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    Ati radeon issues resolved?

    Oo I have: 2400+ (running 12x194) 9700pro 512 XMS3200 Epox 8RDA+ and I wouldn't dare run 6xAA 16xAF because even at 4xAA, 8xAF the framerates are often terrible! What sort of FPS do you get?
  2. //relic//

    Ati radeon ofp startup problems

    I could never see/feel/benchmark the difference between the earlier 3.x Omega drivers so I just used normal Cats for my latest format
  3. //relic//

    Ati radeon issues resolved?

    9700pro @ 360/660 I get about 12k 3dmark01 with the settings I run OFP in (4xFSAA 8xAF), so overall performance isn't the issue. It's fixable by disabling AF and FSAA, but I shouldn't have to
  4. //relic//

    I think its my router that causes it :(

    Sorry, I don't have a solution, but could you tell me which ports are meant to be enabled per protocol?
  5. //relic//

    Ati radeon issues resolved?

    Woah...not cool Thanks to the great people at ATI I can't even look at a forest in OFP without the fps going to about 5, and the entire game seeming to go into slow motion - mouse moves slowly, the video/sound lag...
  6. //relic//

    Aphrodite released !

    Pressing 'Tab' will automatically cycle to the next *enemy* target, ignoring static/empty vehicles - so unless you made allowance for that, it won't be of much use other than cosmetic
  7. //relic//

    God needs your money...

    I won't say anything with regards to faith and having a specific religious belief, as it always degenerates to pure flaming at some point and I can't even begin to comprehend the believers' mindset. Anyhow - why do you feel the need to attribute any particular philosophy or structure to 'life, the universe and everything' killagee? It seems most sensible to me to simply approach life in a pragmatic manner.
  8. //relic//

    Sound is screwed with eax and nforce2

    Having used kX project drivers for several months now, I can assure you that 99.99% of all SB Live problems were the fault of Creative's driver dev team, rather than the hardware. With 3rd party drivers, there are no issues whatsoever with OFP.
  9. //relic//

    Is artificial intelligence possible ?

    *shrug* I don't know enough to argue whether every response from a human can be predicted and is wholly based on genetics and experience, but in my opinion, a computer isn't truly intelligent while it is merely a program running through predetermined lines of code. Also, I'm not going to argue philosophy. A machine is a machine, and if I want to, I'll torture the fuckin thing
  10. //relic//

    Is artificial intelligence possible ?

    I assume it's been taken care of by experts in the formulating of theories - but what about whim and irrational behaviour? Acting contrary to reason with no particular basis is seen in human behaviour, but would it be seen where an animal is acting purely on instinct?
  11. //relic//

    Is artificial intelligence possible ?

    That's not learning in an intelligent sense, that's simply mimicking. When a computer is able to continually expand it's code to suit it's own purposes, without limit, then true AI exists. Up until then, any 'intelligence' exhibited by computers is not true intelligence, it is simply following predetermined patterns of behaviour determined by the programmers, however complex and wideranging that may be. Also, I would have no qualms with killing a sentient AI being, it would make it more fun (aww cmon people it's essentially just electrons!)
  12. //relic//

    Sound is screwed with eax and nforce2

    It seems to be a problem on Nvidia's end, and happens with most games. The sounds are incorrectly occluded and so forth, so you might not hear a thing 5m away, but you can hear a tank on the other side of Nogova. I went back to using my SB Live with the KX Project drivers, which are fantastic.
  13. //relic//

    How does a computer do a random choice?

    It's threads like these that make me want to drop my combined finance/economics degree and go straight into physics. I'm sure that in the long run however, pragmatism will overcome my scepticism at what is essentially a degree in sociology and human behaviour
  14. //relic//

    Connection lost...

    It happens to me all the time, and I do what most of you do - alt-tab and IE to get the OFP connection flowing again.
  15. //relic//

    Un-official patch + upgrades

    I'd love to see a coherent upgrade pack for both SP and MP, it would enhance the game no end.
  16. //relic//

    Other e3 games

    It's something of a maxim for 3d modelling that lighting makes all the difference, and it shows in those HL2 screenshots - some of the scenes almost look prerendered.
  17. //relic//


    On the subject of radar targeting, I would like to see the HUD target boxes totally removed from Vet mode because it screws up the game in multi when people just right-click all over the screen in front of them until they lock up someone 2km outside of viewdistance and then happily turn them into slag.
  18. //relic//

    Have you had many problems with your ati card?

    You go to the Direct3d tab - > Compatibility Settings -> Support DXT Texture Formats -> Disabled
  19. //relic//

    Have you had many problems with your ati card?

    Avonlady - the setting determines whether or not Direct X compressed texture formats will be used. Kegetys - with reference to their recent quick-n-dirty fix gone bad, they can't even ensure problem free gaming in Halflife/CS, so what possibly hope is there for us?
  20. //relic//

    Have you had many problems with your ati card?

    Thanks Bulbous, but I know what I'm talking about. I'm yet to see a single game of mine that doesn't have at least a few anomalies (minor or otherwise) thanks to the Catalysts. Phoebus - do you ever get really terrible FPS when you zoom in on sprites? I basically can't use rifles with scopes or tanks when the target is against a sprite background (e.g a forest) because my FPS go from ~60+ to about 5
  21. //relic//

    Have you had many problems with your ati card?

    The hardware is good in most respects, but frankly ATi's driver dev team blow chunks. I've had nothing but problems with my 9700pro - hideous z-buffering errors/microstutter/flashing textures/fps lag/bad fps in OFP...so I'm going back to nvidia next time.
  22. //relic//

    Direct 3d vs direct 3d h&w

    Direct3d HW T&L is a lot faster because transform and lighting calculations are offloaded from the CPU to the graphics card, which does it in hardware and frees up the cpu for other things.
  23. //relic//

    Ragdoll effect

    A ragdoll effect on the models, both whilst living and whilst dead, would be fantastic. Seeing your rounds actually wrench people around as opposed to a red spot would be sweet.
  24. //relic//

    Graphics engine improvement

    bn880, the 9x00 series cannot do truform in hardware, so unless their target performance is based around an 8500 (and totally ignoring nvidia cards) then no truform for you... Software implementations of adaptive tesselation yes - but not hardware ones, unless nvidia/ati produce something in the future using it.
  25. //relic//

    Mission ideas

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (denoir @ 25 April 2003,20:13)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">A campaign designed by a human beats a dynamically computer generated campaign any time. I say leave the mission types exactly as they were.<span id='postcolor'> You haven't played Falcon4 I take it? I'd like to ultimately see a dynamic campaign plus a story based campaign, although that's unrealistic. It would be nice however, to have kills in one mission impact on the overall force levels on any given island. The example that springs to mind is highjacking a russian helo in "Saboteur" (IIRC) in the CWC campaign and killing every russian you can find using it. Having this impact on the overall level of enemy forces on the island would be good.