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    Convince me.

    You can like two different things, I like beer and I like a fine wine, you just use them in a different way.
  2. I dont think he wants the crew to bail out. plane is the name of the aircraft and grupp is the name of the group.
  3. zigzag

    Illegal copies may degrade

    Do you get this on every server? or maybe its just a message in the mission.
  4. zigzag

    Anyone trading A3 for AC3?

    Goodbye DevilDogCro.
  5. this disableAI "AUTOTARGET" Edit: I missed that you wanted this for players, the link I posted is for AI so im not sure if it will work for players.
  6. @ringoray. When you add units to _Unit_Pool_S you have to remember this. From the readme page 39. In your case19 you will have AA soldiers driving tanks and AAT flying helicopters and a machingunner will always be the leader.
  7. This is how I got my Arma working with steam. Let steam do the conversion on Arma2, Arma2OA, and DLC. Remove -mod from launch options. Start and shutdown Arma2 first then Operation Arrowhead not CO, and maybe the DLCs. Start Operation Arrowhead and choose Operation Arrowhead and not Combine Operations like you used to do. In the first menu you choose Expansions and click on the mods you want to use, you place the modfolders in the same folders as before. Restart the game and start playing with your addons.
  8. I dont think you need {alive _x} count [obj1,obj2,obj3,obj4] > 1 Just set the time in another trigger and use that as an end trigger for the other team.
  9. The classname for the satchel charges is "pipebomb" All the names can be found here
  10. hint "Find the High-Value-Target and assassinate."; tskObj[color="#FF0000"]_[/color]1 settaskstate "SUCCEDED"; player setCurrentTask tskObj_2;
  11. http://wiki.ace-mod.net/wagn/Documentation Developer Information > Classlist > Magazines
  12. Not really sure what your problem is. Do you want to chopper to pick up some units? Put a helipad where you want it to land(use the invisible H if you dont want it to be seen) then give the chopper a "load" waypoint on top of the helipad(double click the waypoint on top of the helipad so they are connected) then give the chopper another waypoint to fly off to. Then give the units that you want to enter the chopper a "get in" waypoint, then sync(F5?) the "get in" and the "load" waypoint with eachother.
  13. zigzag

    Some addon questions

    Hello. 1. armedassault.info armaholic.com BIS forum 2 and 3. http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?92-ARMA-2-amp-Operation-Arrowhead-EDITING I say that the BI Tools would be the best tool for all that stuff, your are going to need other tools aswell just read around and you will know.
  14. zigzag


    You could have posted it here and no rules would have been broken :)
  15. zigzag

    Fun things to do?

    You cant use Addons with Arma:Free so there is no point in linking him missions that needs Addons or a link to Addons.
  16. What about something that hangs in the air, like a lamp, would that be possible to grab?
  17. Sorry for the wrong answer, I have not updated in a while so thats why it works for me.
  18. This is how my start parameters looks like when I play Arma2:CO on steam using ACE -mod=@CBA;@ACE... Remember to put that in Arma2:OA start parameters and not Arma2.
  19. I hope the floating zone stays and I think it will. The floating zone is great when you are hiding in bushes etc.. your body will stay still when you are lying down and aiming and not move around for every inch you move your gun and that will make you harder to find.
  20. Yes the numbers are there for a reason. In the link I posted you can read this. Have you tried the line I posted?
  21. Use moveInTurret. I have not tried this myself but I think your answer is dude moveInTurret [tank, [0, 1]] MISSIONS - Editing & Scripting section is where you should searched and posted this question.
  22. zigzag

    More GUI, less scripts in the editor.

    True, but he did not want to use his left hand for writing, so I gave him an exampel on how he can use it for other stuff :)
  23. zigzag

    More GUI, less scripts in the editor.

    For your exampel. Create a trigger and group(F2) with the thing you want to destroy and choose not present in the trigger and you are done. Not a singel letter typed and only five clicks with the mouse. But a nicer editor would always be nicer.
  24. When you start Operation Arrowhead you get a question if you want to play OA or CO.