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    1985 equipment

    I don't think during the cold war.All I know is that from watching a show on the M1 Abrams, they said the USA created the M1 to combat against USSR best tank, the T-72. Y'know, on most of the shows i've seen about the Abrams, they always make the T72 out to be an actual challenge. We know how well they did in Desert Storm. Yeah, not much of a challenge when they're crewed with poorly trained units with nonexistent morale and little to no coordination or communication...  Hundreds of T72s in well-trained first line units launching an assault into West Germany one fine morning would be something else entirely  -5hole
  2. 5hole

    Ofp moments in gameplay

    The little T80 that could. It was the new CTI set to "insane". Â After a long, hard battle for Gravette, I noticed that the T80 parked in town was not completely broken (couldn't say the same for the crew though). Â I promptly drove it back to base and fixed it up. Â My buddy and I drove it to Lemoule, where we had our heads handed to us my about two platoons of mixed armor. Â Respawning, I loaded up for bear and headed back to Lemoule. Â When I get to the outskirts, guess what I see? Â A slightly beat-up, but otherwise functional T80 (with my corpse on the turret no less). Â So I crawl up to it, hop in and get the hell out of Dodge as quickly as I can (in reverse even, at least until I get behind that little rise outside of town. Â A little repair work and we're headed back to Lemoule in this seemingly indestructible T80, with her third crew. Â Alas, while she made a valiant effort and was a decisive factor in the conquering of Lemoule, we lost her for good in that final battle. Â The prisoners. This was an old one, I think the last mission by a friend of mine before we lost him completely to EQ. Â Anyway, our little group of Black Ops paradrops in just north of... Joudov, I think. Â We're to head out from there and liberate some prisoners at a camp by the river. Â Things were going well at the beginning, even if it did get a little messy while we were neutralizing the guards. Â No one was down, mind you, it just got a little too noisy for our liking. Â We quickly accounted for all the packages, armed them up however we could from the guards, and headed out to our exfil point. Â Hopefully we could still get there by first light (it was about 0415 by now). Nothing doing. Â Our first RV out of the prison camp was in a forest just up the hill from the camp. Â Just as we got everyone rounded up there, we hear a whole lot of unfriendliness converging on the camp. Â We have to organize our subsequent departure rather hastily as there are now at least three, if not five dismounted mechanized patrols radiating from the camp area not half a klick away. Â So we head out south, skirting around a village as stealthily as we could (this is not easy when your packages are all in nice white wrappers...) and are maybe a hundred meters form another patch of forest where we find the Bad Guys, not content with foot patrols, toss an unexpected and rather nasty surprise our way. Â Two large, squat, ugly Hinds, buzzing around our route like a couple of seriously PO'd bumblees. Now let me tell you, not one other moment in this game has actually gotten the hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end. Â Nothing like crawling through the woods with these fat, nasty choppers flying deceptively lazy circles around your position. Â Nothing like trying to get your packages across a clearing when they're not looking. Â Nothing like watching the guy bringing up the rear frantically dodging cannon fire and literally diving into the woods because he was dragging ass on the crossing. Â And the whole time you're watching that sky get redder and redder, brighter and brighter, and there's not a thing you can do about it because one of those damn helicopters parked himself right in the next clearing. Â The worst is when you run out of woods and end up hiding in a barn with 3 former POWs, in broad daylight, listening to that hind chew up the rest of your section... That was by far the three most intense hours of my life (yes, it took THAT LONG to get out of there). Â I was really there in those woods. -5hole
  3. 5hole

    Bas tonal-tango pack

    This is by far the best looking 3rd world s***hole I've ever seen -5hole
  4. 5hole

    Have an idea

    No tutorials out there afaik. You'll just have to do it the way I do it, by editing hundreds of scripts... be prepared for a LOT of work if you're planning on making the resistance act like east and west. -5hole
  5. 5hole

    Beer thread

    Kalamazoo's finest. They have a great selection of stouts too: Java, Cherry, Expedition, Trumpeter's... And ales, and some seasonal brews, commemorative brews... -5hole
  6. 5hole

    Beer thread

    Technically it does, but any state that lowers it will lose their Federal highway funding. -5hole
  7. 5hole

    Bad virus

    Zone Alarm has issues with OFP for some people. It did for me. Outpost is another good free firewall and I have had no problems with it. -5hole
  8. 5hole

    Bad virus

    Housecall. Web-based, but should do the trick for the moment. I cannot stress enough that you really should go out and buy a good AV program. A lapdance or two is NOTHING compared to all the ones you'll miss while you're home formatting your HD... -5hole
  9. 5hole

    Bad virus

    After a thorough check I came up clean. I downloaded the addons at about 0200 MST today. I'd say it's soming from other sources. Looking at my firewall logs, I've been blocking a LOT of scans on port 4444 and popular and well-done as it is, I doubt all of these machines responsible for the scanning have the MH-60 pack installed. -5hole
  10. 5hole

    Big mech thing, by nobody.

    **bump** Wanzer Page. It's been updated to v1.1, there's one for each side and there's a version with a walking animation. Â Already played around with them in the editor and let me tell you, the collateral damage of 9 of these things going at each other in Lipany is unbelievable! Â There's also some pics and video of a version equipped with jump jets. Â Very cool... -5hole
  11. 5hole

    Race war or crusades...

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Jinef @ 09 May 2003,22:34)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Because like it or not the USA is a multi cultural society, where as white Christians almost non existant in Iraq (well actually there's around 200000 there at the moment).<span id='postcolor'> They may not be white, but there certainly are a good number of Chaldeans in Iraq, and last time I checked, that's a Christian sect. Just so you know, -5hole
  12. This is how I do it. Put an init trigger in to start a variable as false. Add a line to the on activation field of your first trigger to set that variable to true. Make the variable being true a part of the second trigger's condition. Init Trigger condition: true on activation: somevariable = false Trigger 1 condition: this on activation: whateveryouwanttodo; somevariable = true Trigger 2 condition: this AND somevariable onactivation: whateverelseyouwanttodo
  13. 5hole

    Aircraft addons

    I have to say that the fast movers with all the bells and whistles, while showcasing some cool features, are about as useful as a football bat. The FM in OFP just plain sucks and there's no getting around it. However, calling down a pair of those fast movers, piloted by AI, to drop a couple sticks of napalm on Charlie's sorry ass, well that's another thing entirely So, I'm just as happy with mediocre "beta" jets as I am with with the fancy ones, 'cause they all look the same at 50m and 200 km/h and I rarely fly them myself. Now where's my Skyraider? -5hole
  14. 5hole

    Mt-lb 2.2

    Nice, I'll have to d/l that tomorrow Now, about an Iraqi version... (or at least a wrecked one like you see on tv...) -5hole
  15. 5hole

    Current conflict usmc

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Tex [uSMC] @ April 08 2003,23:41)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"></span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (|crow| @ April 08 2003,06:58)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">The US military puts a tracer every fith round and in belted ammo they put five in a row at the end.<span id='postcolor'> That's good- let the enemy get a really good look at your position right before you have to reload  <span id='postcolor'> Yup, then after a couple days put 50 more rounds in the belt after the five tracers, and give them a really nasty surprise... -5hole