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    forceware 94.24 released

    Great, now ill only have to wait another 7 months for a x64 version
  2. -=seany=-

    Public Beta Patch 1.07.5154

    great, new patch. I happy with the beta tag, may as well get it right before proper release. Anyways, can anyone confirm what to do about the old 1.05beta patch? do i just install 1.07 along side it? can I delete the old patch? does it contain fixes that are not included in 1.07? thanks
  3. -=seany=-

    Sound loss with 1.05

    I have an XFi and I have this problem form time to time on MP. What does -openal do exactly?
  4. -=seany=-

    Will you still play ArmA?

    thats what i was thinking, looks like some sort of mac10 or uzi. i think there is similar gun in CS. doesnt look like the sort of thing to be in large open combat with, maybe CQB.
  5. -=seany=-

    Your Graphic Card and Arma Settingsx

    Epox Nforce3 mobo AMD 3500+ 2GB ram POV 256mb 7800GS AGP slightly OC XFI Xtreme Music GFX settings: Latest Beta Res = 1152x846x32 100hz terrain detail = low object detail = low texture detail = low shading detail = low post processing = Low anisotropic f = V High shadow detail = low AA = Disabled Blood = high Audio ===== H/W Accel = Enabled EAX = Enabled On Evolution MP Coop 1.4, I get lowest FPS of 18 and highest of 34. Mostly sits around 23-28
  6. -=seany=-

    Crippled JIP

    Sorry, but what is JIP?
  7. One thing I find irritating is when I press "M" to view the map whilst I'm running across terrain or driving and it stops me, I have to close the map and start moving again by repressing the "forward" key. I like to switch to my map a lot when moving across long distances on foot or driving. In OFP it wasn't like this, you could keep moving for however long you liked with the map open. I like it that way. Did BIS set it up to stop you moving on purpose in ArmA or was it just an accident in design? should I report it as a bug? Does it bother you guys, or do you not mind?
  8. -=seany=-

    Using Map stops movement - does it bother you?

    I reported the above as a bug, but now its gone. Do the devs delete bug reports they think are not bugs or too trivial? Wouldn't they just have "closed" the report? -------------------------------------- NM my bad ..its there, sorry. To make up for time wasted reading my thread, look a this funny bug report: http://bugs.armed-assault.net/view.php?id=2155
  9. -=seany=-

    Using Map stops movement - does it bother you?

    Ok, had a bit more of a play around with it today and it turns out it is indeed a bug. If you use WSAD as your movement keys it functions exactly like OFP, switching to map has no affect on player/vehicle movement. If, however, you use the Arrow Keys for movement (as I do....yes yes I know) then switching to map interrupts player/vehicle movement. I also do not have control when the maps has opened. The map has to be closed and the Up Arrow repressed to continue moving. If anyone else could confirm this, that would be great. Cheers guys
  10. -=seany=-

    Using Map stops movement - does it bother you?

    ha ha Beagle . Look I'm not nitpicking, alright. If I was, I would have posted this in the Trouble Shooting section. This forum is for general discussion, which is what this is. I'm not saying it ruins my game either.. i was just curious to see what others thought. And it looks as though most ppl can keep moving when they press the map key, so I must be missing some thing, which is good
  11. -=seany=-

    AA and HDR

    I too have a 7800gs 256mb. I didn't think you could turn HDR off in Arma but I can run with AA on. However..it costs too many FPS. Troop. What sort of cpu/ how much Ram have you? what settings do you run Arma ? and what frames do you get. Your the first other person I have noticed here with a 7800gs, so Im curious as to your performance etc in Arma
  12. -=seany=-

    Arma , the ultimate driving simulator

    I too like the physics of driving. oxidizing wheels are a tad strange though lol I think i preferred the flat wheel in OFP. However, its nice to have the chronic over-steer in the 5ton US truck now, get that baby moving fast round a corner and she ain't stopping
  13. -=seany=-

    Manual Fire in Tactical Mode?

