error: Can't connect to mySQL database. Too many connections This error was reported at: Sources/iDatabase/Driver/mySQL.pm line 55, line 64. Please note that your 'real' paths have been removed to protect your information. 337 users on the BIS server! and the night has just begon! // OT END
  14. 7-62

    So who has received their copy?

    and another one from Ian: here andhere. thanks for sharing!
  15. 7-62

    Armed Assault is GOLD !!!

    //Â You guys deserve a vacation after this! // 1X! Â anyway,.....CHEERS! BIS = BEST(team)!!! (allmost forgetting dancing bannanas!