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  1. If they manage to actually make the "Ro Classic" mode happen, then it might save the game. I actually bought the game because it was supposed to be slower paced "thinking mans" game as someone in the twi forums said. Well turns out it was just the opposed. a game where lightning fast reflexes wins the game for you:j: I´m waiting for the pacific assault mod which should be cool.
  2. -Puma-

    Aliens and UFOs

    I kinda agree with PELHAM here though. I once read an article, that modern physics is in a crossroads: Do they keep hunting for those big theory`s (1 big unified theory of everything) and allow the theorys to grow and become so complex that only a handful of scientists will be able to understand them. Thats allready happening now with string theories and theories where multiple dimensions are involved. Allso the measurement tools will become so big and expensive, it will be harder to prove the theories right. Without measurement the theories will just be theories. Other road is to focus what we have now, and help develop new technologies for everyday life, wich would be the best, looking at the world we live in now.
  3. -Puma-

    Aliens and UFOs

    No need for hyped up Science press here. all the news services are factual and informative :) I maybe just explaining wrong as english isn´t my frist language :o Anyways thanks for info, actually as I read thru the news it didnt state, that the planet was a rocky planet, all it said its propably smaller than earth and more study is needed. All im saying though is sometimes truth is stranger than fiction ... @marvic what the hell is "green Hillman Imp car" :confused:
  4. -Puma-

    Aliens and UFOs

    Yes I understand this, but what we have discovered recently seems that all things are not so simple. Even the preiodic table might need a third dimension as the element ,such as aluminium can organize in a state that it behaves similar to other other element in periodic table (super atom). Yesterday I read that they found fourth earth-like planet circling a dwarf M star, wich has no heavy elements in it. and scientists are baffled as they tought that star like that cant have rock planets. But they found one, and that planet is sofar the best candidate to have liquid water in it. I believe, like einstein himself sayed, that its amazing, that nature could behave so constant and u could make so complex and accurate calculations and laws out of it. Maybe the theory of everything is that there is no theory in the first place? I know this is far fetched, but the universe is truly a confusing place. and the more we learn about it, more confusing it gets
  5. -Puma-

    Aliens and UFOs

    I thought the theory was that when something is mixed it, lets say water and salt it adds the chaos (high entropy) state of the universe. So in the beginning everything is organized and in the end everything is chaotic. This is a old theory, which has nowdays been challenged. I might talk completely bollocks, because of bad memory and i read finnish articles. -martin- I know how u feel. I allways like to read and watch stuff about universe and physics, but in the end im allways like WTF did I just read/watched:j:
  6. -Puma-

    Aliens and UFOs

    thanks for info :) sorry for going abit offtopic but found an intersting link where the actors explain abit about the show and storyline after the finale http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/sciencenotfiction/2009/03/20/battlestar-galactica-watched-the-finale-still-got-questions-weve-got-answers/ To me the universe seems too quiet for me. When thinking all the hundreds of millions of stars and planets ,I bet what we see and feel dosent even come close to explain whats really happening in the universe. Maybe all the others are in different dimension and/or outside our understanding and senses. What im trying to say is there should be hell of alot more intelligent activity than what we are experiencing right now. I mean not even a single one radio transmission.
  7. -Puma-

    Aliens and UFOs

    NVM 5 characters
  8. -Puma-

    Aliens and UFOs

    One show about aliens stated rightfully that aliens dont have to be big: they can allso be so small that human eye dosent see them. In other dimensons there can be different laws of physics that makes everything tiny, or our dimension makes everything big.
  9. -Puma-

    Aliens and UFOs

    dam, where´s that fry meme..
  10. -Puma-

    Arma 3 with 1,000 players online .. possible?

    well if you read the article, they say that the technology supports 10 animations and 1 fire animation per second. When this is ready they say it would be easy for a developer to add the techonology in they´re own game. I would like to see this very much on arma, but we´ll just have to wait and see:)
  11. -Puma-

    BattleField 3

    can u add me aswell on the platoon thingy, ingame name is PumaFIN:) edit- applied, add me and u have a nice practice target running in the wilds like a blind rabbit :bounce3:
  12. you will be allright with that PSU. I bet it your system dosent even need more than 500w, so u have alot of head room with bigger PSU and with lighter load it might last a littlebit longer:)
  13. well im studying to become electrician so maybe I can help. If u check your fuse box it should contain number of fuses that are wired into different rooms. For example here in finland we usually have 10 amp fuse for a group, that contains lights and sockets. The voltage we use is 230w so yhe fuse holds up to 2300watts (current x voltage = watts) So u cab use 2 1000w heaters for example on that fuse, put a coffee machine on top of those 2 and the fuse will pop. So u can safely use 1000w power source on the said 10 amp fuse and u have 1300 w still left. This ofcourse varies what and how fuses are used.
  14. -Puma-

    Arma 2 Performance and FPS

    Yes Ramdisk gives u smoother experience, allthough u shouldn´t use all 12gb of ram on a ramdisk. Leave about 4gb´s of ram for the rest of the system to run on. If u can fit the whole folder in the ramdisk that´s cool, if not copy what u can form the addons folder.
  15. My little brother had OPF on his PC and i thought it was the coolest thing. I remember a couple of missions i played, but had other "activities" then, which took most of my time. Allsso my brother wanted to play quake wars all the time and didnt even dare to try opf on my 166mhz pentium II :pet5: Later when i got my own PC that could play games, ARMA was the first game i ever bought, and been playing since :bb: