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  1. Awesome, confirmed. Our other servers are back online now. Right before the weekend, great timing! From NFO: BI has released a new performance binary that fixes the issue caused by the last update and allows game servers to start up properly. We have rolled this out to all servers that were offline or empty now. If your server was offline because of the broken update, please contact us through the 'Help!' page in your control panel and we can issue a credit for the time that it was down.
  2. Yep, pretty much exactly the same .RPT message on our other servers. Only able to start one.
  3. Just received notification from NFO they're pulling the plug on new Arma 3 servers it appears, too bad...servers have been excellent. Customer service is the fastest I've ever had experience with too. Real shame. Message from NFO GSP: "We have been unable to find a workaround for the serious bug in ArmA3 that is preventing us from running multiple servers on the same machines -- a critical part of shared hosting. We also have not seen any evidence that BI is looking into the problem. For the time being, we consider ArmA3 to be an unsupportable game, and we have disabled it on our order page."
  4. For anyone not aware, the latest 1.56 update to A3 has rendered VDS instances on NFO servers disabled. The Steam API is failing to initialize on all but one server per account. Apparently they're working on fix, we're now at 24hrs down.
  5. 0z0n3

    All Seeing Eye - Shows one server?

    Daddl, thanks anyway for the reply. I should have just kept fiddling with settings in ASE. It was one of those simple fixes where I started at the most complicated end, and worked backwards. Reminds me of the first acronym I learned in coding? "K.I.S.S." =)
  6. Hi all, I recently got back into OFP, decided to fire up multiplayer. Â I remember many using and preferring The All Seeing Eye to find servers. Â I installed a fresh version of The 'Eye' and only one server shows up (Rsfno) and under versions...the highest number is 1.60 which I thought odd. Â I'm running 1.96. Is there some discrepancy between Gamespy and All Seeing Eye, and won't let Eye clients see OFP servers? Â I have ports configured properly, can join games from in-game browser. Â Just a bit perplexed. Â Would rather use ASE. TIA Edit: Never mind. Apparently during installation, ASE indexes OFP as 'Operation Flashpoint' by default. It should be 'Operation Flashpoint: Resistance'. An odd nuance, but was able to correct it in tools/options/games tab, selected 'Operation Flashpoint: Resistance' from the not installed games list.
  7. 0z0n3

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    First, I'm really liking eecp. I've stopped playing the latest greatest games out for this. Ural and skoda errors are gone with v0.4.4 Getting a "No entry 'config.bin\CfgWeapons.JAM_M72LAWLauncher'." ?