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  1. -Bilko-

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    This is really amazing, sadly it jitters so much with me it's unplayable, playing about with the settings seems to do nothing for me. Any tips? Thanks :D
  2. The campaign in OA is much better than ArmA or ArmA 2 but one thing really bugs me, when playing as coop for some reason the players are so spread out. When I play a coop game I actually want to be with the other human player rather than controlling a squad of AI or something. Pretty big let down that this is considered co-op gaming.
  3. Thanks man, so few 2 player coops around.
  4. Always post a screenshot of the problem if you can :)
  5. -Bilko-

    Arma 2 - The PS3 Thread

    PS3 is a pain to program games for, also BIS have no prior experience with it, they do with the Xbox however. I would really give up on a PS3 port, just get OpFlash 2 instead, it's like ArmA, granted it's dumbed down and nothing like the original Flashpoint... I'm not that convinced we'll see an Xbox release to be honest. Guess we'll see.
  6. -Bilko-

    Mission Editor

    I would like it to be easier to use cameras.. Also some kind of slow motion toggle
  7. -Bilko-

    What will you take with you?

    I'd like to see someone take a good stab at a World War 2 mod, the FDF team's attempt was looking mighty impressive and Invasion was also great. I hope one of these teams goes all the way and gives us a proper World War 2 modification, WWII in the ArmA engine would be amazing...
  8. -Bilko-

    I need to show my friends!

    A video would be really nice, but if it will delay the game by even a day, forget it!
  9. -Bilko-

    Do You want PunkBuster in Armed Assault?

    Aye, PunkBuster would probably be a good idea, but that program spoiled BattleField 2 for me, at the start of every round I got intense lag for around 5 mins while PB scanned my HDD. I think they should just make the core files uneditable, so that only mods can be used to cheat, that would make them easier to detect, maybe the game could scan each mod you install to ensure there's no malicious code?
  10. -Bilko-

    I'm just wondering about the screenshots

    There is a big difference, mainly in the player model. The bottom two are definately AA. Just look at other screenshots for OFP2 (Next Gen game) and you'll see a major difference in the graphics. This whole name thing has confused quite alot of sites (understandably) and they have OpFlash 2 screens up as Armed Assault. I don't think they should have announced the next gen game quite so near to AA.