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    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    While I am looking forward to this release, I am hoping it will allow for certain things to be disabled since I'm like the above player who prefers the early variants of Evo in ArmA 1. @eggbeast - just food for thought: 1) Option to disable MHQ 2) Option to disable air drops 3) Option to disable artillery strikes (I edited a version of Evo long ago to include M109's that could be air lifted. Artillery support then took a team effort) 4) Option to make recruiting AI possible only at the base 5) An easy way to edit the score needed to unlock the next rank (for those of us who wish to increase the score needed between each rank) 6) Option to disable the ability of the engineer's FARP to magically repair & reload everything (aka - require the support trucks to be present at the FARP) 7) Option to lock enemy vehicles so friendlies cannot use them When most of those items are disabled, it makes for a more intense game since it requires more coordination and teamwork. Generally that type of game style is only played in a closed server by a private squad, but is still a lot of fun :) Your work for the community on this mission is highly appreciated by many!
  2. -Total-

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    Out of all of the people I played BF, COD, and America's Army with, only about 5 got into ArmA. Many others tried it, but couldn't get into it. The reasons were always the same: The pace was not as fast as the popular shooters was one reason. While this could be compensated for in some ways, mainstream shooters are built for speed and instant action. The other reason was the true meat of it all though. The open design of the map made it impossible to have a rehearsed strategy that a person could depend on. The popular shooters have linear maps with a few key choke points. Once a person has a map down and how the map plays out, then it's all twitch reaction from there. ArmA is not designed that way. It relies more on strategy than twitch alone. This simple element of thinking of an ever-developing strategy on the fly distracts too many gamers who are accustomed to the mainstream speed shooters. Unless you make small, box in maps and increase the game speed to an unrealistic sense, then ArmA will never appeal to the mainstream masses. And the fact that it doesn't appeal to them is just fine by me. It keeps ArmA from being a repetative, speed driven twitch game. 10 years ago when I was still in my 30's, speed and twitch were great. Now that I am older, I prefer my intensity from having to think my way to victory rather than twitch my way there :D
  3. -Total-

    Development Blog & Reveals

    They need to put ALOT more seaspray around the bottom of that thing. I served on teh USS Wasp LHD-1 and saw more than my share of LCAC Ops. They kick up an amazing amount of spray around the bottom of it.
  4. -Total-

    Helicopter flight model from TakeOnHelis

    If possible, it should be an option for a more realistic flight model.
  5. -Total-

    Player moves like a drunken sailor.

    I read the start of this thread and...Doom? Quake? Really? Then I read some of the replies....wow. ArmA's movements are probably the most realistic I have seen. I used to think that the sprinting felt slow, but then I compared how far the character was moving in that time span versus the speed. While I still feel as though the animation of the sprint could be sped up, the actual distance travelled is realistic. After three deployments to the Gulf War and two to Bosnia, I can say this. ArmA2's movements don't feel fluid for a reason - because real movements aren't COD fluid. COD and other franchises base their character movements on a person who is wearing a spandex body suit and athletic shoes in a controlled and comfortable environment. Combat boots are not athletic shoes. Combat gear is not a spandex suit. The environment is not comfortable nor controlled - specially when bullets are flying by your skull. Things get blurry. Things feel uncoordinated. Movements are based upon necessity, not fluidity. ArmA2 reflects this probably better than any game I've seen. One of the animations that I was most impressed by is going prone from a sprint. Go out into your yard with items strapped to your chest that will hurt if you fall on them and a belt holding things around your waist that will definitely hurt like heck if you fall on them. Now, run and go prone. Chances are, unless you're just asking for pain, that you slowed yourself down by hitting knees first and then either breaking your fall with an elbow or by reaching out. More of a sliding to a prone position rather than belly flopping on the ground. Now, go watch the animation of that ingame. It does exactly that. The knees hit first and the chracter breaks their fall so as to not cram that military flashlight into their ribcage. A soldier who hurts themself while maneuviering has decreased their effectivity in battle. We called them dumbasses when I was in. Maybe the term still holds true lol.
  6. I would advise to keep the current availability of boxed downloads as well as Steam distribution. Not all of us out here kiss the ground Steam walks on. While have purchased a couple of games over Steam, I prefer to get a boxed version instead.
  7. Hiya Bon, We're getting inconsistent results with CFOR. Sometimes it will run without a problem, but most often it will either: A) Not trigger the end of the mission to activate another one B) All enemy AI will stand in one place and be invulnerable. We run the server in Combined Ops mode and no addons server side (except BAF and PMC) and most addons client side are sound mods.
  8. As much as I like Takistan and Chernarus, I often find myself missing the diversity and versatility of Sahrani from ArmA 1. I know that Sahrani has been user-ported to A2, but my group strives to run our server in a "no mods required" mode so people don't have to download addons in order to join it. Just a note from several of us to BIS that, if it wouldn't take a complete redo of the entire map, Sahrani in A2 would be prime :) While not based upon a definite geopgraphic part of the real world, it was so well thought out that it easily believable.
  9. -Total-

    need some input (should i buy arma2)

    ArmA and it's successors are most enjoyed when viewed as either: A) First Person, Coop, Real Time Strategy Game B) First Person, Single Player, Real Time Strategy Game The game is not geared for CQC. Not necessarily because of the animations and such, but because the map itself does not restrict the players with the choke points that are associated with CQC FPS's. Without those, camping all over the place is practiced and a flank can come in from pretty much any direction. "Where did I get shot from?" is a perpetual question in ArmA series PvP. That being said, we run several different coops on our server. This includes our own modified Domination (one that takes away toys and options to increase the challenge) and role specific coops. Then there's always the sandbox singleplayer :)
  10. -Total-

    Where is the crater?

