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  1. Just wondering how I can remove a certain amount of fuel from a large list of vehicles. Since there is no 'getFuel' command so I can't get the amount of fuel and then remove say 0.30 fuel so just wondering are there any other ways of doing this? Or am I just missing something really obvious which is most likely since I have not done much scripting for ArmA in a long time so I'm a tad rusty.
  2. 456820

    Military flash lights

    Hoping this isn't too ot for ot... Why do military flash lights have green and red filters for them? I know that the red is used in night but don't actually know the reason why? Cheers.
  3. 456820

    Military flash lights

    Thanks guys, pretty much answers my question but if anyone has any extra random info then please post.
  4. 456820

    Should I buy Operation Flashpoint

    Well to be honest ArmA I've never really liked ArmA, first time I played it, it felt buggy, boring and just plain crap and even with the patches it doesn't feel much different. I know everyone will say OFP was like that without it's patches but when I used to play OFP and didn't know what a patch was I still had a lot more fun then I ever had playing ArmA. Where as a lot of people will give the exact opposite of what I said. It's all down to opinion. Since ArmA II is apparently near maybe you should stick with what you have played and what you know you like and buy ArmA II when that's out.
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    CSM Betav2 Released!!

    I made a quick video if anyone is intrested showing off some of these great sounds. Video is here Wonderful job on the sound mod
  6. 456820

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I'm just wondering about dual monitors, is it worth to get them? I'm soon moving into a new room in my house and I wont have TV so I'm going tog et a TV tuner card for my computer and then watch TV on my computer but then I'll miss out on using my computer at the same time. So I'm thinking about getting a second monitor to have TV/films/games/videos etc on one screen and then doing all my usual stuff on the other. It sees to be a lot cheaper to get two 17" monitors rather then getting one big 34" monitor. Also how do I tell if my computer is able to run two monitors? cheers.
  7. Because if it's anything like what Flashpoint 1 was like then it's gonna be damn good. *crosses fingers*
  8. 456820

    Symphony Of War

    I made a video to show the sound mod, find it here at youtube..., might need to wait for it to process. Regarding the mod, it's very good. Nothing else to add since it's already been mentioned by other people. But it's definitely my new favourite sound mod.
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    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    @Ch_123 Ahh I get it, so if I just get a stick of 800mhz it will be fine. Do I need to stick to the same type as my other two sticks or will it not really matter? Cheers.
  10. 456820

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    Well OFP didn't really have the best graphics did it and I was still playing that for 5 years onwards which is more I can say for Crysis or Call of Duty 4. And teh graphics in OFP 2 are a lot better then OFP 1 so providing the gameplay has improved I'll be happy. Plus I also quite like the nitty gritty look of OFP 2 it's something I missed in ArmA where everything looked 'clean'. In OFP the bad graphics kind of added to the feel.
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    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Just another small question... I heard that buying RAM the speed is divided up between the amount of sticks it comes in. So 2GB at 800mhz with 1gb per stick then the speed of each stick would be 400mhz. Is this correct? If so would there be problems buying just 1gb at 800mhz and mixing it in with 2 sticks at 400mhz each?
  12. 456820

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    @CzingerX I've actually got the exact same problem as you right now. For me I have found out that my keyboard "-" button is being 'held down' and that's what makes the beeping noise but I have no reason why that stops start up, so all I do is when I hear the beeps I press the "-" button and that stops it and it works. Not sure if your problem will be down to a random button being held down but for me it is. @Ch_123 Thanks for the advice, I might even sell my old hard drive and then get a 1tb version especially since it's at a special deal of £67 at the moment.
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    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I already have a Samsung 320gb 7200RPM 8mb cache, the one I plan on getting is a 500gb Samsung 7200RPM 16mb cache. Also what do you think about the dual core patch posted in my post? Thanks.
  14. 456820

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Just wondering about 64bit XP, is it worth getting. At the moment I'm on 32 bit and everything is fine but if I upgraded would I get a noticeable performance increase and would all my games still work or are there some compatibility issues with it? Also would it be worth trying this dual core patch from Microsoft? Has anyone given it a go yet and is there a performance increase and also are there any compatibility issues with it? And one quick final question, In the upcoming days I am getting a new hard drive with a 16mb cache, would it be worth installing my OS onto that drive or should I just save the hassle and leave it on my 8mb cache drive?
  15. 456820

    Crowded cities in Arma

    I've always wanted realistic civilian behaviour, since theres these new big houses that we get in ArmA and not seeing a single civilian in an entire mission is a little bit odd I reckon. Well at the end of the day it is down to the mission designer and I wouldn't want civilian 'pre-placed' on the map. And I've always wanted small and really detailed islands with a realistic town/city and not just like 20 buildings per town, I've never been wowed by all this 20km square sized islands.
  16. 456820

    Request: Autorun

    Erm... autorun? Don't know if its just me but could you try explaining a little more.
  17. 456820

    WGL Sound Replacement

    ... all of them. I am running DSAI and Whisper sound mod but they are only the AI talking and the different sounding radio. All weapon/vehicles/explosion sounds are WGL.
  18. 456820

    Take away fuel

    Ahh yeah the script is for MP, so will I just need to add <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">? !(local server) : exit To the front of the script to make it run just on the server?
  19. 456820

    WGL Sound Replacement

    It's a good sound mod but there are one or two little snags with it, I thought the helicopter sounds were a little too quiet and the M4 and M16 sounds didn't sound like they were powerful weapons. However over I like it and I made a quick video which can be found
  20. 456820

    Take away fuel

    Thanks a lot Messiah works perfectly. Edit - Just wondering is it possible to do the same thing but with ammo? Like just set enemy in a trigger area to %50 ammo?
  21. Well there just basically things like "Requesting imediate airstrike on given coordinates" with conformation messages from hq and reports of upto 1300 metres and bombs dropped from the pilot.
  22. I somehow managed to miss this first time around but now after playing with the scripts for a day or two they are really great. But one thing I have noticed is that aircraft don't appear to give any sidechat messages and well in my case that's a shame cause it makes my job a lot easier of including some radio sounds that I have had recorded
  23. 456820

    Jonny´s Marines

    @Texas*BDA* Check the mission.sqm and check if joh_marweap is written under the addons or auto addons list. If not then that will probably be your answer. So just put "joh_marweap" into both of the lists and then it should work.
  24. 456820

    OFM Uhao

    Wow looking great, downloading.
  25. 456820

    looking for a script..

    Well change the time zones in the trigger to something like 120 as min and then just chose anything you want for the other two this will insure that strikes won't be called in any more times then once in 2 minutes. Then on activation I THINK should be [this] exec "script.sqs" In script.sqs you would have something like _firePos = _this select 0 And then you could look at a different artillery script to see how they create the shells then just do that but make sure you tell them to create at _firePos as that would be the coordinates of the squad that was detected.