    1. In OFP I used to like jumping into a tank/vehicle in commander seat, then switch to drivers seat, then turn on "Manual Fire". I would then change to Tactical View and target and shoot things myself. - How do I do this in ArmA? I can only seem to Manual Fire from the inside view of the vehicle, which is kind of useless. 2. Are there no Targeting Boxes in ArmA? When I target some thing in a vehicle, I cant tell if its properly Locked or not. 3. How do you cancel a target in ArmA, without using the annoying Backspace Menu? I can only seem to pick different targets. I can never set "No target" with the mouse as I could in OFP. This is bad because if I accidentally target a friendly with Manual Fire off (whilst in "Fire" mode), my gunner just lights them up. Cheers for any help, I'm really enjoying the game so far and it is an excellent upgrade from OFP. I Just hope I can get these, seemingly simple, problems sorted.
  14. -=seany=-

    Manual Fire in Tactical Mode?

    true, I guess I wouldn't care if it had not been in OFP. Im just so damn used to it from playing CTI on Flashpoint. May be it should have been included as an option for the player to choose if they want it or not. Ill admit it isnt very realistic, but it did help stave off the continual swearing at the AI for not being able to do things quickly in the middle of a heated battle. There just too slow. And they suck at driving.
  15. -=seany=-

    Manual Fire in Tactical Mode?

    Thanks for the replies guys, im really surprised there has been so little feedback to this. Either I explained it badly or no-one else is really that bothered by it, or it is possible and i just dont know how? But is it actually impossible to be in tactical view and use manual fire as a driver? If so, CTI and its variants are going to be very hard, as well as large scale armor battles . And having to select "no target" by using your cycle through targets button! i dont fancy doing that in an attack helo in a target rich environment. anyway, c'mon humor me
  16. -=seany=-

    Demo Troubleshooting thread.

    Dang tht worked for you? had already updated it to try and fix my previous problem
  17. -=seany=-

    Demo Troubleshooting thread.

    Pity I didn't see this earlier However, I am now having the same problem as you, CTD when trying to join a game or create a game. Where you able to fix it this problem? Oh and about the updated .exe , in the readme.txt it says : "It's not recommended to use this exe to play the demo on game clients.
  18. -=seany=-

    Demo Troubleshooting thread.

    I Fixed My Demo Not Starting Problem For me it was caused by my nForce2 drivers not being installed properly. When I went to uninstall my old nForce drivers I got an error message saying "RUNDLL -------- Error loading C:\WINDOWS\system32\NVINSTNT.dll The specified module could not be found" so I redownloaded the latest nForce2 drivers, installed them, uninstalled them and reinstalled them once more. The reason for the multiple uninstall/install was because you should always remove a driver before updating it, which I could not do initially. anyway, hope some of you other guys can fix the "wont start" error with this info. Make sure you update all your drivers :- reinstalling Windows is for the weak
  19. -=seany=-

    Demo Troubleshooting thread.

    I don't think this is of any significance as on the my other PC, which runs the demo fine, the last two check boxes don't get ticked either. I have read on another forum about some-one who was having this problem and they fixed it with a reformat. I am totally against doing this, least of all because its a pain in the butt, mostly because it must be fixable, its just not easy to pin down.
  20. -=seany=-

    Demo Troubleshooting thread.

    I have two PCs here. The first is an AMD3500/2gigRAM/GForce7900GS-256mb running Windows XP64bit. This runs the Demo no probs. Then I copied the Demo setup file to my other pc : AMDAthlon2400/512MB/GForce6800LE-128mb running Windows XP32bit. On this machine (as with some other people here) the demo installs but refuses to launch. It shows the panel with tickbox's then gives a windows error, which I have Included below. I have updated my GFX drivers to latest. I have Installed the August 2006 DX update, and then the December 2006 update. I have also tried putting the DX9 dll in the ArmAdemo folder, but nothing works. just keeps on giving me this error. I am at my wits end. I understand this is a bad time to be trying to get some help for the demo from the BI guys. When ever you official guys can shed some light on this it will be much appreciated Well happy Christmas guys, have a good one. Cheers Sean Contents of ArmADemo.RPT : ===================================================================== == C:\Program Files\Games\ArmADemo\ArmADemo.exe ===================================================================== Exe version: Sat Dec 23 18:38:37 2006 Cannot register unknown string STR_MSG_RESTART_NEEDED ======================================================= Date: 12/23/06 Time: 19:08:14 ------------------------------------------------------- Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 004DE230 Version 1.03.5109 Fault address: 004DE230 01:000DD230 C:\Program Files\Games\ArmADemo\ArmADemo.exe file: world: SaraLite Prev. code bytes: 8D 44 01 01 89 85 14 FF FF FF 8B 85 14 FF FF FF Fault code bytes: 0F BE 00 85 C0 0F 84 05 04 00 00 FF B5 14 FF FF Registers: EAX:00000000 EBX:00000000 ECX:01ECDAD4 EDX:00000000 ESI:00BEB215 EDI:01ECDD64 CS:EIP:001B:004DE230 SS:ESP:0023:01ECD88C EBP:01ECDB48 DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000 Flags:00010246 =======================================================