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  1. 5cent_at_NY

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    If you don't like what you're reading/the truth that much please don't read. Same goes to you. +1 definitely a normal civil manner.
  2. 5cent_at_NY

    Campaign Quality Has Stepped Down A Notch

    wow... another redneck cockroach tryin to be smart ass. US soldiers performing frontal assault and taking insane casualties - and you call it's realistic? poor sense of realism... just ignore the weirdos... right
  3. 5cent_at_NY

    is the M119 howitzer supposed to not work?

    agreed. well, PvP is not so bad (in fact, it's the only way to experience "realistic" combat in ArmA for now). however, there's not so much difference between ArmA and other game for any "conquer the ~" and "capture the ~" type of game (I'm a big fan of COOP game ). why BIS didn't implemented even just simple arty feature ("click on the map for coordinate" type) while they did it for VBS1... it could bring some wow to the gameplay than STOVL for Harrier... we need the CoC now!!
  4. 5cent_at_NY

    Feel like ive been mugged

    again, another complaint, more conceitedness here. plz don't complain about this game if you're new to this game. I don't wanna see guys in this forum starts jerk off and say "this is realistic combat sim and for adults only! get out! this is not for kids like you!"
  5. 5cent_at_NY

    Campaign Quality Has Stepped Down A Notch

    oh, I just wanted to say why BI has implemented a campaign like that way. Talking about realism is nonsense in ArmA. Because the whole game is aimed for fun base. However, I can see so many ppl here misunderstanding what a real war is...
  6. 5cent_at_NY

    Campaign Quality Has Stepped Down A Notch

    It's just European's mindless hatred for America. also, as someone from BIS said they want to "portray" that "war is not good". In their mind, *US Forces = villain, warcoholic killing machine. *Many dead bodies of Americans in battlefield = real war. *American always seeking another war for their military industry and oil. Funny enough though, since BIS is providing the "simulator" for soldier training (they have USMC and National Guard as big client). and whole SP gameplay of ArmA is too easy and most of them are "rambo" type of mission (player can be always the last stand guy). I mean, you BI guys who working for military want to tell how war is hell and unreasonable? gimme a break. you guys forgetting the fact that those who serving for their country is also an ordinary people. and they doing their best to protect their country and their family... oh sh!t. I forgot this forum is full of European!
  7. 5cent_at_NY

    1.05 AI improvements?

    well said CG Man. I too am who expected some improvements to the AI... yes, current ArmA's AI can be more smart with loads of scripts. however what I wanted was more "less scripts" AI. because the reason why I so loved OFP was the AI that smart enough with less scripts than any other game (in that time)...
  8. 5cent_at_NY

    The Great ARMA Turkey Shoot

    @Robert(UK) Right. Looks like you know the tactics. But in this game, using realistic tactics against AI causes some very funny situation... almost I don't need to think a bit about "tactics". Have you ever tried to play the campaign mode? There's several "rambo" mission. Just ONE guy was ordered to infiltrate behind the enemy line, destroy many enemy vehicles and attack enemy camp... Â You know it's totally unrealistic and is impossible in real war, but it's not the point. The point is "you can deal with a whole enemy forces w/o any friendlies". In ArmA, the best way to achieve maximum result (in terms of military operation) with minimum damage is to act like a rambo - "thanks to the stupid AI". The problem is not the AI's ability (such as reaction time and shooting skills) but the tactics that AI uses... btw, someone said that AI is now doing such things as "using building as cover", "split to several groups", in patch 1.05. I hope it's not his "imagination"...
  9. 5cent_at_NY

    The Great ARMA Turkey Shoot

    I won't move either while the enemy looks "don't know what's going on" state. but once they seems noticed where I am, start to "flanking maneuver" and if I missed to shoot them, I immediately retreat from the position and try to ambush them. then they comes to exactly where I am carelessly - so all I need to do is just pick them one by one. at least I won't give them a chance. probably this is unrealistic "tactics" (well, not much like that...), but most easiest and effective way. and that's the point that gives me frustrating. Why the hell I could act like rambo in this "realistic combat sim"? and why the stupid tactics like that IS the most effective way against the AI? Is every real life combat a turkey shoot?
  10. 5cent_at_NY

    The Great ARMA Turkey Shoot

    ok, I know my english is crap as I couldn't make you understand. But what I mean "taking cover propery" is a terrain that where you hide when sniping. You guys know you should also check your six often during sniping, right? Imho, How could you being "flanked" by those stupid AI? or you guys just sitting and waiting to be surrounded by them? and... do you think this is realistic combat?
  11. 5cent_at_NY

    The Great ARMA Turkey Shoot

    for ppl who "flanked by AI and impreessed"... Are you guys got cover propery before you sniping? if you try to shoot the AI from open field, of course you'll be flanked. or Are you guys sure that your sniping position is also good for defense when they come towards you? (do not try to attack enemy from the position like where gives AI to advantage to flank you - i.e. hollow between hills on each side.) it's like to take cover where enemy is aiming their guns and shouting "oh shit, I've pinned!" in arcade FPS...
  12. 5cent_at_NY

    The Great ARMA Turkey Shoot

    That's what I've been thinking about. and that's the reason why I "bitcing" - ArmA is not realistic combat sim. Graphic and atmosphere is good but whole gameplay is too easy and boring. When I put some OPFOR squads in town and I tried to ambush them from a rooftop of building, I shot their sqd lead and they just run into where I lay down fire... also, when they performing "flank" tactics, just ONE guy at each side and running into player's position without their teammate's cover fire. so it's too easy to pick them one by one. I hope BIS will NOT beg this for the community. because this is the most hardest and important part. and that's the job of those who paid and live by this. that's why they called "professional". in fact, no one can do this "propery", because it is BIS who knows about (technical part) of this game after all. I think IF the AI is smart enough, the whole gameplay will change. not only Singleplayer game, but MP CO-OP could be fun.
  13. 5cent_at_NY

    Answer me frankly, plz.

    c'mon, go easy on these kids, Mora. These Arma kids don't know what real combat is. or maybe they're not living in real life... agree with you, btw.
  14. YEAH!! finally we can play a TRUE combat sim?
  15. 5cent_at_NY

    Anyone else feel a bit put off by the controls?

    yeah, OFP was better (except chopper controls). I think it's probably BIS tried to make AI is "looks improved" by decreasing player's ability. many ppl claims that enemy AI is like sniper even when lowest skill settings, but I think it's ok because it makes the "human" players to take cover when firefight. However what annoys me is "hard to aim where I want to". some ppl claims "it's realistic - because you can't move so quickly with those equipments and heavy weapons". maybe you cant' (especially if you're skinny computer game geeks), but they forgot the fact that what we playing is a GAME. In real life, you can "control" your body as you wish. but in game, there's already dely between your mind and control of your in-game charactor. In other "dumb, arcade" game, you can aim where you wish. sometimes you can't hit the enemy (because of "dumb-unrealistic" weapon disparsion, but at least you can "aim" at your target. but in ArmA, you need to "wait" for your in-game charactor response to your control. move your mouse and wait... that's why some few ppl feels like they're controling a robot. and that's not kind of frustration caused by "realism" (that's what I really wanted), but caused by gameplay.