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  1. 4-Eyes

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    I download the patch... I install the patch... I try to run the game... This shit pops up: The name of the picture pretty much sums up my responce. Hoping to get some immediate help, I try the link to the SecuROM page: [im]http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/5862/sonofabitchks5.jpg[/img] Well, needless to say this really brightened up my day, and I know I broke the picture rules and I don't really care. Here I see I'm not the only one with this retarded problem. All a guy asks is to unwind at the end of the day with his favourite game... then he can't. So this dampened my love for anything related to this game. Good night.
  2. 4-Eyes

    SBP Slovenian Soldiers

    They look bloody to me [im]http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/2443/bloodyah7.jpg[/img]
  3. 4-Eyes

    SBP Slovenian Soldiers

    Nice to see an effort going in this way. But two things bother me. The right shoulder patch, and the side they're on. Keep up the good work though.
  4. 4-Eyes

    Serbian Special Forces Project

    Might be fun if TheReddog was among them. Any news on the units, or the download links? You could send them to the guys at ArmA info, they're always eager to help
  5. 4-Eyes

    Holand - i am in shock

    Wow, hahaha, talk about original I don't know why everybody is getting so upset about it, it's a normal provocative evolution of the current reality shows, and the times we live in. The public gets what it deserves, no less, no more.
  6. 4-Eyes

    ArmA Disappointing

    I don't know what everyone is so dissapointed at? The ballistics are great, the soldier movements are great, the atmosphere is great, there's going to be massive user support for the game, the multiplayer is awesome. The only thing that bothers me personally is the singleplayer part, as the story is full of holes, and is too short, but I'm willing to let that slide. Why? Because of the first firefights i had in ArmA. It was intense, bullets whizzing past, riccocheting off walls, comrades dying right there, I mean, how could you not love it?
  7. 4-Eyes

    Serbian Special Forces Project

    Hehe, yeah. Looks like our Serb friend here's spent too much time abroad. The correct term would be "podrÅ¡ka" or "potpora" Sorry man, no offence  One more nitpicking thing: "Babeski" and "stalak" are written in latin, and "CAJ" is in Cyrillic  I hope we don't demoralize you with these comments though Â
  8. 4-Eyes

    Serbian Special Forces Project

    I think you mean this? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1100 If not........its late and I should go to sleep Much appreciated, although it's not the same thing, albeit from the same author. That would be nice. The rehosting part, and the more units part. One question though, concerning the units El Nino provided. What is that writing on the back of the crewman?
  9. 4-Eyes

    Serbian Special Forces Project

    Can anyone rehost these? There's a thorough lack of addons from the Balkans, even if they're not perfect. And lol at Tyrsted's comment
  10. 4-Eyes

    Should Russia fear NATO expansion?

    Okay, untill it starts again  My opinion on NATO is, that it's a criminal organisation. That's that.
  11. 4-Eyes

    Should Russia fear NATO expansion?

    The conflict began in 1991. The JNA dissolved in 1992. During that period, it wasn't that rare to see people of other nationalities serving. Yes, it was dominated by the serb population. Yes, they did side with the Serbs in Croatia. But as i said, it was still a federal army.
  12. 4-Eyes

    Should Russia fear NATO expansion?

    Oh? I don't know what I'm talking about? You do know that the pilot of one of the helicopters that got shot down here was a Slovene? And there were literally brothers, one in the JNA, and one in the TO. I know a guy who's cousin was at Vukovar. He's a Bosnian. What does that tell you? Veljko Kadijević himself is half Croat. You're only proving your unwillingness to listen to what anyone else says.
  13. 4-Eyes

    Should Russia fear NATO expansion?

    Maybe a bit off topic. However, the bombing of Yugoslavia showed the true face of NATO. Attacking a country without UN approval. A conglomerate of military powers, whose sole purpose is to listen to the United States. Kind of like the Warsaw Pact, only packed in sugar to make it more appealing to democracy loving people everywhere. And about the one sidedness; whose fault was the conflict in Yugoslavia? If not of all those involved? If by claiming the Serbs are the ones who did all the wrongs, are you not being one sided yourself? From your writing I speculate that you're from around here, and may be emotionally involved in the whole matter. However, you must realise the other side is emotionally involved as well. So, don't take this as an attack on you or anything. The only thing here that bothers me is various children, telling us that the conflict is too recent to discuss levelheadedly. So, enough from the Balkan wars for now from me.
  14. 4-Eyes

    Should Russia fear NATO expansion?

    And you apparently have a clue, eh? NATO attacked Yugoslavia, not just Serbia. It bombed Serbia, Kosovo, and Montenegro in 1999. For what reason you say? To help out the Albanians? Who themselves are completely innocent in the matter? And NATO attacks on Serbs in Krajina and Bosnia in 1995? Because of their apparent genocidal ways? Then explain the offical death toll for Bosnia, wich is about 100000 for all three sides combined, distributed almost equally. I'm not saying that there weren't crimes, but you're adopting a totally one sided view here. What is NATO's bombardment of civilian areas then? And in 1991 it was the JNA that intervened in the breakaway republics, not the "hegemonistic Serb army". Later on it dissolved into local army groups supported by their native country (i.e. Serbs in Krajina & Bosnia, and Croatians in Bosnia).
  15. 4-Eyes

    Should Russia fear NATO expansion?

    Or we could just say that the entire organisation is unneeded? Seeing as how the antagonist is gone in this case, what is left to defend against?