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    Waging war,Domination of lesser peoples, ect its hard being a dictaotr these days you know?

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  1. zhenja1

    Recoil and lack of hitting power

    ahh thank you , ill have to see how to do this through trial and error, you wouldn't happen to know the default bis recoil would you?
  2. zhenja1

    Addon Idea

    ah ok , thank you.
  3. zhenja1

    Addon Idea

    Ok so I have this idea and it's kinda valid depending on how you view it, but in unit replacement mods like GRAA,and the DMA addons. It only replaces East,west,and Resistance forces but not civilians, which I know someone will say, but you dont play with civilians, so it doesn't matter. Now while that is mostly true, there are a few times where you do like in resistance and in the ofp freedom 3 campaign and a few others. Which in every single time I wish and maybe a few others, that the civilian models were better, because regular ofp civi's look terrible. So I suggest a unit replacement if anyone is interested in taking it up, using the following... Faceplant Civilians-Civilian side RHS 1985 vdv-East side or csla east troops Hyk 1985 woodland soldiers and blackops"new version"-west side
  4. zhenja1

    CSLA 2 Update2

    I hate to bump an old thread, but does anyone know hw to change the regular rpg hitting power or rpg power in general, because it really sucks. In regular OFP at-5 died in two hits and a bmp in one...in CSLA you need atleast like three men with rpgs all firing rockets and all of them hitting their marks. Making it almost impossible to destroy any armour as a infantry men unless you have either satchels or a carl gustav or heavy at weapon which is a waste on something like a btr or bmp. P.S. there's something wrong with paranoid campaign after the first mission when you take over the port and you have to hold it, once it goes into the intro it doesnt exit from it.
  5. zhenja1

    FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    Thank you, comrade, Ill will do that , normally it's just a lagfest.
  6. hello, i was wondering if anyone playing csla2 has the same issue with the rpg's not having enough hitting power. I fired with 3 other ppl at a t-55 which usually takes two hits to kill, didn't even go down in 5. It's like it never even phased it, I would've done more damage with a hose and saltwater corroding the tank. So is there a way to change to hitting power for the rpg's in csla2, any input would really help. Now for the second issue, the older ffur mod's like Euro,2005,1985,winter and desert, the recoil is ridiculous with those cross hairs. Anyone know how to fix this and make the recoil a little bit more manageable?,Thanks
  7. zhenja1

    FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    Hi, I was wondering if there's anyway to use the normal cwc islands instead of the islands that come with this mod, as they hurt my performance, by quite a bit, same thing for the sky. I experimented fooling around in ffur 2007, and switching the config around giving the U.S. army medics g3's, and killing the smoke effects out of the guns and reducing them on explosions.
  8. zhenja1

    Flashpoint Germany

    , i know it'll take time, but maybe a screenie?
  9. zhenja1

    addon request

    Thank you very much, Comrade , now it's time for a 28 days later mission.
  10. zhenja1

    addon request

    it's funny I can find the weapons,jeeps,and sidearms but not the soldiers for them. The fact that ofp.files.com doesnt have them makes me sad , and I cant access ofp.gamepark.cz. So what's a guy supposed to do?, if someone can help me with this please, it'll be much appreciated.
  11. zhenja1

    GRAA Modpack 3.0

    So this future mod has nothing to do like a revamp of the original bis units. Being retextured, and what not because I saw your resistance fighters and east units and they look amazing. Just the Resistance it be nice to have some variety in their headgear. The boonie only for the officer and caps for everyone else except crew and sniper just to give more variety.
  12. zhenja1

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    I carry in the glorious Soviet AKM, while dawning my east german uniform proudly, muwhahaha! Cmo36...fps 453 stock, full metal soviet grim reaper.
  13. zhenja1

    Airsoft loadout's

    I dont think anyone has created a topic like this, but maybe you all could post what you carry into an airsoft battle. I carry in the glorious Soviet AKM, while dawning my east german uniform proudly, muwhahaha! http://i35.photobucket.com/albums....fc9.jpg
  14. zhenja1

    Flashpoint Germany

    Hi, any news on this?, I know he I think is the only working on this, but it be a shame if none of the stuff he did was released. just wondering if maybe there is a teaser? *hopes and prays for NVA soldiers *