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  1. Put somethink like this in the init file if you have one. This will the remove the objects that you want removed. Obviously chage ID's to the relevnt objects http://www.fusion-squad.eu/ //;; Clear out some Walls to pass through more easily _Wallpos = getMarkerPos "Wall Marker1" ; _Wallpos nearestObject 30780 setDamage 1; _Wallpos = getMarkerPos "Wall Marker1_1" ; _Wallpos nearestObject 31232 setDamage 1; _Wallpos = getMarkerPos "Wall Marker1_1_1"; _Wallpos nearestObject 30799 setDamage 1; _Wallpos = getMarkerPos "Wall Marker1_2"; _Wallpos nearestObject 597501 setDamage 1; _Wallpos = getMarkerPos "Wall Marker1_3" ; _Wallpos nearestObject 31289 setDamage 1; _Wallpos = getMarkerPos "Wall Marker1_4" ; _Wallpos nearestObject 30810 setDamage 1; _Wallpos = getMarkerPos "Wall Marker1_5" ; _Wallpos nearestObject 31280 setDamage 1; _Wallpos = getMarkerPos "Wall Marker1_6" ; _Wallpos nearestObject 31279 setDamage 1; _Wallpos = getMarkerPos "Wall Marker1_7" ; _Wallpos nearestObject 31277 setDamage 1; _Wallpos = getMarkerPos "Wall Marker1_8" ; _Wallpos nearestObject 31241 setDamage 1; _Wallpos = getMarkerPos "Wall Marker1_9" ; _Wallpos nearestObject 31215 setDamage 1;
  2. Have placed random vechicles on a map what i would like to do is once the vechicles have been destroyed or deserted can they be respawned in the player respawn area after they have been destroyed or deserted? ?
  3. (FPC) Bacon

    Keep buildings level

    Will give that a try thanks.
  4. Is there any way i can put buildings in a map and they will be level if the ground is not only it's time consuming to have to look at them all and see if the placement it right. As i'm not to sure about this getPOS and setPOS that i've read about. Thanks
  5. (FPC) Bacon

    [SBS] Special Boat Service

    Trying to get the rest of the lads to buy it so will have some games and prob get pissed in the process of playing with u lot
  6. (FPC) Bacon

    [MCY] The MercenaryS (PC)

    I'll pop on for some games lads when you get it sorted:)
  7. Put the dooacsconfig.sqf in main arma folder on server and map works ok have tried it and all seems well
  8. Tried V4 but still asking for Dooacs config sqf.
  9. Send it me m8 and i'll pop it on server we still have it for a few weeks and it is a CTF server so allways somebody on there to try it out.
  10. (FPC) Bacon

    (FPC) Server

    Well the (FPC) Flashpointcharlies CTF Clan-Gametracker Arma server will be shutting down on the 17th December http://www.gametracker.com/server_i...9.223.145:2302/ So as from then there will prob be no dedicated CTF game servers on Arma which just about sums up what type of game Arma became more or less a full on-line COOP game which in it's self is not bad but there just didn't seem to be the same atmosphere that OFP had or game play to a degree to be a PvP game for CTF's players. Having previously had a server with OFP we hope that OFP2 Carry's on with the same platform for both CTF and CO-OP players so it can capture the old OFP players and some new one's which is what Arma failed to live up to in my opinion. And I'd like to thank the SBS Clan http://www.sbs-clan.co.uk/ for letting us use there dedicated box for these last few months. So all being well we will be back with an OFP2 server or an Arma2 for some CTF games . www.flashpointcharlies.co.uk ___
  11. (FPC) Bacon

    (FPC) Server

    Well we have a new server now SBS CLAN let us use their dedi box to host it on so we are back in the CTF game for now
  12. (FPC) Bacon

    OAC (OFP ArmA Conversion)

    Trying to get a new server up and running but will not start keep getting this error message   circular addon dependency in 'oac_cwr_compatibility_addon The addons is there does the CWC demo have to be installed never had this prob on our other server. Now missing cwr_units_east any ideas? Regards Bacon All sorted out now
  13. (FPC) Bacon

    Wafare Tournament

    What would be the timescale of each round or game? As it could go on for hourssssss
  14. There is nothing better than palying a CTF (or pvp) game and knowing that you have just killed somebody sitting at their PC knowing they are saying you F***er (Don't blame the player blame the game)
  15. (FPC) Bacon

    (FPC) Server

    We will be there in OFP2 i hope