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  1. 6thStorm

    Get PoW's in a vehicle?

    Nope i set the units to setcaptive and even tried to do on the vehicle.
  2. 6thStorm

    Get PoW's in a vehicle?

    I've had some of the same issue but i don't think there's any way that you can make enemy units board a friendly vehicle. I tried with the moveincargo code but as soon as they are inside the vehicle, the friendly units attack and destroy the vehicle because of the enemy inside.
  3. lol im with you mate. But don't bump too much since i would guess that the makers etc. are busy and talking to eachother at this time.. hopefully.
  4. 6thStorm

    Chopper Script

    Thx Silola but id rather stick to .sqs for now. If i can conquer this i might be good enough to move on. Im gonna save ur script to use if everything fails and noone else has the slightest idea what is wrong. Should be impossible though since the most pros are lurking in this forum.
  5. 6thStorm

    sp vs mp scripting

    I think it needs to be [] exec "test.sqs"
  6. I have made this script but im having some problems with getting the chopper to land. <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">if (isServer) exitwith {}; _group = _this select 0 _chopper = _this select 1 _height = _this select 2 _pos = _this select 3 _minheight = 2 ; ----------------------------------- ; Call with [group,chopper,height to fly in,gamelogic waypoint] exec "land_chopper.sqs" ; Add a 2nd gamelogic where chopper will move to after unloading and call it dest3 ; ----------------------------------- _pilot = driver _chopper _chopper flyinHeight _height _chopper doMove [getPos _pos select 0, getPos _pos select 1, _height] #start ? (_chopper distance _pos < 10): goto "Land" ~1 goto "start" #Land _chopper flyinheight _minheight * 2 @((getpos _chopper select 2)<2):goto "Unload" #Unload {_x action ["GETOUT", _chopper];unassignVehicle _x} forEach units _group player action ["GETOUT", _chopper] if not (_group in (crew _chopper)) then {goto "MoveOn"} ;when all are out #MoveOn _chopper doMove [getPos dest3 select 0, getPos dest3 select 1, 50] ? (_chopper distance dest3 < 10):goto "End" #End deletevehicle _chopper deletevehicle _pilot exit Hope someone can see what im doing wrong. It's one of my first scripts so im pretty sure im doing it a little wrong. Â
  7. 6thStorm

    Local Intro

    ok thx i'll try it out.
  8. Hi. Im making a MP mission and i see that when i try the mission on a dedicated server the intro will lag a lot. Is there a way to make the intro local on all pc's to reduce lag?
  9. Okay that sux Hope you can figure it out soon.
  10. 99% done sep 5th. Now 20 days later...
  11. 6thStorm

    Triggering a waypoint?

    Put a waypoint(s) almost on top of the tanks and squads and in condition you type something like bluinarea In the trigger which you walk into to make the tanks and squads move into town, you type in On Activation bluinarea=true
  12. 6thStorm

    Radio Trouble

    I know why i couldnt make it work.. Im making a mission where i want a group of civilians board a truck when the radio is being used. My problem though is that i put em all on different locations in a building and had this in the leaders init line: {DoStop _x} forEach units group this Now when i remove that line they do move.. but my problem now is to find a way to make em stand still until the radio is being used. Otherwise they all just go out of the building and run around. EDIT: I made it with disableAi & enableAi Thx for the help
  13. I dont really know what im doing wrong although i have never made Radioes myself before. I searched a lot of places and came to this solution: Put a man and gave him 2 waypoints. 1st waypoint Condition has alpha written in it. 2nd waypoint is synch'ed with a trigger in which i made activation Radio Alpha. On Activation in the trigger is: 1 setRadioMsg "Prisoners"; alpha=true When i look at the map i see the radio alpha but it's supposed to be named Prisoners? When i click it nothing happens except the text disappears. Can somebody tell me what is wrong here?
  14. 6thStorm

    Fastroping Addons Thread

    So.. almost a month has passed and im sitting on the edge of my seat every day and hoping + sending letters to Santa that this stuff is soon done. Any news Sakura?