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  1. since I updated to the beta from alpha,I'm not able to take control of the helos from the gunner seat anymore.Was wondering why that is???being able to fly the apache (I had added arma 2 content into arma3 via mod folder), was ALOT easier to manage attacks rather than relying on the stupid pilot.This made sense as it also is employed as a feature in vbs.why was it removed from the beta?...or was it enabled because I modded the game for arma 2 content??
  2. 343rdBadger

    take and release control of helicopters

    hmmm I wasn't in the Comanche...I was in the MI kajman...I'll look again ---------- Post added at 19:01 ---------- Previous post was at 18:55 ---------- Just checked..it works only in comanchee not kajman???!!,,,A bug?...or not?
  3. 343rdBadger

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    How long is this offer on for??What are the differences between this and the regular licence?Are there any videos of it (PE version I mean?)
  4. Russian Armor Pack V8.0::bounce3: T-90A T-90S T-80UD T-80UK T-80UM1 T-72Mp T-72bm,BTR-80 Variants. Require extended eventhandlers to run or use CBA addons package. Changelog:V8.0 Muzzel flashes on some tanks were off centre.Fixed now. Added T-90um1 Winter skin version.Fixed the Driver views so now they are drivable in the turnout view.Fixed the T-72s hatch (switched to T-90 hatches as I didn't know how to reconfigure the axis on the hinges) !!!!!NOTE!!!!! BTR's cause issues with the mlrs and BM21 grads,something happens to those vehicle's guners.I have no idea how to fix this so use caution when putting the Btr's in missions.Tanks are fine though.If anyone knows how to fix this tell me and I'll do it for next version.The BTR's.These have their own slots and can be found under Russia/Btr variants(not under armour!!!). The rvmat's make it dependent on the tracked.pbo.The only way I could get around this was to add them into the tracked.pbo package.All you do is de-pbo the tracked.pbo and add the included rvmats to the data\detailmappy directory.If you DON'T do this, what will happen is the game will nag you about it on startup and the textures will be flat/matt without the ArmaII "shinyness"(no biggy really but I personally like the shiny textures better). other than these little problems they work great,look great(better than they did in ArmaI) and add alot more variety.Tanks also have defensive systems so they can survive longer.Enjoy. If anyone wants to try to fix this little issue please give me a holler.Would be nice to have them perfected. Thanks to ModEmMaik,Marijus, and Snoops for helping this project along...couldn't have done it without ya. Also IKE for shatora Script that Marijus packed in the previous release,And Sea Demon for the btr models. PLEASE READ THIS... Its come to my attention that these addons need CBA to run.I did not know this until now,so I apologize that I didn't forsee this when writing the readme.Hope it didn't cause to much frustration.I think what happened is I had installed the CBA before I ported these over,thus not knowing it was need all along...duh,hehe. download: http://www.filefront.com/15067681/RussianArmourPackArmA2Ver8.0.7z OR a Newer version9.0 Download as of july10/2010 (changed some textured versions of the T80UM1) http://www.filefront.com/16972071/Ru...Ver9.0ACEX2.7z
  5. 343rdBadger

    ARMA 2, version 1.10 - Patch Released

    Patch not installing for sprocket version here either...wtf?
  6. 343rdBadger

    TGW Vehicle Fixes

    It depends on what tank your talkin...M1A1,gunner has a tis,commander has a day camera and can switch to the gunners Tis.M1a2 has a tis for gunner ,flir for commander.If its an M1A2 SEP(not sure about the HA/HC) it has a NEWER sighting system which I believe has an orange tinge to it.But I don't know if BOTH gunner and Commander have at their station or wheither its a flir or a tis,or both. I think whats confusing (atleast for me) is what the difference is between the two(Tis and Flir) or are they the same thing with simply different configurations.
  7. 343rdBadger

    TGW Vehicle Fixes

    I think what he means is that in an M1A2, gunner has a green TIS(thermal imaging sight)...Commander has a FLIR which is infra red and is a grey flat screen.However an M1A2 SEP has a Orange screen ala the new sighting systems(not sure if both stations have it or not or which is which ie gunner orange or Commander orange on a SEP?)
  8. YOU ARE NOT the only one...but...If it means gettin our paws on new physics and features,its a price worth paying.As long as we still get to make content ,realism mods will take up the slack and we get fresh blood into the gaming world.Everybody wins.IMO.
  9. 343rdBadger

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    That is an Mi-28...looks like a hampster...look at its "cheeks"...its flying left to right, and noseing forwrd...not a coaxial,your seeing the other side of the rotor sweep with a radar orb in the middle.Just my opinion,but I'd bet on it.
  10. Dunno if anyone else sees this but all the commander positions in the German tanks have a black triangle in the turned-in viewport...looks like its the gunner sight range indicator.Might wanna look at the p3d and set it to not be seen in the commander view lod.Hope this gets fixed.Nice tanks otherwise.
  11. Are we able to launch the ATGM on the Marder?if yes...how?I can't see where to call it up to launch? never mind ,figured it out. ya have to turn out to fire...duh.
  12. I couldn't find anything about the pickax at the Dev website...whats it for and how is it used?
  13. Is it possible to have an AI crew spawn under my command ..ie ...a crew to man a empty bradley for example.That I have control of.I tried it using hostage,but I could'nt get them to arm themselves.Also,I tried to build a barracks but wasn't able to recrute from it.How do we recruit ai to build a tailored squad?
  14. 343rdBadger

