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  1. 4 IN 1

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    Well, it is related, a better UI that give visual reference and lowering keyboard key press(or atless, needs to move hands around too much) is very important for a good VR experience.
  2. 4 IN 1

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    I already bring that up earlier, or though he doesn't seems to understand the mindset behind.shooting and keep arguing an artificial means is the correct way to simulate actual shooting, no matter how unrealistic it is. Allow me to repeat myself: the problem is not the gun throw off target, it never is, the problem is that the gun won't come down even when you are in a stable stance taking pot shots.
  3. Agree, but where is the feedback ticket that need to vote up?:)
  4. 4 IN 1

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    VAC is not the be all end all answer to the problem the UI have, but that will be another topic.
  5. If you have that kind of equipment, try turn up the sound volume so that un suppressed guns is as loud as the real stuff, only then can you actually compare the ingame suppressed weapons to their real life counter part and say how crap they are.
  6. 4 IN 1

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    This is the most important part that BI have to consider if they ever try to support Oculus Rift, if they ever get it right, they still have to creat proper ingame UI for everything from weapon selection to action menu to squad command interface to "work", which maybe even harder then the first part.
  7. The problem about the paddle on the market is that most of them are not really build for helo flying, the better suit ones cause some $1000 per set, and building one yourself needs time and skills. Not something normal gamer will do.
  8. FPDR Saying someone is full of shit even when it make sense, yeah, talking about grow up...... Anyway I actually understand Dslyecxi point. If we ever get TOH FM it should be opinional and server side dependent. I can also see what will happen when a public server use TOH FM(meaning kids ignoring warning and makes a lots of unwanted explosions) Also I can predict that a lots of simers will start to request things like advance avionics and FCS(A problem for me with the HIND DLC that I did not buy), or rage quit because expert mode is still far away from being fully realistic(as did in TOH). But still, TOH FM on easy is simply a more advance ARMA 2 FM where I see no problem on reproduce How Dsl fly his MH6 in ARMA2 It will be a nice addition to the game, but not mandatory nor should be enforcing.
  9. They are looking for the same title this year.;)
  10. I personally think that feeling like OFP is actually a Good thing, as OFP movement is actually smoother then that of ARMA1 and 2. With that said, thank god that it didn't feel like ARMA 2 and that COD spoiled kids still hate it.
  11. 4 IN 1

    Double Reload -> bullet in chamber

    I will make a guess on how the devs reply: "The currently config system does not allow such function" I wish I will be prove wrong, but it is very likely the case here(just like rifle>pistol transition while moving) FPDR
  12. 4 IN 1

    KSG shotgun and its possible functionality

    If I remember correctly in PMC DLC for arma2 the shotgun is already correctly simulated.
  13. I personally would hope that team members assigned to a fire(colour) team can all sort into a single fire team icon and select though a single key(F1-F4) , while double tapping/key combination of the "F" keys should bring up the team member list. I personally think that is what fireteam assignments are for: to reduce player work load when operating a large team, because currently If I want to operating a team larger then 20 unit the unit list will just be pages of pages of search, not something that encourage team management TBH. I once bring up this same topic in the pass, but for some wired reason there are people who think this will remove their ability to operating their team units using micro-management, which is bollocks, because first of all why do you even be bother to setup fire team? And secondly I fail to see how double tapping/clt+F keys to open team member list for single unit selection will impair their ability the ability to select single unit to control. I would also like to point out that the AI command interfaces is getting worse, content sensitive menu is still bind on top of old command menu and now it even remove any visual reference to the "old" menu, in long terms, for the sakes of making the game better and more enjoyable, these two menu have to redisgn, but for now, unbind them and allow them to be call up separately please!
  14. I have SC4 reinstalled with mods and is glad that it still works
  15. http://www.gamingexcellence.com/features/simcity-there-are-no-winners-here The comments is what one should take a look All in all, the decision maker are the one to blame.
  16. We told you so! New way to troll the fuck out of EA: 1)Make sure your credit card company can issue chargebacks from online game purchase 2)Creat new Origin account 3)Buy SIMCITY 3)Make sure you have server problem and cannot play 4)Get evidence on how bad the problem is 5)Contact EA, TROLLthe fuck out of them by requesting refund 6)Tell credit card company to issue chargeback 7)Post it on the web, and enjoy the fireworks;) (it is actually illegal in some place, don't try!)
  17. 4 IN 1

    Any news on weapon resting ?

    Just a little through: if it is not so difficult, can someone please add "lowering weapons when standing too close to walls that are too high to shoot over with" to the list? as I think this is also a related features(both need to detect and decide wether or not the said objects can be shot over)
  18. 4 IN 1

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    What you talk about is not a"simulation" of how reality is, it is an artificial difficultity force upon players that is anything but simulating those situations. "How" is a question that developers are responsible to answer, we can only tell developers what is wrong, but generally speaking, what current system lacks is the downward motion cause by tension pulling down the barrel, a tiny randomness of sideways sway during the downward motion(that makes point of aim change), and a randomness of distance travel during downward motion (that also makes point of aim change). In the end of the day, What I am trying to say is that Travis Haley style rapid fire happy trigger fingers will still have to put extra effort to pull down the gun(because they are simply firing while the gun still going up) while standing still taking pot shot will have to adjust their aim with lesser effort.
  19. 4 IN 1

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    Newtonian physics anyone? In any case, the recoil should focus more on delivering the force backward instead of focusing upward, due to the way the pistol grip work, once the backward force is delivered, a part of that force will transform into upward motion due to lesser resistance on the upper side, this is where your support arms tension comes to play, the tension of your arm will naturally pull the barrel back down to somewhere close to to the original point of aim (in fact sometime you will ended up pointing under the original point of aim), all in all, recoil will makes your gun point elsewhere, but it is never be the over exaggerating 100% upward only motion. By keep dragging the mouse downwards. I can do it with my G700 as well, but do I need to repeat the problem again?
  20. 4 IN 1

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    I am all OK with the vertical part, anything that is not over-exaggerating the recoil is fine in my book, sideway should not be over 25%, you still have a hand on each side of the weapon you know.
  21. 4 IN 1

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    Oh for god sake, feeling natural doesn't mean keep dragging down the fucking mouse every time you shoot a single shot.
  22. 4 IN 1

    Need Stance Indicator

    One factor is the IRL you will know how low or how high you are because of all the senses your body is feeding into your brain, I a game, we only have our eyes and our hands to gain any meaningful information about your avatar in the game, a stance indicator can help to deal with such problem.
  23. 4 IN 1

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    And I am going to tell you again, this is not how you control your recoil in real life. IT IS JUST NOT LIKE IN REALITY.
  24. 4 IN 1

    Changing weapon while moving?

    As the matter of fact, secondary are the one that is supposed to be ready on an instant, because if your main is down for whatever reason the only thing standing between life and death is your secondary. There is a reason why people prefer to do a admin reload on the handgun first then admin reload their rifle, not the other way around. ^This
  25. Ideally the command system is in deep need of change, problem is for some reason we saw none, and TBH, the context senstive menu just won't cut it.