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  1. Agreed, but I too also starts to think that not actually fixing a problem have becoming some sort of norms. Unfortunately no, it was some dude engaged in a private conversation.
  2. Squad command and control interface is about the oldest part in the series, and it haven't been much change much since the very beginning, apart from allowing many more units within a squad, and that context sensitive menu. And right now, TBH, it is a real big fucking mess. Allow me to explain: One of the problem happening is that having units more then 2 pages is starting to become a pain in the ass: If you are going to have 4 full fire team assigned into 4 colour team plus a core command squad(team white, thats you) you will have a squad size of 4+4+4+4+4=20 units at minimum, and if you want to have a enhanced fire team setup you will add another 5 soldier into the list, not to mention that if you want to do other set up and the pages will start building up very fast, not nice at all because once you have spend a long time managing the team, assigning them into fire team, you will still have to spend equal amount of time crawling through all the pages to find the unit you want, that is the exact opposite of having to setup fire team in the first place. One of the idea to correct this problem is to take concept from high command interface from ARMA 2 and bring that sort of control down into standard command interface, by sorting team assigned units into 1 single icon, highlighting individual unit ability(like AT/AA/machine gun/medic) with small icon or letters besides the team icon, and control it like a single unit, while develop some kind of mechanism(like double tap F-keys) to "unfold" the team icon to allow selecting individual unit inside. The second problem is, for some reason, developers seems to think that having context sensitive menu completely cover over the old menu to be a good idea, while someone seems to think that it is the be-all-end-all solution, in reality the only thing it did is to confuse players, old and new, either by not allowing them to know that it is there in the first place, or ignore the fact that sometimes you will forgot which key to push to do certain things, counter intuitive at it best. This is also a much harder problem to solve given most of the old commands are tie into AI mechanic, and the fact that some people just don't like things get change, even if it is a bad things that NEEDS to be change. P.S: I am on my way to get a FAA A&P mechanic licenses next year and therefore do not have too much time to further explore more ideas, so please, THINK before saying anything like "OH there is no problem you sucks", there is problem, and that is why many people prefer not to use AI at all, its just not enjoyable for many people.
  3. 4 IN 1

    Realtime immersive - Militar simulator cryengine

    Quite possibility yes, RV is know for being good for battlefield stuff but not so much for in door stuff, while it seems to be the opposite for CE.
  4. One example is TOH, when asked why hardcore FM is still a bit too off realistic the answer we get is that AI don't know how to fly them, and that actually pissed some simmer off.
  5. 4 IN 1

    Takedown: Red Sabre

    If anything, a Police quest: SWAT 1 and 2 revive would be awesome.
  6. That exactly what the menu problem lies, thanks for further explaining it . They actually thinking about cutting back didn't they Oh well, things just turn from bad into shit. FPDR
  7. Reason A: BECAUSE YOU CAN Reason B: You have that much assets at your disposal, yet instead of further exploit its functionality by creating a system that allows you to managing all these assets, you want to limit your assets down to a level where changes is not needed, then I will have to ask you a question: Why bother to remove the units limits in the first place? If you want to go back to OFP era where you can only control 12 unit, thats your thing, but having making progress only to step back because of something that you can actually fix given enough effort, time and resource, is something that being a human shouldn't do.
  8. Not using pagefile to force everything to write on ram inorder to increase performance is a myth busted like a broken honeycone structure for a long time if I remember correctly.
  9. 4 IN 1

    Trigger follow through

    Well, bolt action is a completely different thing, also I personally like to ride the bolt quickly to observe the point of impact to make correction easier. Another thing is that while I like the idea of having the point of aim off target, having the muzzle stay up is simply unrealistic,.(Unless you can rewrite the laws of physics)
  10. 4 IN 1

