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  1. -SWAT-

    Arma FDF Sound Pack v1.3

    I've downloaded v1.3, tested it and changed back to v1.2... Although i like the new sounds there is no really feeling for me. Maybe i just play to long with the old version
  2. -SWAT-

    CTF Fleischtorpedo

    Nice mission.. we played it on our server, but it seems, that it is a little bit laggy. We had huge problems to play a normal game.
  3. -SWAT-

    Sakakah Al Jawf v.1.0

    No video yet, but some screenshots... http://armed-assault.de/news/sakakah-al-jawf-v10.html
  4. -SWAT-

    Sakakah Al Jawf v.1.0

    No, not for me... i haven't Queens Gambit. Then you're gonna be the fat kid that doesen't gonna join us for fun in the three hut out in the forrest. when you get the QG; you're in äh... what?
  5. -SWAT-

    Sakakah Al Jawf v.1.0

    No, not for me... i haven't Queens Gambit.
  6. -SWAT-

    UAV Mods

    Hey guys, calm down! The user is new to this forums, so why all this bashing and sarcastic writing? @msvbvm61 Try this thread for your question: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=57329
  7. -SWAT-

    Galaxy at War returns for ArmA

    What about the Copyright issues using the Star Wars Name? Legislator, i think you know what i mean
  8. Will there be a new version with integrated map like the modified version in the Black Sword Mission.?
  9. -SWAT-

    ocean insertions.........

    It is maybe not the best solution, but try this one: http://armed-assault.net/news/save-your-weapons.html
  10. -SWAT-

    my 3d model for arma

    The sia 211 looks a little bit like the german Alpha Jet
  11. -SWAT-

    Blitzkrieg-Mod (WWII)

    XxEnigmAxX, he already wrote, that information will follow
  12. -SWAT-

    Health Bar

    Nice work... but i keep my Arma as it already is. Such a health bar is not the kind of realism i like to play.
  13. -SWAT-

    SLA Weapon-Pack

    If you liked Tiger's G11, you will love this pack. The weapons are great.
  14. -SWAT-

    Tactical Guide available in print form

    40 Bucks for 160 pages? Wow, a proud price.