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  1. I prefer Photoshop. On the surface, PSP may appear to be comparable to PhotoShop, but it lacks many of PhotoShop's advanced features. I would not use PSP for anything more than basic image editing, if even that much.
  2. -Parabellum-

    p3d to 3ds

    That utility doesn't work for me. When I follow the instructions, I just get a message saying p3d open OK. Then nothing happens.
  3. -Parabellum-

    DXDLL 1.0 (not Geforce MX compatible)

    I guess it would work but it would need some work specifically for that game. Kegetys ported dxdll at least for Richard Burns Rally, and I tried writing generic version that would work with every DX8 game but it just isn't so simple, it seems. Darn. That would have been nice.
  4. -Parabellum-

    DXDLL 1.0 (not Geforce MX compatible)

    How would one go about utilizing something like DXDLL for other games, such as Ghost Recon?
  5. -Parabellum-

    Cfgtexturetomaterial only for mods?

    Update: Problem solved. After some more tinkering, I figured it must be something to do with the actualy models. I decided to "recalculate all normals", and that did the trick.
  6. -Parabellum-

    jasc paint shop pro 8.10

    I don't know about 8.x, but older versions of PSP couldn't save alpha channels in TGA format for TexView to read.
  7. -Parabellum-

    Cfgtexturetomaterial only for mods?

    Yes, I've put the ODOL in the PBO. Yes, Hardware T&L is on - BIA weapons, and even my own character models have proper lighting. Just not my weapons. I'm not sure what you mean by being outside any other CFG scope. My texuretomaterials section is the 1st section after the common defines.
  8. -Parabellum-

    Cfgtexturetomaterial only for mods?

    I'm trying to get this to work, but I'm having zero success. Here's what my cfg sections look like: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">class CfgTextureToMaterial { class PRA_Weapons { textures[]= { "pra_sof\t\m4.pac","pra_sof\t\m68.pac","pra_sof\t\m68_mt.pac","pra_sof\t\m68mt.pac", "pra_sof\t\mag.pac","pra_sof\t\peq.pac","pra_sof\t\reflex.pac","pra_sof\t\ris2.pac", "pra_sof\t\ris_1.pac","pra_sof\t\grip.pac" }; material="#PRA_RifleMetal"; }; }; class CfgMaterials { class PRA_RifleMetal { ambient[]={1,1,1,1}; diffuse[]={1,1,1,1}; forcedDiffuse[]={0,0,0,0}; specular[]={0.7200000,0.7200000,0.7200000,0}; specularPower=10 emmisive[]={0,0,0,0}; }; }; I can't see that I'm doing anything wrong there. If that's the case, could it be an issue with Oxygen? A particular setting that the models needs to have? I have binarized the addon, but still no luck.
  9. For beginning digital artists, Paint Shop Pro is an OK choice. It's got some of the basic functionality of PhotoShop. Once you get into advanced digital art, though, you'll find that Paint Shop Pro just doesn't measure up to PhotoShop. There's a reason PSP is only $99, and Photoshop is nearly %600; PSP simply doesn't have the advanced tools that PhotoShop has.
  10. -Parabellum-

    O2 quit working

    I'm glad that fixed your problems. Always remember to back up your registry before you mess with it. If you don't, and you mess something up, your system may become unusable.
  11. -Parabellum-

    O2 quit working

    If you want to back up the registry, fire up regedit.exe, click on the 'registry' tab, and then select 'export registry file'. Select 'all' from the tab at the bottom, select a location/file name, and hit 'OK'. Your registry will then be exported and backed up. Proceed.
  12. -Parabellum-

    O2 quit working

    I found and removed the registry entries for Oxygen, which will allow you to get back into Oxygen. For my PC, running Windows 98 SE, the registry entries are located at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bohemia Interactive Studio\OBJEKTIV2LIGHT. Make a backup of your registry, and then delete that entire key. That will allow you to get back into 02. Once you do that and get things running again, don't forget to back up your registry again, so that if things go south, you can restore that setting.
  13. -Parabellum-

    O2 quit working

    The error message above is, AFAIK, related to a mis-identified .dll folder within Oxygen's options menu. I've had the same problem, and I tracked it down to that particular cause.
  14. -Parabellum-

    Paa and pac formats

    PAA format also creates the 'blotchy' look that so many people complain about on OFP textures. PAC format is, IMHO, more suitable for opaque textures where complex alpha channels aren't needed.
  15. -Parabellum-

    Press 'a' in 4 view start = ctd

    If you've gotten the newest version of Buldozer, you don't need a CD in the drive. It's supposed to run without the OFP CD present.