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  1. -33ker

    "Sorry for my bad english!"

    Hahaha... Cartoon Network was a very good teacher... for both of us!
  2. -33ker

    I got bored and made a CH-53

    I still could build an assault rifle and a variety of medieval weapons in a couple of minutes from the Lego stuff I've got somewhere down in the basement...
  3. -33ker

    Military Humor

    Yeah, that guy knows how to dance!
  4. -33ker

    Military Humor

    Theres one thing that really made me wonder... Why is there nothing else besides two M109 and a helluva lot of portable toilets?
  5. -33ker

    Doom Movie !

    I second that!
  6. -33ker

    Military Humor

    Those Norwegian tankers are suicidal!
  7. -33ker

    Military Humor

    Battle Griffin heh? One Of my Friend's Father is up there with the Dutch Airforce.
  8. -33ker

    Falklands mod progress

    I could help out with some nice and funky beatz, but I don't think they'll fit your preferences...
  9. -33ker


    That's typical of Japanese "historical" movies and I suppose it comes from traditional Japanese theatre. I really enjoy such movies. But this kind of overacting has no place in modern movies, IMO.
  10. -33ker


    I've seen a lot of Korean action movies (The Tube, Libera me,...) lately and must say that they had a high standard of production, but story and characters were crap! I don't want to bash the Korean film industry, most Hollywood action movies are crap, too, but I hope Taegukgi makes a difference! It looks like it's worth watching!
  11. -33ker

    Military Humor

    Yeah, kopps and their lust for donuts!
  12. -33ker

    European Politics Thread.

    I think my good old M65 Jacket will do...
  13. -33ker

    European Politics Thread.

    Bush is coming to Germany tomorrow. BTW, Chirac and Schröder will meet in my little hometown, which is actually also the hometown of Schröder. And I was chosen to be one of the students to represent our school at the press conference.
  14. -33ker

    60 years ago - The Battle Of Iowa Jima

    Reenactment, to be accurate.
  15. -33ker

    60 years ago - The Battle Of Iowa Jima

    ... was a fake. The didn't have a photographer when they errected the flagpole the first time, so they did it a gain for the cameras. Edit: Already explained in the link above.