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  1. *actionhank*

    Project RACS

    Awesome! Can't wait to get a chance to play it. I always followed PRACS back when i played ARMA2 a lot, but stopped playing before it was released. Glad to see i can finally catch up.
  2. *actionhank*

    Project RACS

    Are there any mirrors for this? Armaholic doesn't seem to want to work, and the PRACS website gives me a broken link. Thanks in advance anyone.
  3. I don't often post (As may be evident by my join date and low post-count) but i just thought i would jump on and say that i hope this mod comes to completion. It looks amazing. I've always wanted to simulate IEDs since they are such a common occurrence on the battlefield these days, but scripting just goes over my head (Granted i haven't read too much into it. But for the time being i know how to change load outs...and next i plan to learn how to put things on roof tops). That being said your approach looks much more user friendly, and frankly like a lot of fun in game. Good luck to you. That last video looked amazing by the way. I would love to be in an MP game and be tasked with guarding the IED removal team, radioing back and forth trying to figure out how much time they need, and how long you can hold out.
  4. Hey everyone. I haven't been able to track down a good tutorial or link for this (I could possibly be searching in all the wrong places.) Anyhow, i want to make a mission where you are heading into a village to attack and push out the insurgents. I want to have you start the mission with some light armor support on the road ahead of you, and then have 2 Su-25's come down the road and fire rockets for a stretch and take out the tanks, and some of your other soldiers. I just can't figure out how to get the Su-25 to fly along the path and fire rockets down the length of the road. Any ideas or tutorials? Thanks in advance guys!
  5. *actionhank*

    BushWars Mod

    Reminds me of the BAS Tonal mod! i think i'm going to have get this!
  6. *actionhank*

    Project RACS

    Wld427 i love this mod! It's great to see that the RACS units have been made a bit more realistic. I found it a bit hard to believe they were sporting the newest in German rifles in the original game. Also, i've got a soft spot for the G3 so that's even better. I can't wait for the rest of your infantry to be released, and the M1113's look amazing from what i've seen so far. Keep up the great work!
  7. *actionhank*


    This add on gets better and better with every passing day! Great work guys! Anyone know if it will be possible to adjust hand positioning? in OFP it killed me to see guys holding weapons through the mags, and through the rifle stock, anyone know about being able to change that in the near future? That was always one of my worries. Anyways, great work! I'm downloading now!
  8. *actionhank*

    USMC 1.4. goes ArmA

    I'd love to have the Twin engined Huey the marines use, and the Sea Knight too! Those would both be great add ons!
  9. *actionhank*

    Random deviance of bullets

    Are you using single shot? It shouldn't be too hard to put a guy down, and it really shouldn't take a whole clip to do it. Try seeing where your aim is, and where the bullets are really hitting by shooting something and adjusting your aim accordingly.
  10. *actionhank*

    Need help finding the blackhawk skin!

    What do i use to open the .paa file?
  11. So, i wanted to give skinning a go, but i'm wondering where the files are at. I'm interested in the Blackhawk's skin files mainly. I want to create a Sahrani Blackhawk so they have something that matches their army while looking good. Plus, i figure a blackhawk in tan (And maybe a camo version, we'll have to wait and see) would be nice until the add on tools get released and someone can give them a more appropriate chopper. Any help would be appreciated. Also, what do i need to unpack, and repack the files? Thanks guys!
  12. So, i need to get Arma still, but i wanted to start skinning in the game. I was thinking of making a ficticious skin for the RACS men. I think it would be nice to have the Sarani soldiers with their own camo, so i was wondering what you need to get started skinning in the game. I have a bit of knowledge of skinning, but that's mostly from the Il-2 Series of games. So, any help would be nice. I've got photoshop, and was just curious what it would take to get a start into it. Thanks guys!
  13. *actionhank*

    Choppers paradise

    Video looked amazing! I've never seen Chinook's look so graceful. And i loved the hard landings. It gives it that get in, and get the hell out feeling. Not like the usual "hover around for 20 minutes, see how much AAA we can soak up, and if still flying, set down 300 feet away from everyone"
  14. *actionhank*

    VBS2 Compared to ArmA. What Mods can do

    That's good news! I can't wait for BAS to release some mods!
  15. *actionhank*

    VBS2 Compared to ArmA. What Mods can do

    I'm sure everyone around here could go on for days with mod teams they'd love to come back. I would love BAS to do some Arma work! Tonal made with Arma in mind could be amazing! I can remeber playing Tonal's map driving a Bradley into the town taking fire from all the Rebels. Good times. What about ricochet, does Arma have that in it? The Machine gun's ricochet in the video did look pretty good.