    Topping off vs Mag management

    The two problem I have with the current magazine management system is that magazine in gear menu do not show its current ammo count , and that the system don't simulate tactical reload 100% correctly, I do also like a system that allows non magazine loaded ammo (e.g. boxed ammo or clipped ammo) in backpack to be allowed to replenish magazines, not that it is absolutely needed though.
  11. I will go as far as to agree with you until auto lowering part, where it should be more of a natural reaction as in real life, and I will go further saying that the problem of the mod is the slight delay between detecting obstruction and trigger the lowering/rasing weapon script, and I will go even further and say that removing collision model of the rifle is cheating IF auto lowering without too much delay is done engine side already.
  12. 4 IN 1

    New Helicopter flight model by HTR dev

    I personally is not that much of FSX helicopter fan given that the limitation the old engine have, it surely do the job somewhat decently, but not as good as X plane did.
  13. Like the youtube comment said, the fish didn't kill you, you simply bleed out to death.
  14. 4 IN 1

    How are the mouse controls in Arma 3?

    FFS, there are opinion to turn acceleration OFF, and if you are still not happy about the aiming deadzone either turned on or off there are also a slider to turn it ON OR OFF. And I do not feel any negative acceleration even with deadzone on, period.
  15. 4 IN 1

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    Replacing upward only recoil with more sideway sway will not make long range shooting easier, it just make the recoil more natural.
  16. 4 IN 1

    Rifle slings

    Well, some people (including some devs) fear that it will virtually dig your rifle into virtual soil and causing imaginary malfunctions(meaning: something that is totally not modeled in the game)...... Now lets make it very clear, first off there are ways to make sure the rifle won't dig into dirt, secondly you have to do some very silly things for dirt in barrel to become a significant problem, even a DI system of the AR15 is proved to be much more reliable then popular believes, and thirdly, THIS IS A GAME.
  17. 4 IN 1

    Rifle slings

    I understand, hell I think many people who happens to following since OFP days understand that deep down, it just that it have been so long that all these rough edges still exist is frustrating, I mean, the fact that they were able to fix the red-dots and holo is almost like a miracle for me(must be someone who bother to dig into those huge piles of codes that have been there since very beginning of RV engine to find and fix that)
  18. 4 IN 1

    How much damage do bullets do?

    Just wondering, is the ammunition behavior still only depending on ammunition config or does different weapon also have value in their config to affect ammunition behavior?
  19. TOH FM is not in the alpha(or even beta, or might be never, which is a shame) As for scroll menus, I personally wish separated keybindings for selecting different weapons and even items and explosives, a tab to cycle/hold and release to select scroll menu might provide a good for both camp.
  20. I don't think anyone would like the charging handle keep slamming back at your face:)
  21. 4 IN 1

    Rifle slings

    I'd say this is a very huge design and coding overlook on the dev part, like many other things having the problem being discussed even before the game have start developing really kill the mood for many, just look at how it takes almost a decade to fix the red dot sight, and there are just too many things that just get over looked for years.:(
  22. Personally what I think missing is the suddent gust of wind and rain effect in storm weather
  23. 4 IN 1

    TAB lock issue ...

    Its still up to the dev, If they don't want to change a jack shit it doesn't matter what we said, isn't it? Anyways, having the game automatically identify and sort out friend and foe is not the problem, simply locking and cycle through them with tab key and tab key only is the porblem, even forcing everyone to have a crosshair on the target to lock would be better. With that said, remove cycle target function will be a start, with that set it would only left the problem of correctly modeling different behavior for different weapon/system when hitting Tab.
  24. So, what you want is just the same thing but operate the other way around where press B you automatically look into the binoculars, but can still be put down when in danger?
  25. I happens to remember that trim is manual unless it is some very expensive and newer models with advance avionics i.e Super Puma and such, which do have auto hover function. Did I said I can't fly in TOH? Never, did I? I just point out that those padels are better for fixed wings. What I did however is modify my padels with a piece of wood, some sticks, screws and hinges to make it more helicopter like. As for the rest of the comments, well, grow up.FPDR