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  1. great pics spender where did you get the small mech?? (left on the robocop mech) p.s oh here are the GDI Juggernaut Link http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=9516
  2. zeronge

    Can i find this addon?

    thx for your advise ZUKU that was great addon too.
  3. zeronge

    Can i find this addon?

    I found this addon pictures. It look really like VBS Core west. but weapon is suchey USMC pack. http://blogfile.paran.com/BLOG_206600/200809/1221224355_us.jpg
  4. zeronge

    Can i find this addon?

    thank's for reply my post but... oops sorry. I already know suchey marine addon. I said this addon similer VBS Core west infantry.(suchey addon  is very nice addon. but modeling is not similer the VBS core..)
  5. here are Generic Middle Eastern Rebels v1.2 released  link http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=8802
  6. I don't have any screen shoots. but I know some clue. It is required suchey USMC pack. and some kind of US marine addon. It's look like very similar VBS1 Core west infantry. Some one know this addon?.
  7. zeronge

    WW2 US air borne

    I sorry to hear that It just OFP model... not for arma... arma Can working process many polygon but OFP Can't it so I made it that lowpoly...
  8. zeronge

    WW2 US air borne

    Well.. to be honest I want make new one... but my modelling skill is not good. so I request some one's model...
  9. zeronge

    WW2 US air borne

    Opps. Gargantua Yes. It just US airborne Equipment... It's looke like CRAP?
  10. zeronge

    WW2 US air borne

    WW2 Mappouch First Aid kit (use airbone) 20rd SMG pouch M1carbine pouch Colt 45 pouch 1936 mussetback (use airborne) I apologetic for this Topic. Now It just only equipment. mappouch, mussetback firstaidkit' texture I make it... but other texture's I found in web this addon will be for OFP
  11. zeronge

    Spacemod pack FULL

    Thx Goth bunner!! that was very useful to mission edit
  12. zeronge

    Spacemod pack FULL

    Hi Goth_Burner Can I ask you someting plz? I want know all side weapon,magazine,unitname,...etc editor name for use mission edit. Can you help me?
  13. zeronge

    WW1 Mod Release

    anyone has multiplay this addon? according to My community players and my experience. I like this WW1 mod so much but multiplay has little problem when player's squad start in ai leader. other player's Not move in my OFP but they said "I am moving on it. do you have problem?" and heavy leg to play basic Island (nogoval malden ETC...) (I created just three squad's in multiplay mission) but When I play single mission to use this. this mod is great working.
  14. zeronge

    Any one has VBS 75th Ranger addon?

    Thank's you very much!! It's amazing.. I almost give up to find addon. Thank's you
  15. where is gone VBS resource forum?. I serch internet two hour but I can't find anymore VBS forum anyone know VBS fansite forum?..