    The leaves are "decoration" of a skeletal model. To make each leaf and blade of grass and independent model to act with that behavior would be a CPU killer given that the CPU is processing over 200 sq/km at any given point. You would be lucky to run 2FPS. Crysis does not deal with areas this large and is why it can do it. At some time, hardware may catch up lol.
  11. -Total-

    Will there be an Arma 3?

    ArmA1 definitely had it's share of bugs on release, heck the ArmA1 demo (v1.05) caused a few of my friends to have to reformat. That being said, it wasn't as hideous as we'd all like to believe by reading the forums. Patch 1.14 got IGN's "Patch of the Year" award for it's massive bug fixes and additions. All things considered, the amount of time to get to 1.14 was not all that long either. If an ArmA3 IS made, then I would like to see six things: 1) 6 degrees of movement for TrackIR in the aircraft cockpits (should be there now) 2) More user intensive cockpits (ie one has to use the targeting screen in the cockpit instead of just hitting F & TAB) 3) More realistic and higher fidelity flight models (aircraft are too easy to fly atm) 4) Armored vehicle interiors (immersion please :) ) 5) Environmental effects with rain (even if two stage puddles just magically appear it's better than what we have now. 6) A diverse environment. Takistan is a great start, but those snow covered mountains in the map's backdrop would be awesome if they were accessible. Desert to forrested to high altitude winter peaks. Things I don't want to see: 1) Arcade-style character movements. Actors in spandex move smoothly. Soldiers in combat gear do not. 2) Knives & Bayonets. No, just no. 3) Fictional weapons or vehicles. It's bad enough the XM8 was in ArmA 2. That program was cancelled and the weapon never hit standard issue. Also, the Unmanned Little Bird is still in development, not in field production. The standard UAV would have kept it more realistic.
  12. -Total-

    Knife proposal

    Movies glamorize knives. As a five time combat veteran, I can honestly say that the thought of pulling out my knife to kill someone NEVER crossed my mind. I felt much better at using my M4 w/ and Acog 4X on it than getting close to an armed combatant in an attempt to be a Hollywood star. I used my knife for fart more useful things. Opening cans, looking for mines, and winning cash at who could stick their knife in the bullseye from 20 feet away (lost plenty of $ as well lol)
  13. We noticed these errors tonight while playing. Approach angle labeling for the runway at Rasman Military base on the Takistan map is reversed. Approach 22 is actually the 04 approach and vice versa. Runway at Loy Manara is correct. Runway approach angle labeling on the Zargabad map is reversed. Approach 00 is actually the 18 approach and vice versa.
  14. -Total-

    ARMA 2: 1.07 Patch Released!!!

    Had the "Waiting On host" bug on my server after being patched. -exthreads=1 on the command line worked for my server. Host is proclanhosting.com
  15. -Total-

    PC vs. console sales

    I don't own a console and I never will. Hell, if it weren't for the fact that we take care of my father-in-law, I wouldn't even have a TV in the living room or cable Tv for that matter (he's the TV watcher lol). BUT - If I were in charge of a game development studio, then I would develop strictly for console. That's where the money is. Gone are the days where a game could sale 100,000 copies and be considered a great success and have follow on titles. Now, unless it sells at least a million copies, then it was a dud. So, cater to the market where the money is. As a PC-only gamer though, I am very thankful for companies like BIS and Eagle Dynamics who do not cave into the allure of the quick bucks on console games. Consoles have saturated the market with such instant gratification orientated games, that there's no learning curve anymore. Buy it, launch it, and start getting kill stats on the first round. This mentallity has permeated across all games. I am playing the beta for Starcraft 2. Gone are the days of building up base defenses, upgrading your units, and amassing a sizeable force for a multi-flank assault. Crank out 10-20 units as quickly as possible and strike right up front. I've been able to hold off two early rushes, and both players logged out saying they didn't wanna have an hour long match. Jeez! It's an RTS!!! There is a thread about "why isn't ArmA2 more popular" Folks, it has nothing to do with graphics, animations, etc ArmA2 is not an instant gratification, get kills in the first 5 minutes kind of game. It has a learning curve. Learning curves are frowned upon by game plublishers. ArmA2 is not more popular becuase it's a real game that requires real thought and mental skill while playing, not an arcade, twitch reaction only blow-em-up. Those of us who like games like ArmA2 are a dying breed. I had hoped that eventually the masses would get tired of the console-type games, but the popularity is growing everyday. Even World Of Warcraft caved. New players can quest with a level 80 and level up at a triple rate (capping off at level 60). In a week or two, a player can ne a higher level than those who started off in the original WoW were in 3 months lol. Fine, let the masses conitinue to dumb themselves down and claim to be great gamers. I'll stick where I am and I'm proud to stand with you guys in this minority :)