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  1. ¤Specops¤

    Texture problem

    Nobody can help me ?
  2. ¤Specops¤

    Addaction format ?

    It work : addAction [format [localize "STRM_Buy", "M16"], "buym16.sqs"]
  3. ¤Specops¤

    Addaction format ?

    Is it possible to use the addAction command like this : unit addAction format [["Text %1", _gg], "myscript.sqs"]
  4. ¤Specops¤

    Texture problem

    Hi all On my object, on one side, i've a texture and on a separate object, the text texture but if I look at the texture, I can see behind the object but on the other face, there is the same thing but in front of the object with the text is an other object and there is no problem here... Here is a screen : screen Thx for your answers
  5. ¤Specops¤

    No message received....

    Is it possible to make that ofp 2 try to reconnect on the server when it show "No message received for X seconds"
  6. ¤Specops¤

    Gear up ?

    How to make so that A10 use the action "gear up" ? I can't find the command, can you help me?
  7. ¤Specops¤

    Force a unit to stay prone

    euh... this setUnitPos "down" Is it correct ?
  8. ¤Specops¤

    Napalm script

    and a camera who look the head of my player
  9. ¤Specops¤

    Napalm script

    Where can I download a napalm script (no add-on)
  10. ¤Specops¤

    Camera ?

    I want create a camera near the head of my player, the camera look my player but i'm bad in camera-scripting, can you help me ?
  11. ¤Specops¤

    Sounds ?

    I went in a game and someone was playing imported sounds by typing it reference on chat (ex : global channel). Anyone know to do it?
  12. ¤Specops¤


    or just rotate a camera...
  13. ¤Specops¤


    Look this :
  14. ¤Specops¤


    What must I do if I want that a vehicle is posed on the left side ? Sorry if it's not easy to understand, I'm not english...