    Ballistic Calculator

    Which @folder should we be using if we have arma2 and OA as a combined install? @balca_reloader or @balca_reloader_OA ??
  15. Super great idea,will allow the mhq's some breathing room.But I have a problem with them,No engine sound and the steering wheel is off axis.This was under ace version 373,dunno if thats the reason or not.
  16. 343rdBadger

    Russian Armour Pack with BTRs v6.0

    Now see that makes no sense to me.They should either work ,or not work,if everything is a constant.Unless its in the games new codeing from patch to patch.But that doesn't explain why two of us can play with them,and I 've been using them all along.:confused:
  17. The Sprocket download version of OA comes prepatched to 152/107....therefore we don't need to download 141 mbs of Patch data just to get the dedicated server exe.So is there a download for just the dedicated server by itself?????:confused::mad:
  18. 343rdBadger

    Where is the oa dedi server exe download!

    OOOPPPS....wrong section,dunno how i manged to post this here,musta been because I was goin looney trying to find the dedi server download for OA...mods ya'll can delete this or move it whatever.Thanks for the reply.
  19. 343rdBadger

    Russian Armour Pack with BTRs v6.0

    Well,I'm at a total loss as to what is causing it.Maybe someone with more knowledge can come up with a soluion in the future.I feel kinda sorry some can't play with them,I just love'em to death.I did get a message when I tried to run them with the new KSOR units,Something about a selection/is not an array,But its the first time I've ever seen such a message and its only with those units.If I disable the ksor's,it goes away.Could be a clue.Who knows.
  20. Just noticed that when downloading from kelly's heros the 373 version of ace(I want to use it as well due to content)has errors, the yoma downloader reports the ace_t_veh_m1.pbo as an extraction failure.when looking at it its a .7z file.Also the ace_t_veh_m2.pbo file returns a "remote server not found error 404".Another error is the ace_t_veh_m113.pbo keeps comming up as needing to be downloaded along with the ace_t_wep_mg.pbo.Could this be causing issues as well.And if so ,how do we get these file to download properly??? note that I have ran the dowloader aleast 10 times and this keeps reporting these same errors. Is It possible that some download servers files are corrupt??
  21. 343rdBadger

    Russian Armour Pack with BTRs v6.0

    Just a thought,I noticed this post in the ACE thread and I gotta wonder if this isn't the same problem some people are having with the tank pack... QUOTE: I just tried using SIX Updater for OA ACE. Ugh, all it did was update my ARMA2 ACE, not install/update/move them into the OA's directory. So just to point it out, SIX Updater needs support for Steam OA + Steam ARMA2 combos. The Steam combo is made up of two directories, and for mods to be recognised by OA, they must be found in its directory. I then tried a different method; creating my own preset. I selected OA Vanilla as the settings profile and still it just updates/installs in the ARMA2 directory. Anyway of changing where exactly the mods install to? The settings profiles still all point to ARMA2's directory, which only works for disk/sprocket CO installs. End Quote Could this be an indication too whats happening?:confused:
  22. 343rdBadger

    Russian Armour Pack with BTRs v6.0

    I've been using the Russian tank pack on the newest ACE thats dedicated to OA content ,only thing is, it doesn't allow the gtl flir to work as it doesn't seem to recognize a T90 class for the flir.However,it works as usual ie it has the FCS (only compensates ranges for MG's though,you have to range manually with the reticle for main gun) Once the ARM2 content version comes out they should get the flir back.What these other issues are above I haven't a clue.All I can say is two of us playing together have working tanks on sprocket download version of the game.Hell,I've even tried to make them fail and couldn't ,they kept on working.So I'm leaning towards maybe a game version issue at this point.
  23. 343rdBadger

    Russian Armour Pack with BTRs v6.0

    Works with both ACE and NON ACE for me,OA or vanilla 107,So I'm wondering if it matters where/how you bought the game? digital download vs DVD maybe?
  24. 343rdBadger

    Russian Armour Pack with BTRs v6.0

    So they're working OK for you too I take it? Some people are getting crashes but I don't know why.I wonder if its a game version issue?
  25. 343rdBadger

    Russian Armour Pack with BTRs v6.0

    Seem to work fine here,On patrol in the deep desert :)I'm using a sprocket version of the game,dunno if that makes a difference?:confused: I tried the detailmappy suggestion a couple posts above...didn't work for me.My rvmatts are still needing to be put into the tracked pbo/data/detailmappy folder manually(In the arma2 addons folder btw,as my install is combined Arma2/OA).Also still no fix for the btr's/uaz/grad problem,best to use Either/Or in those cases,but the btr's work great otherwise. I'm also running ACE2 here in the pic,but they work just as well in vanilla.Also using the glt flir addon for thermals. New ACE version to try if ya want,just some new textured versions I wanted for the T80UM1 http://www.filefront.com/16972071/RussianArmourPackArmA2Ver9.0ACEX2.7z